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Hi! I'm Rosencrantz on AO3 and I'm glad you're interested in writing for me!

Likes: Adventure fic, exploration fic, okay with all genders in pairings, okay with gen to explicit, I enjoy family bonding stuff too.

DNWs: Underage, noncon, dubcon, any mention of slavery.

Fandom: Hans the Mermaid's Son

Characters: Hans, The Mermaid

Why I Like This Story: I was reading this and thinking just how very much Hans reminds me of Goku from Dragonball and it kind of blossomed my affection from there.


  • What other adventures could he have gotten into with them trying to kill him?

  • What was life like under the ocean?

  • What was the mermaid's life like with a half human son?

  • What is the mermaid like? What's her name?

  • What happened to Hans after he went back to the ocean?

  • Did the mermaid ever come to shore?

  • Is she like a little mermaid mermaid? Or a strange monstrous mermaid?


Fandom: The Troll's Daughter

Characters: The Troll, The Troll's Daughter

Why I Like This Story: It's a really fun story - but it left a lot of stuff unexplained, like what was the troll's longterm plan with turning this dude into animals? Why did he kept everything locked up in the forest?


  • Exploration into the troll's motivations. Why did he do what he did? What was his goal with the human? Why did he keep all those animals under lock and key? Why did he lock away his daughter?

  • Tell me about the daughter. What was her name? How did she feel about killing her father? What was her life as a queen like?

  • Tell me about these trolls. They're clearly from a tradition I don't know that well - I had never heard of beautiful trolls, though I had heard of magic ones. And I'd like to know more about them and what they do.


Fandom: The Girl Who Became A Boy

Characters: Tax-evading snakes

Why I Like This Story: It's one rollicking adventure (although a little alarming with how he was gonna be executed for not sleeping with the princess) that even included a horse reuniting with his mother. But the real stars: the tax-evading snakes.


I need to know about these snakes. Why do they owe taxes? What's up with the church they live in? Why can they perform curses? What is their legal status?

I want an adventure with the snakes. I want the snakes to have names. I want them to have dramas.

Please give me snake fic. Snic.


Fandom: Catherine and her Destiny

Characters: Catherine's Destiny, Catherine Lady's Destiny

Why I Like This Story: Destiny/Fate as a physical personage you can actually negotiate with! It's amazing. It's a great concept to wrap your mind around.


I'm okay with Original Destinies, btw, you don't have to use the nominated ones.

  • How does being a Destiny work? How are you assigned to people? Do you have multiple people?

  • They're described as being tall and handsome. And mistaken for humans. Are they all women? Do they appear the same to other people? Do animals have Destinies?

  • What is the destiny economy like? Catherine's Lady did offerings to her Destiny.

  • Why did Catherine's Destiny decide to do that to Catherine? Is this a habit of hers? Has she offered this bargain to other people in the past? Has it ever backfired on her?


I hope you have a great time this exchange and thank you!
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Cendrillon ou La petite Pantoufle de Verre | Cinderella - Charles Perrault


  • Cinderella

  • The Prince

What I like about this story: Obviously the metaphor for personal virtue/innate goodness with the unbreakable shoe. I mean, not as a misery story but the fact that she's just such a diamond.

Generalized prompt: I'd love to see alternate tellings of this story, if you want! If there's a version of Cinderella you've wanted to tell for years, here's me asking! Alternate setting AUs totally welcome!

Other prompts:

  • What is life like as a queen after years of abuse?

  • What was it like looking for husbands for her sisters after everything?

  • How did the prince feel when he found out the truth?

  • Does the prince have a name

  • What sort of routines did Cinderella have?

  • "which made her commonly be called Cinder-breech; but the youngest, who was not so rude and uncivil as the eldest, called her Cinderilla" At the end of the tale, she brings up and hugs both her sisters - but I want to know her feelings on this one.

  • What sort of person gets fairy protection?

  • What was it like for the prince to love someone he knew nothing about?

  • Did the prince properly court her once they were together? How did they get to know eachother?

  • How did the prince know he'd found someone so special?

Willie O'Winsbury (English and Scottish Popular Ballads - F.J. Child)


  • Any

What I like about this story: I first grew to like this story from my amusement over how very into Willie the king was. But don't think this means I'm asking for a 'slash or get out' story.


  • Okay clearly the father demanding to see his daughter naked to see if she's pregnant or not is definitely creepy. And then going 'I'll murder him' followed by 'I'll kill him' followed by 'I'd totally fuck him' is even weirder. I'd love to see Janet's thoughts on this whole matter.

  • I noticed that Willie deliberately was like 'I'll have nothing to do with you' at the end - exploration on that?

  • If you can do a funny take on the king's weird crush, that'd be grand.

  • What was Janet's plan? Was she going to run off with Willie?

  • What was Willie's plan?

  • Why was the king in jail in Spain? How did he get out?

  • Do Janet and Willie retun the king's calls?

Bärenhäuter | Bearskin (Fairy Tale)


  • Any

What I like about this story: Obviously it ends on a very grim note, but what interests me is the fact that they both won, in a way. Even if the soldier and the wife were much less happy for it. I like the cleverness.


Generalized prompt: What I'd like to see is other ways this story could have worked out or possibly the adventures of Trash Bear Soldier.

Other prompts:

  • Solutions to damnation

  • Actual romance between the soldier and his future wife

  • The saving of the wife's father

  • Saving the sisters

  • Life as a bearman

  • Why would you make a literal deal with Satan?

  • Explaining that no, he's not Donkeyskin

  • What if he'd been Gerbilskin? It'd be like a little toupee.

  • People who were kind despite everything

Goldilocks and the Three Bears (Fairy Tale)


  • Any

What I like about this story: Long story short, as a small blonde child I spent a lot of time in houses I wasn't supposed to as a kid and I've identified strongly with Goldilocks ever since. Even though I never stole anything or broke a chair, I DID once turn on someone's treadmill and probably inspired years of ghost stories. ALSO I do not want Goldilocks to die, please.


  • What did Goldilocks get up to next?

  • Had Goldilocks also broken into other famous fairy tales?

  • What sort of life leads a bunch of bears to living in a little cottage. Is there actually a bear society? Did they eat the previous owners? What is the bear economy.

  • Goldilocks and Baby Bear meet out in a coffee shop years later and discuss things (I DID just suggest a coffee shop au)

  • How do you human-proof a house?

  • What's bear porridge like anyway, is there lots of honey and berries? (I'm making mysef hungry)

  • In the original fairy-tale it's actually an old woman who possibly goes to jail for vagrancy - what sort of life is Goldilocks leading? Can this tie back into another encounter with the bears?

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Let's start with what I'm okay to receive for ALL of these:

  • AUs! The odder scenario you manage to keep the original theme the better - space, steampunk, coffee shop, high school, futuristic, cowboys, just let your mind take you on a magical journey.

  • Retellings! Switch character places. Change location. Change time.

  • What happened before or what happened next - love those.

  • Sex/gender flips.

What I do not want: Non-con, incest, underage, child murder. These are all present in fairy-tales so I had to make sure you knew.

Okay, onto the specific fandoms with specific prompts!

  1. Godfather Death

  2. Maid Maleen

  3. Beauty and the Beast

  4. The Princess in the Coffin

  5. Fairy Ointment

  6. Pied Piper

  7. Diamonds and Toads

Prompts within )
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Hello, my author! I hope this letter helps you!

What I like: Adventures, humour, happy endings, journeys!
What I dislike: non and dubcon, explicit sex, major violence, and child death.

Without further ado, onto the prompts!

Fandom: Medusa - Ovid's Metamorphoses (Hellenistic Religion and Folklore)
Character: Any character

Sign-Up prompt:

I always felt Medusa got a bad rap - assaulted by Poseidon, then punished for it? Then I found out that there was versions where Athena was giving Medusa a blessing to protect her from men. As well, the stuff I saw talked about Medusa's head being a symbol on women's shelters.

And I am thinking, I would like to see a legend or story about Medusa, protector of women. Or a Medusa who's safe.

Extra: I would like seeing Medusa the protector, a modern Medusa, an inspirational Medusa, any of those things! A Medusa who lives separate and safe.

What about her sisters? They went with her. What sort of life do they have?

Also, do those head snakes need fed?

Fandom: Goldilocks and the Three Bears (Fairy Tale)
Characters: Any Character

Sign-Up prompt:

This is a fun story to play with, least of all wondering why on earth the bears had a house and ate porridge. What was Goldilocks doing out there? Are humans like raccoons in that world?

There's also a fairytale about a Princess Goldilocks, which I wonder may be the same girl and even if it isn't, why not incorporate them somehow?

Bears are also wonderful and I love bears. Do fun things with bears.

Extras: This is a story where I'd like you to go pretty wild. Explore the weirdness of concept, set it in other worlds, see how it meshes with other tales, do what comes before, do what comes after, whatever you want! Do your own retelling! Nothing dark though, please.

Fandom: Hänsel und Gretel | Hansel and Gretel (Fairy Tale)
Characters: Any Character

Sign-Up prompt:

Two kids, abandoned to die! Almost eaten by a witch! It's p. much a horror story.

There's been adaptations that have turned them into witch hunters. I'm wondering though, what this story would be like as an AU. Space? Western? What would you change? What would you keep?

Just as a note, Fables (the comic) had Hansel kill Gretel and I'd really like for you to avoid the children hurting each other as a result of reading that, please.

Extras: When I said 'as a result of reading that' I mean reading that is WHY I want them not to hurt each other. Just realized that was a little unclear. I'm okay with this one going kind of dark, because it is more of a horror story, but I ask that Hansel and Gretel are safe at the end. I don't care about the safety of their parents.

Fandom: The Snake Who Became The King's Son-in-Law (Fairy Tale)
Characters: Any Character

Sign-Up prompt:

I love this snake. What can't this snake do? This snake is the best.

Was he a cursed prince? Was he just a really awesome snake? He's got the kingdom, where does he go next? What else has he done?

I wish to have more adventures of Herpy, the most bootstrappiest snake that ever was.

Extras: What does the princess think about marrying a pretty can-do snake? Does he still turn into a snake? Does he have a little heated stone he likes to sleep on? What about his adoptive parents? Why is the snake so magic? All of these are questions you could answer. And I hope you do!

Fandom: König Drosselbart | King Thrushbeard (Fairy Tale)
Character: Any Character

Sign-Up prompt:

I'd like to see the princess get even.

Extras: The mental torment of the princess made me pretty shocked the first time I read this (in a Classics Illustrated comic!) and as a result I've always wanted to see Thrushbeard get his for the stuff he did. I'm not asking for this to go dark and gory, and actually if you go the humour route, that'd be even better.

Second prompt: What if it doesn't work at all? What if the princess went 'fuck this' and went off on her own and the adventures she had after?

I said any character, which means you can focus on the other characters instead of her if you want. Like, maybe Thrushbeard has his own mishaps in his own story, what happens to Thrushbeard if things don't work? What if Thrushbeard writes his own advice column?

Follow your heart.

Fandom: Hymn to Demeter - Homer
Character: Hades (Hellenistic Religion & Lore)

Sign-Up prompt:

I like Hades! He's got a staff, he works hard, and except for Mint he mostly keeps it in his pants.

For this one, I'd like a light touch! Like, Hades Goes On A Vacation or something. Or Hades and Persephone cuteness.

Not a fan of the 'rape of Persephone' option of the myth, so avoid that if you can! More prompts in my letter.

Extras: Like I said, I enjoy Hades' work ethic. I'm not a fan of how Hades is portrayed as evil in modern versions. I love stories that are about Hades and Persephone as partners.

How would Persephone take Hades taking a vacation? Do they go together? Is she with her mom at the time? Does she take over the kingdom while he's gone?

Is it set in ancient Greece? Modern Greece? Do they go on a cruise?

How does Hades keep track of everything that happens in his kingdom? What do they do as rulers? Does she still eat food down there? Does she trap him in the world upside by tricking him into eating earthly strawberries? What's going on there.

Anyway, just a nice light Hades and Persephone fic I'd like to see! Hope some of my ideas inspires you!


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