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Hey, Chocolate Box writer! Time for some tasty little relationship treats! Or longer ones, if you want. I'm not your boss.



  2. Dislikes

  3. General Ideas

  4. Fandom: X-Men Animated

  5. Fandom: Space Cases

  6. Fandom: Batman: The Brave and the Bold

  7. Fandom: DCAU

Likes: Good times, humour, pleasantness, teamwork, family, kisses.
Dislikes: non-con, dubcon, underage, a/b/o.

General ideas: All four of my requests involve big worlds with lots of travel! I would enjoy road-trip type fic. Or exploration fic. To make things easier for this challenge, I requested only pairings and universes I liked completely equally.

X-Men Animated )


Space Cases )


Batman: The Brave and the Bold )


DC Animated Universe )