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Dear Spacer: Nice to meet you! Or if I know you already, nice to see you again! Here's my fandoms and requests/prompts!

  1. Phule's Company - Any character

  2. Star Wars Legends - Kit Fisto, Aayla Secura

  3. DCAU - J'onn J'onzz, Bruce Wayne

  4. Transformers: Beast Wars - Any character

  5. Home - Gratuity 'Tip' Tucci

  6. Star Trek: Deep Space Nine - Captain Benjamin Sisko, Jake Sisko, Jadzia Dax

  7. The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl - Any character

Likes: Lighthearted stuff. Totally cool with shipping and gen.
Dislikes: Rape, abuse, and underage.

Prompts below! )
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Hey, author! Pleasure to meet you! Here's a little about me:

Likes: I like sci-fi! I like when you take a concept that only works in a sci-fi setting! I also love character interaction and exploration. I'm okay with all types of f and m and other! Feel free to combine as you will! Or don't combine, if you want. Gen is also a thing I enjoy. If I've specified a pairing in any of this, don't feel you have to do it if you're not feeling it! I will like the story anyway.

Dislikes: Non-con, abuse, underage (in the sense of adult/youth, and in the sense of youth/youth sex. However, youth/youth relationship is fine!), and that's about it!

Fandom: Spaceman Spiff

Tags: Spaceman Spiff, Fanfiction

Sign up: Yes! Spaceman Spiff! I am down with his amazing adventures. My favourites are the ones where it turns out to be related to something that's happening in real life.

I'd like Spiff as he is in canon, not an aged up version because space adventure through a child's eyes is a lot of fun.

Additional: Please enjoy these samplings of Spaceman Spiff comics to highlight what I love!

Comics comics comics )

Fandom: Deep Space 9:

Tags: Nog (Star Trek), Fanfiction

Sign up: Nog! I love Nog. Give me Nog!

If Nog is possibly kissing Jake, that would also be cool but I'm not attached to it.

I love how Nog relates to his family, how Nog relates to Starfleet, maybe a mission he goes on after the series ends? Or shenanigans he gets up to?

Or something from his childhood on the station.

Additional: Boy, I've been thinking about this a lot since sign up. I've gotta say that I just really love Jake and Nog's friendship, and how they grew up as pals and that's kind of why I ship them but why I'd also be happy with just them being friends? And I also love how the ferengi interact and how close they are as a family and how Quark is such a motherhen and how Nog fits and doesn't fit. And how Nog went where no ferengi has gone before - into starfleet.

Also the time Nog time-traveled! What other weird adventures did he face in Star Trek?

What about his leg?

Oh my gosh, Nog has depths that I would like to see plumbed, my friend. My auteur. Please, just explore Nog and I'll be happy. Or give Nog a little adventure.

Fandom: Phule's Company

Tags: Sushi (Phule's Company), Willard J. Phule, Fanfiction

Sign up: I uh, ship Sushi and Phule pretty hard. I am, however, perfectly happy to receive anything else! Especially if it's a heist or a grift.

Or even a poker game between the enlisted. I have no member of the company I dislike, and as long as Sushi OR Phule is in it, I'm happy!

Additional: What I enjoy about the series is how they get together as a team and then accomplish big things. And then move onto bigger and better things and how a lot of this is teamwork, and a about finding your skills and your worth and I also think Sushi's nifty as heck. I like how he and Phule knew of eachother. I like Phule. I like Sushi and Do-Wop's friendship. I like all of it really.

Where else does the team go? Where has the team been? What was the team up to before Phule came onboard?

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Oh gosh, I forgot to do this.


What I like: Buddies, adventures, kisses. Worldbuilding. Make up entire aliens, if it so pleases you! I don't mind ocs either! Go wild. I chose canons where I liked every character, so feel free to focus on whoever you'd like. But if I specify specific ones in my prompt, you'll make my heart swell with joy.

What I dislike: Non-con, dubcon, underage. PWP. A/B/O. The lady characters portrayed in a bad light.

I am also totally cool with crossovers, or focusing on a minor bit of trivia.

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
Any Character


I chose any, because the characters I liked didn't really interact easily together (Garak and the Siskos, for instance) but I loved the entire cast. Maybe a mission before the war? Jake and Nog adventure? Garak adventure? Go wild.

Space Cases (TV)
Harlan Band
Radu - Character


One of my baby ships, back when I'd watch this show and be too young to know what a ship was. (note: I am also a big fan of who their canon love interests are, so treat them well if you do choose to write Harlan and Radu as a couple, please!)

I really loved the various strange planets they'd end up on, so if you wanna come up with one yourself or explore one, that'd be cool!

Also once they were looking at a star map and said 'there's the beta quadrant with bajor' or something like that.

Chronicles of Riddick Series

Richard B. Riddick
Jack | Kyra


Perhaps an alternate version where Jack/Kyra does not die? That's all I got for this. I was really sad at what happened to poor Jack.

Doctor Who: The Curse of Fatal Death

Any Character


Always, always interested in the Master and the Doctor's adventures. Patsy Stone... IN SPACE. (of course, neither of these are required characters since I clicked any, so follow your heart)

If you check my gifts section, you'll see a good friend of mine has already given me a story about this, but I love this so much I'm happy to get more! I will not be comparing either of you to the other.


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