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Hello! Welcome to my Chocolate Box letter! I'm Rosencrantz on AO3 and I'm grateful you're reading this!

This pretty much contains just what is in my sign up, but in a handy easy to reference url!

Fic Likes: Romance, casefic, adventurefic, mysteries, ghost stories (I may not have prompted ghost stories in all of them, but if one comes to you, BY ALL MEANS), domestic, awkward situations dealt with humour.
Romance Likes: I'm fine with any rating from general to explicit! I really like reading about kissing and when it comes to sex I enjoy things that play with character differences and in places like walls and tables. I would prefer that you keep the anatomy to canon (so no a/b/o) and no watersports/scat. A bit of power dynamics is okay and I don't need negotiation.
DNWs: Non/dubcon, underage, and unhappy endings.

Onto the prompts!

Overwatch, Pokemon (Videogames), She-Ra: Princess of Power, Lord of the Rings books, Marvel Comics, DC Extended Universe )
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Hi! I'm Rosencrantz on ao3 and thank you for reading my letter!

EDIT 1/9/2018: New prompts in Overwatch and Original!


  1. Overwatch

  2. Original Fic

  3. Father Brown (2013)

  4. X-Men: The Animated Series

Let's just jump into the letter! I have specific likes and dnws for each fandom. I look forward to my piece of chocolate!


  • Doomfist: The Successor | Akande Ogundimu/LĂșcio Correia dos Santos (Overwatch)

  • LĂșcio Correia dos Santos/Reinhardt Wilhelm (Overwatch)

Likes: Lucio being short, adventure, stuff about concerts, cooking, stuck together in a canadian shack.
DNWS: Non or dubcon, slavery, underage, excessive gore, death of any nominated character. Also please only kinks I ask for.


Hockey stuff with Lucio!
ADVENTURE and imagination with Reinhardt!
Doomfist being Doomfist and Lucio being bright and shiny.

Small prompt from chat:

Lucio likes hockey. They can go to future!Boston Pizza and a hockey game!

"it's the canadian experience"
"what's boston?"
"It was turned into an Omnium" (there really is a chain in Canada called Boston Pizza, so named because the founder thought that the city Boston led an authority to the name. Boston's actual pizza attributes weren't considered, I think)


Real missions instead of the capture of the flag games! Lucio concerts! Lucio joining Overwatch! Reinhardt being his tour guide. Doomfist trying to get him to switch alliances or just go with Doomfist in general.

Music exchanges! I enjoy Reinhardt's bit about Hasselhoff being the classics.

If you prefer, you can use the glory and honor version of Reinhardt who I point out has amazing hockey hair.

I would prefer no harm comes to Lucio, even when dealing with Doomfist. Thank you!

NEW PROMPTS: Magic/fantasy/historical AU with Bard!Lucio and Warrior!Reinhardt or Warrior!Doomfist or King!Doomfist and quests and adventures and makeouts. You can do it with all three if the idea pleases you!

Maybe Lucio is like one of those DnD bards, with magic songs and such.

ALSO: Frog!Prince Lucio and Reinhardt as the blustery king who ends up having to keep his promise to the frog that retrieved something for him. Or Doomfist as the grumpy prince.

Original Fic

  • Superhero's Ghost/Same-Sex Villain Who Killed Them

  • Sorcerer/Sentient Book of Spells

  • Superhero/Man Who Looks Just Like Him Who Is A Reporter

  • Queen of Magical Land of Rainbows and Happiness/Evil Sorceress Who Kind Of Digs It Despite Herself

  • Princess Ghost/Tour Guide At Her Castle

  • Fairy Prince/Goblin Princess

  • Elf Prince/Orc Princess

Likes: Good times, exploration of concept, spooooky ghosts, funny ghosts, timeloops, arranged marriage, pining.
DNWS: Non or dubcon, slavery, underage, excessive gore, death of any nominated character (that isn't a ghost). Also please only kinks I ask for.


Okay, we've got kind of a gamut here. Like, the ghosts? The superheroes? The sorcerers? Timeloops! Weird 'I'm kinda into this!' revelations. Trying to fix what's wrong! Confused makeouts! 'I guess I can!' makeouts. Ghost stories! Being 'I'M NOT LEAVING' from say, the dead heroes or the book of spells.

Now for the royalty, arranged marriage that turns to love Is A Thing I enjoy in fiction. I would especially like the orc and goblins to be treated with respect. Especially for the inventiveness of goblins and the strength and honour of orcs.

Except in the very specific gender combo tags, I'm happy with any gender pairings.


Superhero's Ghost/Same-Sex Villain Who Killed Them: is the Superhero getting revenge via haunting? Is the Superhero trying to save the soul of the villain? Is the villain trying to revive the hero and make up for what he/she/they did? Is the ghost sassy? How does ghost sex work, if there's ghost sex? I'm cool with no-touchy.

Sorcerer/Sentient Book of Spells: I love talking books! A lot. And maybe certain spells take certain shapes and personalities. Maybe it's a story of the wizard getting to know the book as time passes, from apprentice to aged sorcerer.

Superhero/Man Who Looks Just Like Him Who Is A Reporter: this has the potential to be a comedy, or mindscrewy. What IS the superhero's actual identity? Are they actually the reporter in a timeloop? Is this selfcest? Is the Superhero an alien who patterned himself off the reporter? Does the reporter find the Suphero's real identity via being blocked from a dating app for multiple accounts?

Queen of Magical Land of Rainbows and Happiness/Evil Sorceress Who Kind Of Digs It Despite Herself: Is the queen brightness and sunshine? Is she oblivious to the evil of the sorceress? How long has she been queen? Is she a dragon? Is the sorceress a dragon? No harm to dragons please. How does the sorceress start to enjoy herself amongst the rainbows? Is the queen sassy? Does, at any point, anyone get chased by an angry unicorn?

Princess Ghost/Tour Guide At Her Castle: When does the tour guide become aware of the princess? When does the princess become aware of the tour guide? Where does the princess haunt? How do they get together? How do they stay together? What do they talk about? Is the ghost of the princess part of the tour? Does the tour guide want to help the princess move on? What's their story? Is the tour guide also a ghost?

Fairy Prince/Goblin Princess: Is the fairy prince finicky? Does he steal babies? Does he assume that he's going to give away his and the goblin princess's and switch it out for a human baby? What about his allergy to iron? Is he honoured to marry the goblin princess or do goblins have a fearsome reputation? What sort of things does the princess invent? How does she get him involved? What is a goblin wedding like? Can the prince fly? Does the princess make wings to fly with him?

Elf Prince/Orc Princess: Are elves totally aloof? Do they win via trickery and magic? Do orcs work on honour and strength? Can the princess bench press the prince? Is she disappointed that he's half her mass? Does she teach him what honour is, or refuse to deal with him until he learns it? Does he teach her magic? How do their lifespans align? How do they fall in love? How does he feel about finding out that his wife's giant guns and sick abs make her the the hottest orc in town?

Father Brown (2013)

  • Father Brown/Sid Carter (Father Brown 2013)

Likes: is celibacy kink a thing? If it is, I want that. Sid being protective of Father Brown.
DNWS: Non or dubcon, slavery, underage, excessive gore, death of any nominated character. Also please only kinks I ask for. Mentions of church abuse.


I enjoy how Sid could be construed as kind of (shady) knight figure for Father Brown. He physically protects him, helps him any way he can, and is always there to back him up. I enjoy Father Brown's mischievousness/inability to not poke his nose into things/sweetness.

I also would prefer if you keep this celibate.

If you can also somehow explain to me how somehow all of England is Catholic in the Brownverse, that'd be great too.

X-Men: The Animated Series

  • Remy LeBeau/Logan (X-Men The Animated Series)

  • Remy LeBeau & Jubilee & Storm (X-Men The Animated Series)

  • Nightcrawler/Logan (X-Men The Animated Series)

  • Rogue & Nightcrawler & Mystique (X-Men The Animated Series)

Likes: Tired/grumpy Wolverine, woodsy Wolverine, Canadian shackfic, adventurey stories, Gambit being a living disaster, Nightcrawler exploring the world, family type stuff with the &s.
DNWS: Non or dubcon, slavery, underage, excessive gore, death of any nominated character. Also please only kinks I ask for.


Listen, most of what I want is them acting in-canon settings from the cartoon but you have my total blessing and permission to write 'the worst/funniest family dinner/birthday dinner for Mystique's family'. You may include Graydon, Sabretooth, and DEFINITELY Destiny. I don't recall if she was in the cartoon but please, feel free to add her.

Now, what I really enjoy about Gambit and Storm in the *comics* is that they often have a brother/sister type relationship. And what I noticed in the cartoon is that sometimes Gambit sometimes acts like Jubilee's annoying big brother. If you could somehow give me a fun fic around these concepts (even including it with, say, Gambit/Wolverine) I would be quite happy!

Gambit/Wolverine is a pairing that's near and dear to my heart because it's actually what introduced me, a small bi, to the concept of slash and characters even being queer. In a 'gosh, Gambit's standing really close to Wolverine in that picture!' followed by 'OH MY GOD IS THIS LEGAL?' (this was the 90s) but that doesn't mean that it's easy to screw this up for me - actually it means the opposite. I pretty much can't get enough of this pairing! I enjoy human disaster Gambit and cranky competent Wolverine a lot and if you can put them in any situation you want and make them at least kiss, I'll be very happy.

Also if you do the Canadian Shack idea, I am fond of the trope that Gambit doesn't Cold Well.

Nightcrawler/Wolverine! Well! Nightcrawler doesn't get much screentime, does he? But I still really like him. I like him being on quests to find out about himself and the world and I like how Wolverine gets caught up in stuff and is a good ally and maybe this can lead to kissing. Or more. Not picky. I would like if you somehow included Nightcrawler's acrobaticness.
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Hey, Chocolate Box writer! Time for some tasty little relationship treats! Or longer ones, if you want. I'm not your boss.



  2. Dislikes

  3. General Ideas

  4. Fandom: X-Men Animated

  5. Fandom: Space Cases

  6. Fandom: Batman: The Brave and the Bold

  7. Fandom: DCAU

Likes: Good times, humour, pleasantness, teamwork, family, kisses.
Dislikes: non-con, dubcon, underage, a/b/o.

General ideas: All four of my requests involve big worlds with lots of travel! I would enjoy road-trip type fic. Or exploration fic. To make things easier for this challenge, I requested only pairings and universes I liked completely equally.

X-Men Animated )


Space Cases )


Batman: The Brave and the Bold )


DC Animated Universe )


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