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Hello! I hope this fulfills my invitation to check my letter out for more ideas!

My name on ao3 is Rosencrantz and it's a pleasure to be written for!

Trick likes: SPOOKY, ghosts, found footage, shivery stuff. Happy endings.
Trick dislikes: Sexual violence.

Treat likes: Fluff and very happy endings. Ghosts. Funny.
Treat dislikes: Hyperactive crack (as opposed to just a weird situation)

DNWS: Non/dubcon, underage.

She-Ra, World of Warcraft Drustvar NPCs and Prince Farondis, Overwatch, and Hellboy )
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Hello! Trick or treat!

I'm Rosencrantz on AO3 and these are my prompts!

Likes: I love ghosts, as you might as gathered from these prompts. I REALLY like ghosts. I like sweet ghosts, spooky ghosts, scary ghosts, sad ghosts, murder mystery ghosts, the whole nine yards!

If you want to give me fluff, I enjoy sweet playing stuff and jokes. If you want to give me a trick, I like scary! Either a traditional style scary story or creepypasta if you wanna try that! I'm not a fan of dark (torturey, rocks falls) or grimfic though.

DNWs: Rape, underage, slavery, incest, and major character death UNLESS they come back as a ghost.

My Little Pony 1984 Cartoon )

Original Work All Ghosts )

Pokemon Video Games )

Transformers Beast Wars )

Murder, She Wrote )

Midsomer Murders )

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Hi! I'm Rosencrantz on AO3 and I'm really glad you've decided to write for me and I look forward to what you create! Here's some prompts/ideas!

For every fandom, I chose trick or treat, so I'm happy to get fluff OR scary. I prefer spooky over gore. I'm happy with gen or any type of pairing.

Have fun!

Likes: Kissing, good times, adventure, mystery, spooky, ghosts, family, puzzles.
Do Not Wants: Rape, dubcon, underage, slavery.


  1. X-Men: The Animated Series: Gambit, Wolverine

  2. Jeeves and Wooster: Bertie, Jeeves

  3. Star Trek DS9: Jake, Nog

  4. Monster High: Neighthan Rot, Viperine Gorgon, Honey Swamp, Elle Eedee

  5. The Princess and the Frog: Tiana, Naveen

  6. Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Kit Fisto, Aayla Secura

  7. Agatha Christie's Poirot: Poirot, Arthur Hastings, Ariadne Oliver

X-Men The Animated Series, Jeeves and Wooster, Star Trek DS9, Monster High, The Princess and the Frog, Clone Wars, and Poirot! )
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Hello, treater (or trickster!), this is my letter. I hope you enjoy it.

I'm trying out something new this year, where I just list word prompts instead of a bunch of paragraphs.

I chose 'any character' for every fandom and I stand by that. NOTE: Blanket approval for crossovers of any fandoms in this letter, including some I suggest in the alligators entry.

Likes: Concept exploring, adventure, GHOSTS, mysteries, playing with the strangeness of a situation, playing with canon, science fiction, fantasy.
Dislikes: non-con, underage, incest, slavery, spiders.

Fandom Table of Contents:

  1. Star Trek: TOS

  2. Road to El Dorado

  3. Tintin

  4. Detective Conan/Case Closed!

  5. Poirot

  6. The Great Mouse Detective

  7. Research Institute (Lego)

  8. Alligators in the sewers (Urban Legend)

Fandoms appear in the order listed above )
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Hello, trick or treater! I am excited about this exchange and I hope you are too. I have compiled a letter to help you along and give you an idea of the sorts of things I enjoy. I thankfully have very do not wants, so your story even if it isn't anything else in my letter has a high chance of pleasing me greatly.

Also, it's a gift and I love gifts.

Let's rock and roll.

All Creatures Great and Small, Anne of Green Gables, Sailor Moon, Mass Effect, and the urban legend Phantom Passenger Wants a Ride Home within )

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