benedict: (diana wynne jones)
Let's start with what I'm okay to receive for ALL of these:

  • AUs! The odder scenario you manage to keep the original theme the better - space, steampunk, coffee shop, high school, futuristic, cowboys, just let your mind take you on a magical journey.

  • Retellings! Switch character places. Change location. Change time.

  • What happened before or what happened next - love those.

  • Sex/gender flips.

What I do not want: Non-con, incest, underage, child murder. These are all present in fairy-tales so I had to make sure you knew.

Okay, onto the specific fandoms with specific prompts!

  1. Godfather Death

  2. Maid Maleen

  3. Beauty and the Beast

  4. The Princess in the Coffin

  5. Fairy Ointment

  6. Pied Piper

  7. Diamonds and Toads

Prompts within )