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kay I got sick of hiding in my closet and I'm pretty hungry, so I decided to go into town for sushi.

Had some fun figuring out how to rev up the tractor and took it out with my baseball bat in hand. I really hope these are actually zombies and not, say, drug addicts or leprosy victims because a lot are going under my tractor and the rest are getting baseball batted.

Well, were. I'm on the highway now and updating from my phone. I outpaced them, except for all the weird squishy gophers which suck at dodging wheels now as they did when they were alive. Crunch crunch crunch.

I should take pictures of this blue sky!

Wish tractor had a radio.

If the sushi place is closed I will be Miffed.
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So, it is my wont to stay up late these nights, often until six pm. Six pm which is thirty hours after I woke up. Anyway, what I'm getting at is I see some awesome things staying up like this and a lot isn't hallucinations. I've seen beautiful sunrises, unusual birds, and the sort of stars you only see when you live out in the country.

So I heard some rustling tonight and I'm like 'oh blast, a cat snuck out' and I turn on the outside lights to see where I have to perform a ninja mission on a cat to get it back inside.

*click* go the lights.

My yard looks like it's full of scarecrows.

"Goddamnit," I think. My brother's stupid friends are pulling another prank.

That's when they all start moving towards the light.

I've turned off the lights and I'm reviewing what I have in my garage since they're between me and the shed. It looks like all I have is my tractor and a crappy baseball bat.

I'm going to go hide in my closet until morning and hope they're gone by then. BBL.


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