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Hello, Dear Fic Corner Author! I'm excited we've been matched up and looking forward to what you write!

Remember, all my prompts are optional! I only make them so that you have something to work from.

Likes: Stories about the same rating as the source material, exploration of canon, what happens next? and friendship.
Dislikes: sex crimes, gore, and sad endings.

The Neverending Story

  • Atreyu

  • Falkor

  • Childlike Empress

  • Cairon

Further details )

Homeward Bounders

  • Helen Haras-Uquara

  • Jamie Hamilton

Further details )

Rod Allbright Alien Adventures

  • Grakker

  • Snout

Further details )
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Hello, author!

What I like: friendship, family ties, adventure, and exploration.

What I dislike: Any sort of sex crime, extreme violence, character death, a/b/o.

What I am happy either way with: As long as they behave age appropriately, I am happy with slash (m/m and f/f) or het. No pairing is perfectly fine.

Okay, so here's what I've got and what else I'd like!

Derkholm Series - Diana Wynne Jones // General Audiences // Any Character

Derkholm Ideas )

The Neverending Story - Michael Ende // General Audiences // Any Character

Neverending Story Ideas )

Enchanted Forest Chronicles by Patricia Wrede // General Audiences // Kazul

Enchanted Forest Ideas )

Tintin // General Audiences // Tintin, Snowy

Tintin Ideas )

The Chronicles of Chrestomanci // General Audiences // Any Character

Chrestomanci Ideas )

Johnny Maxwell by Terry Pratchett // General Audiences // Johnny Maxwell, Yo-less, Kirsty

Johnny Maxwell Ideas )

Edit: There was a major error in my letter that [personal profile] minutia_r notified me of. I've corrected my letter and hid all the evidence from deep deep shame. Thank you to her for notifying me quickly.


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