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Hi! I'm Rosencrantz on AO3 and this is my letter! Thank you for reading!

DNWs: Non/dubcon, underage.
Likes: Meta, ghost stories, mysteries, original characters, unexpected pov characters, humour.

Okay with: Pairings between adults or between teenagers (please no on-screen sex) if you want to include that in your story, ratings from g to mature. Character death. Meme images.


Murder on the Orient Express - Agatha Christie
Marvel (Comics)
DCU Pre-Flashpoint

Onward )
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Hi! Here's my letter for Worldbuilding Ex! Thank you for looking!

My AO3 name is Rosencrantz! It me!

Fandom: X-Men (Marvel Comics)

WB: Academics at the school (X-Men: Marvel Comics)
WB: World's Reactions To Events Of Inferno (X-Men: Marvel Comics)
WB: Theology With Existence of Gods and Demons (X-Men: Marvel Comics)
WB: Sinister's Contributions To Medical Science (X-Men: Marvel Comics)
WB: Mutant Rights Development In Regard To Xavier's Many Scandals (X-Men: Marvel Comics)
WB: Mutant Research Papers (X-Men: Marvel Comics)

Original Character(s) (X-Men: Marvel Comics)
Mutants With Magic Based Powers (X-Men: Marvel Comics)
Mutant Animals (X-Men: Marvel Comics)
Any or No Characters (X-Men: Marvel Comics)

In-Universe Meta


  • What sort of papers do mutant academics and Mr. Sinister put out? Do all their things have to do with mutants?

  • Sinister has civilian identities - what has he done, one way or the other? Do other doctors suspect?

  • I would love to see something involving a research paper involving mutants. Like 'effects of teleporting tomatoes' or 'telepathy and that moment where you go through a door and forget what you were doing just then'

  • There are various mutants with magic powers - Magik is a really notable one. How do they relate to the rest of the world? Mutants like Dani Moonstar become valkyries and work with the gods. How does that work with her own religion, which has also been shown in comics to be true. What is religion like fo mutants when they can become gods and when everything has been proven to be true?

  • What is it like trying to be an academic fighting for mutants when your presumed patron or at least one of the biggest names in mutant rights, Charles Xavier, sometimes turns into a supervillain named Onslaught and keeps training teen paramilitary groups?

  • Mutant animals - How do they mesh with everything else? Mr. Sinister's wb tag here is especially important.

Fandom: Midsomer Murders

WB: Theories on the murder rates of Midsomer (Midsomer Murders)

Original Character(s) (Midsomer Murders)
Any or No Characters (Midsomer Murders)

In-Universe Meta


Listen, a lot of people die in Midsomer. A lot. There was one episode with like 7 deaths and 7 murderers. What's up with that? Is something going on there? Only one of Tom's sidekicks ever seemed to notice that there was too many people dying and that just lasted one episode. Related: You ever notice how many people seem to go insanely, murderously, devotional over their lordly bosses? I wonder if it's related.

If you want to write this like a monogram from another genre or like a paper or a mystery, those would be cool but I'm open to any idea you have!

Fandom: The Rescuers (Movies)

WB: Interaction with other rodent populations (The Rescuers)
WB: Famous Rescue Cases (The Rescuers)
WB: Exploration of convergent mouse societies (The Rescuers)

Original Character(s) (The Rescuers)
Any or No Characters (The Rescuers)

In-Universe Meta


  • I love mouse societies! Rescuers, Basil of Baker Street, Tale of Despereaux, mice living alongside us in a very similar way. And some of them even involve other types of rodents (like rats) - I'm curious about expansions on their worlds.

  • Rescuers belong to an organization devoted to well, rescuing. What else have they done? What are one of the Big Ones, or one of the Silly Ones? Please no sad ones.

  • Sidenote: I'm very fond of hamsters.

Fandom: Pocket Monsters | Pokemon (Main Video Game Series)

WB: Lives of Legendary Pokemon (Pokemon Main Video Game Series)

Original Character(s) (Pokemon Main Video Game Series)
Any or No Characters (Pokemon Main Video Game Series)

In-Universe Meta


My favourite thing about the pokemon movies is how they focus on legendaries, including really getting into their lives and feelings like Volcanion in Volcanion and the Mechanical Marvel.

And there's so many little pieces in the videogames that can be used for this - Darkrai and the little boy, Ho-Oh and the burning tower, Mew's adventures in general. I'd love to hear a legend or stories or a character of yours meeting a legendary and hear about their lives or adventures. I'm particularly fond of Cresselia and the Swords of Justice, but there's no legendary pokemon I dislike. Or any 'regular' pokemon either, if you want to include them. (I love Absol, Marowak, Phantump, Zigzagoon, and Honedge)
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Hi! I'm Rosencrantz on ao3 and it is my pleasure to be gifted by you. Thank you very much!

I chose fanfic and meta for all of these - whatever form you want to give me the worldbuilding in is fine!

What I like: Spooky, adventure, details, exploration of concepts, families.
What I do not want: Rape, incest, underage. Grim endings.

I hope these prompts help!

Fandom: Dinotopia - James Gurney

Worldbuilding: Urban Legends and Tall Tales (Dinotopia)
Worldbuilding: Pets and Pet Care (Dinotopia)
Worldbuilding: Grief and Mourning Rituals (Dinotopia)
Worldbuilding: Culture of Megafauna (Dinotopia)
Worldbuilding: History Lessons (Dinotopia)
Worldbuilding: The Future (Dinotopia)
Worldbuilding: Celebrities & Fame (Dinotopia)

Original Character(s) (Dinotopia)

What I'm looking for here: I chose fanfic and meta, and I'd just love to see the answers to some of my questions - I prefer the utopic nature of Dinotopia to a cynical view of it. If you happen to be a dinosaur nerd, hit me with facts! I'd love to learn more through entertainment.

Obviously I'd be just as happy with a article-type gift as I would be with a story!

I chose original characters because more freedom but if you want to use the Denisons or even characters from the side books, please feel free. I have no preference and I'm happy with whatever you create!


  • What do dinosaurs think go bump in the night?

  • Who are folk heroes to the people of dinotopia?

  • What are strange things they believe - like us and alligators in the sewers and phantom passengers?

  • What sort of pets do they have/what's considered good pet care in Dinotopia where so much of the world has a voice?

  • What is a funeral like in Dinotopia?

  • What do you do if you've lost someone?

  • What is body disposal like for immense animals?

  • What is it like for the rainy basin dinosaurs?

  • We know a great deal about dinosaur culture - what is it like for the mammoths and their ilk up in the mountains? What's unique to them?

  • Who are important Dinotopian historical figures and events?

  • What would future students be taught?

  • What happens when planes and satellites make it easier to find Dinotopia/meet the Dinotopians/rescue castaways?

  • Who are the movers and shakes of Dinotopian culture? In any era?

Fandom: Pocket Monsters | Pokemon (Main Video Game Series)

Worldbuilding: History Lessons (Pokemon Video Games)
Worldbuilding: Ghosts and Paranormal (Pokemon Video Games)
Worldbuilding: Early co-existence (Pokemon Video Games)
Worldbuilding: Conspiracy Theories (Pokemon Video Games)
Worldbuilding: Bizarre Pokedex entries (Pokemon Video Games)

Original Character(s) (Pokemon Video Games)
Original Wild Pokemon Character(s) (Pokemon Video Games)
Original Pokemon Trainer(s) (Pokemon Video Games)
Mimikyu (Pokemon Video Games)

What I'm looking for: The games are SO weird. There's bits and pieces of information that you pick up like puzzle pieces for a puzzle you only have a quarter of in the end and sometimes there's parts of other puzzles and you're left there wondering 'wait, cutiefly does WHAT?'

I'd love to know more of this world - through characters you make up, pokemon you want to explore, trainers, and of course some goodass Mimikyu stuff. Any of this is good! I love ghost pokemon, especially. If I had a RL team I'd have a phantump on it. Her name would be Becky. I also love cubones, marowaks, absols, and cleffas. And igglybuffs. Okay, mostly I just really dislike bewear and stufful. I'm sorry if you're a fan of them, I hope you don't hold this against me and we can still be friends.

If you go the meta route - I would love love love a series of pokedex entries included. Or in the story.

However, any way you choose to pursue would be greatly enjoyed. Thank you!


  • What's important historical events in these worlds?

  • What are children taught about existence with pokemon in school? Early meetings? Early training?

  • New pokemon are discovered all the time in-game. Are there events about that? What were the first pokemon to interact with humans? Are there types that are gone now?

  • Ghost pokemon often have certain origins - who were the first of some of them?

  • A ghost story!

  • In at least one game there's ghosts that are not pokemon, but normal human ghosts. Something with that?

  • What are conspiracy theories that people believe in the pokeverse? Anything about a mysterious truck with a legendary under it? A blue pikachu?

  • Legendaries throughout history?

  • Weird pokefax

  • Mimikyu learning/studying about pikachus

Fandom: Pocket Monsters | Pokemon (Anime)

Worldbuilding: Ghosts and Paranormal (Pokemon anime)
Worldbuilding: Employment of Pokemon (Pokemon anime)
Worldbuilding: Dealing with crimes committed by Pokemon (Pokemon anime)
Worldbuilding: Conspiracy Theories (Pokemon anime)
Worldbuilding: History Lessons (Pokemon anime)

Original Character(s) (Pokemon anime)

What I'm looking for: You may say, hey! You already asked for the videogames! And I will say yes, I certainly did! However! I consider these two versions to be very different!

While the games gleefully tromp into weird and disturbing territory, the anime stays firmly in a utopic, kind state even though it will sometimes drift into sadness. In this world, Phantump probably isn't dead children. Froslass won't eat hikers. You will always get home safe.

So I'd like that kept in mind for fulfilments for these prompts.

There's repeat tags in here, so I'm just going to add stuff for the stuff that's unique tagged to this fandom!

Nothing grim for this one, please, but I'm happy with spooky and exciting.


  • You see pokemon in all sorts of jobs in this world - how does reimbursement for their labour work? What are typical jobs? What are unexpected jobs?

  • There's more than one criminal pokemon in the anime - what do you do with a pokemon that's crimed? Are there famous criminal pokemon?

  • In that vein - pokemon as law enforcement!

  • How do you imprison a criminal pokemon, especially the ones that are ghosts or produce so much heat they can melt through anything?

  • Reminder that my previous prompts re: ghosts, conspiracy theories history lessons, apply here too.

Fandom: World of Warcraft

Worldbuilding: Finding Peace (World of Warcraft)
Worldbuilding: Cultural Exchanges (World of Warcraft)

Original Character(s) (World of Warcraft)
No Characters (World of Warcraft)

What I'm looking for in this: A pretty wide range. I'm relatively new to the game, which means I'm devouring lore and headcanons at a rapid pace. And obviously from my character choices I'd be happy with any characters you choose to use! In fact, feel free to use your pcs if you'd like.

I know WoW plotlines usually end in 'and then there was a patch and dragons ate them who were then eaten by giant bugs who they themselves were stepped by by demons' but I'd like if you write a story for it to end on a happy note.


  • There's been peace in the history of WoW. What the heck was that like?

  • How do you make peace with an enemy?

  • Making peace with people who cannot understand you via language to work together

  • Unlikely team ups

  • The future: What if they run out of war to craft?

  • Throughout the year there's festivals everyone partakes in - how do they spread across the different cultures?

  • Which group started pet battles and how did that get spread?

  • What if gnomes brought the peace?

Fandom: The Chronicles of Chrestomanci - Diana Wynne Jones

Worldbuilding: Previous Holders of the Post of Chrestomanci (Chrestomanci)
Worldbuilding: History Classes (Chrestomanci)
Worldbuilding: Ghosts and the Paranormal (Chrestomanci)

Original Character(s) (Chrestomanci)
No Characters (Chrestomanci)

What I want out of this: I'm a big fan of how structured magic comes off as in the Chrestomanci books, while still being played very loosely in the narration via light details. This leaves a lot of room for exploration.

I also love ghosts and Chrestomanci Castle sounds ripe for a haunting.

Historical accounts from magic users would also be neat.


  • What have previous Chrestomancis been like?

  • Who was the first?

  • Why was the office established?

  • Important historical differences from this world and our own?

  • How does a magic user deal with ghosts?

  • What sort of poltergeist activity happens with young witches and wizards?

  • What do they do when it's not a young witch or wizard but a dead person?

  • Is Chrestomanci Castle haunted?

  • Is it haunted by a previous Chrestomanci?

  • There's so many worlds - what are scary ones in the history books that previous Chrestomancis have visited?


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