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Hello! My name is Rosencrantz (sort of) and I'm happy that you're looking at my letter! Hello hello.

Here are my likes, dislikes, fandoms, and prompts!

Likes: Adventures, casefic, fairy tales, kissing.

Formats I'm open to: Traditional prose, narrative poetry, in-universe texts (like, say, a news report on the BPRD), interactive fiction, and drabble sequences.

Dislikes: Unhappy endings.

Do Not Wants: Non/dubcon, underage, bestiality.

She-Ra, BPRD, Hellboy, and The Giant Who Had No Heart In His Body )
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Dear Yulegoat: Hi! I'm Rosencrantz on AO3 and I'm SO glad you're willing to write for me!

Likes: Happy endings, adventures, casefic, mysteries, ghosts, kisses, missing scenes.

Good with: Gen, F/F, M/M, F/M, and NB in any configuration with the others.

DNWS: Rape, underage, slavery, incest, and major character death.

On with the prompts! (NOTE: Most were taken from previous letters, formatting, phrasing may change due to the relentless march of time)

Phule's Company )


Fashion Star Fillies )


Murder She Wrote )


Fantasia - Pastoral Symphony sequence )
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Hey! Thank you so much for wanting to write for me! Yuletide is one of my favourite times of the year and the fun of giving and getting is a huge part of it.

Here's my deets! I love all these fandoms and characters equally so whatever you go with, know I'll be utterly delighted.


  1. Fashion Star Fillies

  2. Murder, She Wrote

  3. Transformers: Beast Wars

  4. Pyramids by Terry Pratchett

  5. City of Heroes

  6. Die unendliche Geschichte | The Neverending Story - Michael Ende

Likes: humour fic, adventure fic, family fic, spooky fic, mystery fic, what happened next fic, romance fic, worldbuilding fic, combinations thereof fic
Do Not Likes: Rape, dubcon, underage, slavery.

On with the prompts! )
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Hey, Yuletide writer! I am Rosencrantz on AO3!

I hope that my letter helps you with your story and thank you so much for giving me this gift.

Likes: Worldbuilding, family, friendship, adventure, exploring a concept.
Dislikes: rape, incest, underage, slavery.
TOTALLY COOL WITH: romance and gen!

Okay! So my fandoms are:

  • Fashion Star Fillies (Repeat)

  • LEGO Detective Office

  • The Neverending Story by Michael Ende

Fashion Star Fillies! )

LEGO Detective Office )

The Neverending Story by Michael Ende )
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Fashion Star Fillies
Zalgon 26 McGee
Lego Research
The I Could books of pet poetry by Franceso Marciuliano

Dear Author,

I chose 'any' for almost all my fandoms. You probably noticed that, since you got the sign up sheet and everything. You'll also see there are characters listed here. Do not panic! They are there just because I wanted to show you who I nominated during the nomination process and that I'm especially fond of them. If they are not in the sign up sheet, they are totally optional. If I chose any for a fandom, I mean it. I am happy with any character. All are good. Go where the muse takes you.

Loves: Gen, (Femme and Dude)slash, Het, family, partners, adventure, hijinks, taking a strange concept as matter of fact, things being as good as they look without a sinister undercurrent, history (even made up history you made just for this fictional universe!), and exploring concepts.
Please no: Slavery, suicide, abuse, underage, extremely described violence. Re: sex, I'm a bit squeamish so it's best to just avoid with me.


Fashion Star Fillies )

Dinotopia )

Zalgon 26 McGee )

Research Institute (Lego) )

I Could Pee On This, I could Chew On This, I Knead My Mommy, the I Could series of pet poems by Francesco Marciuliano )
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Hello, Yuletide Writer!

I'm Rosencrantz and I'm looking forward to what you write! Super excited, actually.

I'll start off with the nitty gritty:
  • Likes: Family ties, adventures, mysteries, friendships, and humour. Slash and het too, but don't feel obligated to put in a pairing unless you ship it.

  • Dislikes: Sex crimes (by which I mean, if this sex act gets you arrested in Canada, I don't wanna read it), gore, omegaverse.

I like stories that don't go above teen, but if the spirit moves you, I will not mind.

And now, the fandoms:

  • Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes

This film is by the same people who did Sharknado, and at one point Sherlock faces a robot t-rex. Now you know what level of literary brilliance I'm expecting for this.

The world in this movie is bizarre, with tortured logic at its core. I'd love something that fits that. A weird mystery for Robert Holmes, or something else along those lines.

What would the Redheaded League be like if it operated under the insane rules of this universe? How many explosions would be involved?

Is the dancing men a code from Mars?

Does Watson ever get a suit that fits?

  • Doctor Who And The Curse of Fatal Death

I wanna see the adventures of Patsy Stone as the Doctor/Joanna Lumley Doctor. Or her adventures with the Master. Or whatever she and the Master get up to after exiting stage left.

I just want something funny, really. I said Patsy Stone up above, but you don't have to make her like the Ab Fab character at all. I mean, she was totally sober in the show.

What is her next companion like, maybe?

How does she do against the Daleks?

What DID happen with the Master?

  • Puss In Boots

The text

This is a favourite fairytale of mine that I'd love to see an AU version. Any twist you can think of (caveat: I'd prefer not a dark twist) would be cool to see.

Au ideas: Western (this worked great for Rapunzel in Rapunzel's Revenge by Shannon Hale), Space, Noir*, Werecat**, Human in boots while everyone is a cat, go wild.

*You may have noticed I have also written a Noir version, but I would be totally excited to get another one set like that because it's such a fun genre.
**this is the only instance I would not be alarmed at Human/Cat

  • Gender/Sexbent Disney - Ripushko

The pictures: Part 1, part 2, and part 3

Choose any princess you want! Even ones not nominated!

I want to see how the stories would have gone with the sexes reversed. Ideas:

If you happen to choose to do Mulan, I'd love to see what if Shang was the woman in disguise as a man.

Belle the man and Beast the woman, perhaps! What changes? What's the same?

Snow White, is he more beautiful than his stepmother, or is it his stepfather, or is it some entirely different reason why she wants to kill him off? To keep the throne?

ALSO, though, if you want, Briar Rose/Aurora would be great because back when I was a girl, she was MY princess. Would Princess Philippa do things the same as Prince Philip? I do, in fact, have art of this (not by Ripushko, this is just here for the purposes of Inspiration): Art by Dorodraws (and if the pictures won't load because old tumblr posts DO THAT for some reason, here's a direct link)

  • BPRD

I would like them during happier, pre-apocalypse times, if possible. Maybe something involving an urban legend?

If you choose to do something involving vampires, could you use a vampire legend from another culture in the world? There's a ton of really cool ones, like the jenglong (little vampire dolls in Indonesia), or the hopping corpse from China.

I also like creatures like sirens.

The scene where Hellboy pulls Abe from the tank back when they weren't even sure Abe was sapient is something that really stuck with me. Or when Hellboy hugged lil' Liz when she was alone and scared. Hellboy is a character I really love that I'd like to see more of that kind, strong for others side of him.

Also: if the spirit moves you to Abe/Hellboy, I would be very happy. But I know that isn't for everyone!

  • Discworld PYRAMIDS

I nominated one character here: Pteppic.

I want to see what happens to him after the book. Does he check back often? Where does he end up? Does he end up with anyone? Does he end up with no one? Any mishaps? What does he do for a living since killing is out?

Like I said in the letter, I'm happy with gen, het, and slash, and all I want is for Pteppic to be happy at the end. This was my favourite book and I'm sad he just kinda went poof.

(Note: I do not want to see Pteppic/Ptraci, but I would be happy if Ptraci appears!)

Thank you and have fun! Also, since I got asked another time, I don't mind crossovers at all!
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Dearest Yuletide Writer:

Hello and thank you! I appreciate that you're willing to write me a story and think that's just awesome. To make things easier, I will now show you my wishlist:

Doctor Who and the Curse of Fatal Death:

There's only three characters for this and all were missing in the sign up sheet (I swear they were all approved when I nominated it), but what I really want to see is the adventures of the 13th Doctor played by Joanna Lumley, aka Patsy Stone from Absolutely Fabulous.

I want good times! Adventure!

SOURCE: (I am sorry, I cannot provide you with a link to this source material. However, there exists a torrent out there! That's how I got it, besides watching it on video when I was younger)

Enchanted Glass:

I really liked this book, but the ending kind of threw me. The revelation and then 'well, okay, book over'. I'd like to see what happened next, or a little exploration. Basically I want dessert to a meal where suddenly we ran out of turkey.

SOURCE: (I'm sorry, I couldn't find a copy of this to provide to help you, writer :( )

Chronicles of Chrestomanci:

I always ask for this. I just love further adventures. I'm happy with any characters, I love everything, but I'm especially interested in something involving any of the four I chose. It doesn't have to involve all of them, but I'd like it if you involved at least one heavily!

SOURCE: The Chrestomanci texts in multiple formats. This link will be removed after Yuletide.

Neverending Story

Another one I always request! Throughout the book there's mentions of other stories with 'but that's a story for another time'.

I'd love to see one of those stories!

SOURCE: Neverending Story in multiple formats. This link will be removed after Yuletide.

Stuff I love in stories:

Continuing of plot threads from the source, adventures, strong friendship ties/familial ties.

If you're into writing romance, I like m/f, f/f, and m/m! So feel free to go where the spirit takes you.

And now for what I don't want:

Rape, extreme violence, underage, racism, basically upsetting stuff. I know in Enchanted Glass the kid's mother was about sixteen, so that's an exception to the underage one, but I'd like to not see that written explicitly.

I'm also not a fan of much sexual content, but that's up to you. I'm not equating characters having happy consensual sex with the stuff above.

I hope I've given you something to start with! I also hope that the story you get is excellent too, while we're hoping. I'm sure I'm going to love whatever you make me!


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Dear Yulegoat:

Hello! I'm real glad you're assigned to me. It's right kind of you. Also, if you need any refresher material for the canons, I can hook you up. Check out under each fandom.

Let's get down to the nitty gritty.

Fandom 1: Hamlet by Shakespeare

Link to the source material!

Now, I said all the characters available for it because why not, right? But what I'd really like to see for Hamlet, is a genderbent version. Whole thing or just Hamlet, it's fine. I just like that sort of thing and think it'd be keen. However, I'll live if you don't want to. Whatever you end up doing, if Ophelia could have a happier ending, I'd like that.

Fandom 2: Murder, She Wrote

LINK TO THE SOURCE MATERIAL: I have no link. I watch it on Netflix, which has the entire series. Until I've seen the whole series, Netflix owns me. Okay, all of Murder, She Wrote and All Creatures Great and Small because James Herriot makes me happy.

I'm not even sure I should have requested this, because I'm having a horrible time thinking of a prompt. I do know that my love of Jessica Fletcher (Angela Lansbury and her raw animal magnetism and all that) is pretty much unironic (my spellcheck tried to change that to unicorn) so mocking would make me a sad hamster. Any sort of adventure for her would be nice. I love adventure fic. Sorry for the vagueness!

Fandom 3: Neverending Story by Michael Ende


Second time's the charm, right? Like last year, I'm asking for worldbuilding for this book. There's so many times in the book where they mention something and then go 'but that's a story for another time' and I would love to see one of those stories. It's such a beautiful book every time I finish rereading it, I want to see more of that world. It's okay not to use the Childlike Empress, btw, I just put her in there because she's such an intrinsic part of Fantasia.

Fandom 4: Chronicles of Chrestomanci by Diana Wynne Jones


I love this series so so much. Maybe Cat's first day on the job as Chrestomanci? Cat and Marianne have an adventure? Janet and Julia get some spotlight time? They have bikes, who knows where they could get to, right? Anyway, I'd love an adventure set in that world. If there's lots of Millie, that's even better because she is awesome and used to be a goddess, damnit. Maybe something with Millie, Janet, and Julia.

That done, I must tell you what makes me very upset in a story and my general preferences.

For the most part, my preferred rating for reading is G-PG-13. I'm not a huge fan of major violence or porn, which are not the same thing I know (porn being a much happier thing than violence, but it's not very interesting to me is all, as opposed to extreme violence which I am adverse to. However, if you want to write porn because you want to, that is FINE. Because I am a big kid and porn doesn't ruin anything and I want you to be happy with what you wrote because you're doing this as a gift and it's wonderful) but they're what usually get those higher ratings.

My squicks: Rape, hate crimes, extreme violence, big age differences (exception: if both members are over thirty, I don't care how big the difference is) and especially underage sex (any adult with someone under eighteen, by my definition).

Things that make me go :D: A character having a moment of badassery or triumph, a lot of focus on female characters, ADVENTURES, a light mood to the story.

Stuff what is fine either way: Slash, het, no pairing, canon pairings, non-canon pairings, it's all the same to me. Go for it. Exception: if it's Chrestomanci, I'd like Millie and Christopher to stay together.

EDITS since original writing: I've added links to source material, as well as added to my list of squicks and likes. Hopefully I'm all done with editing now. I'm so glad I'm such a packrat. I have a billion paper and e-versions of everything, so when I saw other people were linking their source materials in their letters...
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Dear Yulegoat, I hope I get this right:

First off. Thank you so much for doing this! This is my first time participating in Yuletide and I am super excited. I'm still learning, so I'm probably gonna word stuff all awkwardly in this post. Know that it's said in enthusiasm and that if I sound hardassy and demanding, I'm actually just really really nervous and trying to be as informative as possible and I will love any gift no matter what unless Asterix eats Obelix in a pie. That is right out.

I'm a huge fan of canon explorations. Like, what happened on this day? Did they ever meet again? When did this happen? I'm open to any sort of pairing, with two caveats: I like them to be of similar age, and I don't like explicit sex all that much. A combo of requesting kids stuff, and being a bad visualizer anyway.

As well, I love adventure stories. I love adventures so bad. I don't mind romance, but if you combine it with adventure, that is so awesome.

Things That Would Make Me Sad: Rape. Excessive violence. Underage*. To make it easier, I like stuff at pg-13 or below. Especially since I'll probably be showing whatever I get to my little sister who's a fan of the same stuff I am.

*Just to be clear, I mean things like underage sex. Age-appropriate relationship stuff is totally fine! And often adorable

My fandoms are...

Chrestomanci Chronicles by Diana Wynne Jones

I love all the characters, basically. I also love the notion of what exactly the Chrestomanci does, so it'd be interesting to see something like Cat's first day on the job. Or grown up Conrad! I saw a fic about him in the archive and was all 'oh, Conrad, I missed you'. But I'd like to see how Cat gets on. Or if he ever encounters his murderous sister again.

Neverending Story by Michael Ende

You know how they kept saying 'but that is a tale for another time?'

If you could tell me one of those tales, I would be so incredibly happy. Otherwise, I'm a sucker for the further adventures of Bastian and Atreyu.

Greek Mythology

I like Hades. I know, I know, he's the most boring god. He tried to have two affairs, stole his wife, got married, never had kids, and once rescued his wife from other kidnappers. BUT. He has an invisible helmet. Like a ninja. He's also one of the few gods with a staff. You know, Charon, Thanatos, his three judges, etc. I like Persephone too. My mom, also interested in Greek mythology had her own little theories that always amused me, that since Persephone was raped by Zeus (Dionysius) and Demeter was so controlling, Hades' kidnapping might have been a rescue, especially since they had no kids. What I'm saying with this anecdote is, I like alternate myth interpretations, even if I don't ascribe to them. Hermes stealing stuff as a kid, did he have actual reasons beyond general dickery? Hephaestus' childhood after Hera threw him from Olympus and he was raised by that water goddess?

Nancy Drew

Nancy Drew is a goddamn badass. I love Nancy adventures. I even play the videogames. I like seeing her be clever and resourceful and kind. And it's not ironic. I really like Nancy Drew the character. Anyway, that is the best guide I can give if you do this one. If you wanna pair her up with anyone her own age, Bess, Ned, George, etc, go forth.

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