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Heyo! I'm Rosencrantz on AO3 and I'm happy you're reading this! Thank you!

My three fandoms are:

  1. World of Warcraft

  2. Zoo Tycoon

  3. Overwatch

And I hope you love at least one of these!

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Hi! I'm Rosencrantz on ao3 and it's a pleasure to meet you for the first time/see you again!

What I enjoy in stories about videogames: Mechanics from the games! It just adds a bit of a humourous/interesting element I really like. I enjoy seeing characters fleshed out and I enjoy adventures.

What I dislike: Rape, incest, underage, and gore.

Let's rock and roll!

The Sims (Video Games)


  • Group: Ophelia Nigmos/Johnny Smith (The Sims)

  • Nervous Subject (The Sims)

  • Olive Specter (The Sims)

  • Ophelia Nigmos (The Sims)


Group: Ophelia Nigmos/Johnny Smith (The Sims)
Ophelia Nigmos (The Sims)

(This prompt will double for the ship and for the single character nomination. Feel free to only write which one you prefer if this is what we match on!)

I shipped it. I made it happen multiple times. The girl from the haunted family, the boy from the alien with relatives all over Strangetown thanks to his questionable father. What happened? What kind of life do they forge? What's life like in university? And Ophelia's an orphan, on top of that.

What's it like for Ophelia growing up surrounded by ghosts? Raised by a woman who is most likely a serial killer? How does she interact with the ghosts? How does she feel when the inheritance goes to Nervous Subject? What's it like to have all this pathos and be a sim character in a completely weird game where you'll end up wetting yourself and passing out if there's a plate in front of you?

Nervous Subject (The Sims):

Is he the son of Death? How does he feel finding out about his mother from the inheritance? Why does he put up with being an experimental subject? He has so many weird personality points, what's that like? How would he fare if he moved to another sim world, like Dragon Valley or Midnight Hollow? Aw crap, those are sims 3 worlds. Don't feel obligated to use those, I only mean them for thematic. Like a magic based one, or a spoopy one.

Olive Specter (The Sims):

Is she a serial killer? Did she do the do with Death? How many people are in her backyard by her doing? What does her ghost get up to? How do you kill someone as a sim? What was it like losing Nervous and then raising Ophelia? What would she be like in a spooky noir setting as the focus of a mystery? Questions abound.

Animal Crossing Series


  • Interior Decorator Protagonist (Animal Crossing

  • Mayor Protagonist (Animal Crossing)

  • Tsunekichi | Redd (Animal Crossing)


Mayor Protagonist (Animal Crossing):

I always was amused at how he/she was trapped into being the mayor of a town of animals and wondered a lot of the time if it was going to end a la Summerisle. I'm not encouraging that, I'm just wondering if the mayor thought that too. Man, those animals are rude, aren't they? Or just weird. What does the mayor think? What does the mayor get up to? Who was the mysterious original mayor? Why are the animals so rude?

Interior Decorator Protagonist (Animal Crossing:

So artistic! So much freedom! So much weirdness they can get up to. What do they think about decorating for people who want, like, street fair aesthetics in their houses. Or having planets to decorate with. What about the bones or clearly cursed objects you can use? Do things go awry?

Tsunekichi | Redd (Animal Crossing):

I want to know about the antics of a fraudulent fox art dealer. What are his ties to the Tom Nook and his boys. Does he face competition? What's his deal with the interior decorator to provide with all that artwork?

Pocket Monsters | Pokemon (Main Video Game Series)


  • Bokurei | Phantump (Pokemon)

  • Group: Old Chateau Ghosts Butler & Little Girl (Pokemon)

  • Marowak's Ghost In Pokemon Tower (Pokemon)

  • Matsuba | Morty (Pokemon)

  • Pururill | Frillish (Pokemon)



Okay, these little dudes. Pokedex says they're the ghosts of children who got lost in the woods. You also encounter them (after completing the game?) in the first forest you go that's filled with newbie trainers. If you DO do a trainer that didn't make it on their first try, can you try to give a hopeful ending?


Jellyfish, in real life, have no organs, yet they live. Floating through the oceans like strange sea ghosts. I love the fact the first water/ghost was based on a jellyfish. I'd love to see something with a shipwreck or frillish appearing to sailors or something nautical.

Marowak's Ghost In Pokemon Tower:

What a sad story! Please, give me the solution to this poor thing's problems. Does she see her baby again? Does a trainer help her? Feel free to use the game storyline, or even set it before that event! Or after! If you want to have the ghost interact with a trainer, OCs are totally fine with me! This applies to all the pokemon prompts, actually. OC if you gotta. But tell me in the notes so I don't tell someone about this cool trainer because I am easily fooled.

Group: Old Chateau Ghosts Butler & Little Girl (Pokemon):

WELL WELL. Items found in Old Chateau imply this is a murder mystery. So what happened? What's it like being a real ghost and dealing with ghost pokemon? Does the little girl have fun? Does the butler have to deal with rowdy gengars at the dinner table? What's the difference in nature, especially since some ghost pokemon are former humans.

Matsuba | Morty (Pokemon):

I love Morty! I love all the ghost trainers, but Morty's my favourite. I admit it was influenced by sone really nice fanart of him and Euisine and Morty's purple outfit. But he's so nice with his ghosts. I'd love to see what it's like being a ghost handler, or an adventure he had, or some happenings at his gym. Do his pokemon have names? How do you care for a ghost? Thank you!


Ghosts! All of these are ghosts with either already implied stories or interactions with ghosts or are ghosts themselves!

And just so you know, a plain ol' haunting or what it's like for a trainer to have one of these strange pokemon/or adventure/fight with Morty would also be totally acceptable!

Flight Rising


  • Group: Gladekeeper & Plaguebringer (Flight Rising)

  • Group: Gladekeeper/Icewarden (Flight Rising)

(I understand the DNW on gore will be hard with the Plaguebringer and I apologize)


Ever noticed that Tundras and Wildclaws look like they came from the opposite dragon? That's what started me on this pairing. Especially since ice and nature don't really go together so well in reality. What would such opposite, world creating forces be like? Why are their native dragons so similar? Why is Gladekeeper's jungle a murderfest? Why does Icewarden keep things in stasis?


Contentious sisters. But each with the same goal of creating powerful life. I know they're only sisters because they were created at the same time, but what if it was more? What if they really do have a sisterly bond? I've noticed that when Gladekeeper posts on the forum, she's very big on keeping the forests pure and is choosy about who can join nature. Is this because of her battle with Plaguebringer's... plagues? What's up with that. Mighty dragon battles also appreciated.

Super Mario Bros. (Video Games)


  • Group: Luigi/Bowser (Nintendo)


Okay! This is kind of an odd one! I understand! And I will tell you this is entirely the fault of someone I know on twitter posting Bowser/Luigi art and me being suggestible. Obviously I have nothing against Daisy, but the heart wants what the heart wants.

But here's some prompt ideas:

Kidnapping Peach goes wrong and then escalates into kisses.
Mario Kart rivalry. Kisses.
Tennis AU.
Trying to get to Mario? Kisses.
Ghost hunting! Kisses.

I hope this helps.


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