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Last year I did a little project - 56 ideas in 56 days. Each day I would write down a story idea in my notebook. I finally compiled the ideas for everyone to see! I hope you like them! If formatting ends up weird, please check out this link instead.

Read all 56 ideas here! There are dinosaurs, I promise )
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Fanon John Facts:
  • DISCWORLD: I kind of just assumed Sam Vimes was a virgin when he met Sybil*.
  • MY LITTLE PONY (original series): I will consider Masquerade an easily led by girls boy to the end of my days. Look, it makes sense if you watch the episodes.
  • SUPERMAN: The issue where Superman says Wonder Woman is his best friend means that that is the only best friend I will accept for him. I am ridiculously attached to the idea.
  • CSI: Warrick is just... just in the other room.
  • NARNIA: Polly grows up to be a painter, uses frames made from the wood of the tree that Digory planted, and that's where the painting that sucked the kids up in Voyage of the Dawn Treader came from. (this fanon is courtesy of Snacky)
  • X-MEN: I heard that Claremont intended Wolverine to be bisexual so regardless of whether what I heard is true, I sort of keep that as a mental fanon factoid about Wolvie now.
  • X-MEN: In one of the miniseries, X-Men: THE END or something? There's a plot point where Gambit is Sinister and Cyclops' clone? Yeah, I'm keeping that.
  • LORD OF THE RINGS: That Theoden had problems at first in Rohan, after his father decided to Gondorize the place up.

And that is my personal fanon list. I probably have others, this is just what I have right now.

*I don't know if this has been contradicted yet


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