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Hello! My name is Rosencrantz (sort of) and I'm happy that you're looking at my letter! Hello hello.

Here are my likes, dislikes, fandoms, and prompts!

Likes: Adventures, casefic, fairy tales, kissing.

Formats I'm open to: Traditional prose, narrative poetry, in-universe texts (like, say, a news report on the BPRD), interactive fiction, and drabble sequences.

Dislikes: Unhappy endings.

Do Not Wants: Non/dubcon, underage, bestiality.

She-Ra, BPRD, Hellboy, and The Giant Who Had No Heart In His Body )
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Hello! I hope this fulfills my invitation to check my letter out for more ideas!

My name on ao3 is Rosencrantz and it's a pleasure to be written for!

Trick likes: SPOOKY, ghosts, found footage, shivery stuff. Happy endings.
Trick dislikes: Sexual violence.

Treat likes: Fluff and very happy endings. Ghosts. Funny.
Treat dislikes: Hyperactive crack (as opposed to just a weird situation)

DNWS: Non/dubcon, underage.

She-Ra, World of Warcraft Drustvar NPCs and Prince Farondis, Overwatch, and Hellboy )
benedict: Nancy the comic character saying she is a beautiful genius (beautiful genius the most of all)
Hello! Thank you for writing for me! I am Rosencrantz on AO3.

Things I enjoy in a story: Romance, gen, adventure, missing scenes, explanations (are you familiar with the Marvel No-Prize? It's where you come up with a plausible reason for a confusing bit of canon), humour (sitcommy style, not crack style), and families. Especially unrelated but now we are family, family.

Do Not Wants: Non/dubcon, underage, slavery.

Permissions: If you want to try something neat, like IF, go for it! Also I am happy with ratings from general to explicit.

Emperor's New Groove, Little Mermaid, Sleeping Beauty, Hercules, Cinderella )


Jul. 5th, 2018 07:20 am
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I read my previous post and I almost entirely repeated the information except with more talk of me dying.

Go team me.
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Canada day came and went with me not seeing a single firework because I was too lazy to get up and look out the window. The cat remains unimpressed with the foibles of humanity.

Last month I began a project to do a drawing and story idea a day and so far I've made it a whole 5 days! That's like finishing the project perfectly! Good game. No need for me to ever mention this again.

I keep seeing memorials to people on the internet and thinking about my own mortality. When I inevitably die in some stupid way, I'd like to be remembered for how I was: Tired, eating like a raccoon, and in my pajamas pretty much 24/7.

Update on the mosquito discouraging plants: It's working. It's working! I can go outside without becoming more mosquito than man! This is great for such activities as eating creamsicles and watching the cat tie me to a chair with her leash.

We have marigolds in the front (apparently they work?) and the backyard is so many different kinds of mint. Next year we're adding lavender and lemon grass. If this was in the previous entry, I apologize, my life isn't very exciting and that's by design.

AUex letter

Jul. 4th, 2018 10:25 am
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Hi! I'm Rosencrantz on AO3 and thank you for reading my letter!

What I like: Plotty, short to super long fics, adventures, playing with canon, funny and serious takes, any rating. Spooky! Scary! Exciting! Romantic! Peaceful! Any of these elements are great with me. Happy endings!

DNWs: Underage (teens dating is fine), Non/dubcon, or slavery.

AU where there's a letter below this cut )
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Heyo! I'm Rosencrantz on AO3 and I'm happy you're reading this! Thank you!

My three fandoms are:

  1. World of Warcraft

  2. Zoo Tycoon

  3. Overwatch

And I hope you love at least one of these!

The letter continues from this point )
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Summer! Is! Hot!

Also I'm experimenting in new ways of protecting myself from mosquitoes and the backyard is filled with various kinds of mint in pots. I got two of mojito by accident and Certain Household Residents have drinking plans with those hapless mint plants.

But it's working! I'm normally covered in a cloud of the little bastards when I go outside during the summer but I've been having entire meals on the deck without a single nip. We're gonna add lavender to the front next year.

I started two projects today I'll link if they don't crash and burn, a story idea a day (you may recall I did this in 2015, I'm reviving it) and a drawing a day (to improve my art) but I put them on tumblr so I won't be spamming my list. There's so few posts on dw that even just three posts a week would be spamming, I fear.

And I successfully designed a parent trap - I got mom a 2ds and put tetris on it and as of this minute she's been playing for the past half hour without shifting once. And she nearly tackled it out of my hand once I announced it was installed.

Go team me.

Dear OWOwl

Jun. 29th, 2018 08:34 pm
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Hello, I'm Rosencrantz on ao3! Thank you so much for writing for me! I'm really looking forward to my gift. Some of these prompts/tags lend themseslves to unusual storytelling methods, so if you get an idea that would involve an alternate form of storytelling than straight prose, I am UP for it. Official permission. And since I'm the mod, you don't have to notify ahead if it results in lower than min word count.

So let's get started!

DNW: Non/dubcon, underage, and slavery.

Likes: Plotty, short and medium and long fic, adventures, build up to kissing, ghosts, spooky, sweet, and funny, cute, romance and gen.

Onto the prompts! Lots of ghosts, heroes, goddesses, and an opossum )
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Hi! This is my first time in this exchange! Thank you for writing for me!

My name on ao3 is Rosencrantz!

I am okay with mooderate levels of violence and g-to-e levels of sex.

X-men The Animated Series, Spider-Man 1994 Animated Series, Pokemon, Original Fic )
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Hi! I'm Rosencrantz on AO3 and I'm glad you're interested in writing for me!

Likes: Adventure fic, exploration fic, okay with all genders in pairings, okay with gen to explicit, I enjoy family bonding stuff too.

DNWs: Underage, noncon, dubcon, any mention of slavery.

Fandom: Hans the Mermaid's Son

Characters: Hans, The Mermaid

Why I Like This Story: I was reading this and thinking just how very much Hans reminds me of Goku from Dragonball and it kind of blossomed my affection from there.


  • What other adventures could he have gotten into with them trying to kill him?

  • What was life like under the ocean?

  • What was the mermaid's life like with a half human son?

  • What is the mermaid like? What's her name?

  • What happened to Hans after he went back to the ocean?

  • Did the mermaid ever come to shore?

  • Is she like a little mermaid mermaid? Or a strange monstrous mermaid?


Fandom: The Troll's Daughter

Characters: The Troll, The Troll's Daughter

Why I Like This Story: It's a really fun story - but it left a lot of stuff unexplained, like what was the troll's longterm plan with turning this dude into animals? Why did he kept everything locked up in the forest?


  • Exploration into the troll's motivations. Why did he do what he did? What was his goal with the human? Why did he keep all those animals under lock and key? Why did he lock away his daughter?

  • Tell me about the daughter. What was her name? How did she feel about killing her father? What was her life as a queen like?

  • Tell me about these trolls. They're clearly from a tradition I don't know that well - I had never heard of beautiful trolls, though I had heard of magic ones. And I'd like to know more about them and what they do.


Fandom: The Girl Who Became A Boy

Characters: Tax-evading snakes

Why I Like This Story: It's one rollicking adventure (although a little alarming with how he was gonna be executed for not sleeping with the princess) that even included a horse reuniting with his mother. But the real stars: the tax-evading snakes.


I need to know about these snakes. Why do they owe taxes? What's up with the church they live in? Why can they perform curses? What is their legal status?

I want an adventure with the snakes. I want the snakes to have names. I want them to have dramas.

Please give me snake fic. Snic.


Fandom: Catherine and her Destiny

Characters: Catherine's Destiny, Catherine Lady's Destiny

Why I Like This Story: Destiny/Fate as a physical personage you can actually negotiate with! It's amazing. It's a great concept to wrap your mind around.


I'm okay with Original Destinies, btw, you don't have to use the nominated ones.

  • How does being a Destiny work? How are you assigned to people? Do you have multiple people?

  • They're described as being tall and handsome. And mistaken for humans. Are they all women? Do they appear the same to other people? Do animals have Destinies?

  • What is the destiny economy like? Catherine's Lady did offerings to her Destiny.

  • Why did Catherine's Destiny decide to do that to Catherine? Is this a habit of hers? Has she offered this bargain to other people in the past? Has it ever backfired on her?


I hope you have a great time this exchange and thank you!
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In June I posted a to-do list and here's what I ended up doing:

I went to Minneapolis! I saw Ann!

I saw Wonder Woman.

I saw Lego Batman but I had to rent it off itunes - twice. There was a glitch the first time and instead of fixing it, they made me pay twice.

I ran [community profile] auexchange with TDC and Morbane and I hated every second (not my co-mods, they were good people) and now it's TDC's exchange and you should participate because the fic part was actually a lot of fun okay I didn't hate EVERY second. I produced 3 fics I was pretty proud of.

I did not write the Poirot ghost detective fic. Maybe in 2018, oui?

I dropped out of [community profile] press_start_comm but completed a full size treat and was unmatchable in [community profile] fic_corner so I opted to let the mod delete me. I'm deleted. I don't exist anymore.

I cleaned! My apartment looks great.

I did not eat. If you're deleted, you don't need to eat. Hahha actually I got diabetes. Great times.

I wrote a bunch of ghost stories! I hung out with friends. I got a B+ in my university art course and filled an entire sketchbook with a drawing a day!

I started playing World of Warcraft again. It's okay. I'm okay. I'll be okay.
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Hi! Here's my letter for Worldbuilding Ex! Thank you for looking!

My AO3 name is Rosencrantz! It me!

Fandom: X-Men (Marvel Comics)

WB: Academics at the school (X-Men: Marvel Comics)
WB: World's Reactions To Events Of Inferno (X-Men: Marvel Comics)
WB: Theology With Existence of Gods and Demons (X-Men: Marvel Comics)
WB: Sinister's Contributions To Medical Science (X-Men: Marvel Comics)
WB: Mutant Rights Development In Regard To Xavier's Many Scandals (X-Men: Marvel Comics)
WB: Mutant Research Papers (X-Men: Marvel Comics)

Original Character(s) (X-Men: Marvel Comics)
Mutants With Magic Based Powers (X-Men: Marvel Comics)
Mutant Animals (X-Men: Marvel Comics)
Any or No Characters (X-Men: Marvel Comics)

In-Universe Meta


  • What sort of papers do mutant academics and Mr. Sinister put out? Do all their things have to do with mutants?

  • Sinister has civilian identities - what has he done, one way or the other? Do other doctors suspect?

  • I would love to see something involving a research paper involving mutants. Like 'effects of teleporting tomatoes' or 'telepathy and that moment where you go through a door and forget what you were doing just then'

  • There are various mutants with magic powers - Magik is a really notable one. How do they relate to the rest of the world? Mutants like Dani Moonstar become valkyries and work with the gods. How does that work with her own religion, which has also been shown in comics to be true. What is religion like fo mutants when they can become gods and when everything has been proven to be true?

  • What is it like trying to be an academic fighting for mutants when your presumed patron or at least one of the biggest names in mutant rights, Charles Xavier, sometimes turns into a supervillain named Onslaught and keeps training teen paramilitary groups?

  • Mutant animals - How do they mesh with everything else? Mr. Sinister's wb tag here is especially important.

Fandom: Midsomer Murders

WB: Theories on the murder rates of Midsomer (Midsomer Murders)

Original Character(s) (Midsomer Murders)
Any or No Characters (Midsomer Murders)

In-Universe Meta


Listen, a lot of people die in Midsomer. A lot. There was one episode with like 7 deaths and 7 murderers. What's up with that? Is something going on there? Only one of Tom's sidekicks ever seemed to notice that there was too many people dying and that just lasted one episode. Related: You ever notice how many people seem to go insanely, murderously, devotional over their lordly bosses? I wonder if it's related.

If you want to write this like a monogram from another genre or like a paper or a mystery, those would be cool but I'm open to any idea you have!

Fandom: The Rescuers (Movies)

WB: Interaction with other rodent populations (The Rescuers)
WB: Famous Rescue Cases (The Rescuers)
WB: Exploration of convergent mouse societies (The Rescuers)

Original Character(s) (The Rescuers)
Any or No Characters (The Rescuers)

In-Universe Meta


  • I love mouse societies! Rescuers, Basil of Baker Street, Tale of Despereaux, mice living alongside us in a very similar way. And some of them even involve other types of rodents (like rats) - I'm curious about expansions on their worlds.

  • Rescuers belong to an organization devoted to well, rescuing. What else have they done? What are one of the Big Ones, or one of the Silly Ones? Please no sad ones.

  • Sidenote: I'm very fond of hamsters.

Fandom: Pocket Monsters | Pokemon (Main Video Game Series)

WB: Lives of Legendary Pokemon (Pokemon Main Video Game Series)

Original Character(s) (Pokemon Main Video Game Series)
Any or No Characters (Pokemon Main Video Game Series)

In-Universe Meta


My favourite thing about the pokemon movies is how they focus on legendaries, including really getting into their lives and feelings like Volcanion in Volcanion and the Mechanical Marvel.

And there's so many little pieces in the videogames that can be used for this - Darkrai and the little boy, Ho-Oh and the burning tower, Mew's adventures in general. I'd love to hear a legend or stories or a character of yours meeting a legendary and hear about their lives or adventures. I'm particularly fond of Cresselia and the Swords of Justice, but there's no legendary pokemon I dislike. Or any 'regular' pokemon either, if you want to include them. (I love Absol, Marowak, Phantump, Zigzagoon, and Honedge)
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Hi! I'm Rosencrantz on ao3 and thank you for reading my letter!

EDIT 1/9/2018: New prompts in Overwatch and Original!


  1. Overwatch

  2. Original Fic

  3. Father Brown (2013)

  4. X-Men: The Animated Series

Let's just jump into the letter! I have specific likes and dnws for each fandom. I look forward to my piece of chocolate!


  • Doomfist: The Successor | Akande Ogundimu/LĂșcio Correia dos Santos (Overwatch)

  • LĂșcio Correia dos Santos/Reinhardt Wilhelm (Overwatch)

Likes: Lucio being short, adventure, stuff about concerts, cooking, stuck together in a canadian shack.
DNWS: Non or dubcon, slavery, underage, excessive gore, death of any nominated character. Also please only kinks I ask for.


Hockey stuff with Lucio!
ADVENTURE and imagination with Reinhardt!
Doomfist being Doomfist and Lucio being bright and shiny.

Small prompt from chat:

Lucio likes hockey. They can go to future!Boston Pizza and a hockey game!

"it's the canadian experience"
"what's boston?"
"It was turned into an Omnium" (there really is a chain in Canada called Boston Pizza, so named because the founder thought that the city Boston led an authority to the name. Boston's actual pizza attributes weren't considered, I think)


Real missions instead of the capture of the flag games! Lucio concerts! Lucio joining Overwatch! Reinhardt being his tour guide. Doomfist trying to get him to switch alliances or just go with Doomfist in general.

Music exchanges! I enjoy Reinhardt's bit about Hasselhoff being the classics.

If you prefer, you can use the glory and honor version of Reinhardt who I point out has amazing hockey hair.

I would prefer no harm comes to Lucio, even when dealing with Doomfist. Thank you!

NEW PROMPTS: Magic/fantasy/historical AU with Bard!Lucio and Warrior!Reinhardt or Warrior!Doomfist or King!Doomfist and quests and adventures and makeouts. You can do it with all three if the idea pleases you!

Maybe Lucio is like one of those DnD bards, with magic songs and such.

ALSO: Frog!Prince Lucio and Reinhardt as the blustery king who ends up having to keep his promise to the frog that retrieved something for him. Or Doomfist as the grumpy prince.

Original Fic

  • Superhero's Ghost/Same-Sex Villain Who Killed Them

  • Sorcerer/Sentient Book of Spells

  • Superhero/Man Who Looks Just Like Him Who Is A Reporter

  • Queen of Magical Land of Rainbows and Happiness/Evil Sorceress Who Kind Of Digs It Despite Herself

  • Princess Ghost/Tour Guide At Her Castle

  • Fairy Prince/Goblin Princess

  • Elf Prince/Orc Princess

Likes: Good times, exploration of concept, spooooky ghosts, funny ghosts, timeloops, arranged marriage, pining.
DNWS: Non or dubcon, slavery, underage, excessive gore, death of any nominated character (that isn't a ghost). Also please only kinks I ask for.


Okay, we've got kind of a gamut here. Like, the ghosts? The superheroes? The sorcerers? Timeloops! Weird 'I'm kinda into this!' revelations. Trying to fix what's wrong! Confused makeouts! 'I guess I can!' makeouts. Ghost stories! Being 'I'M NOT LEAVING' from say, the dead heroes or the book of spells.

Now for the royalty, arranged marriage that turns to love Is A Thing I enjoy in fiction. I would especially like the orc and goblins to be treated with respect. Especially for the inventiveness of goblins and the strength and honour of orcs.

Except in the very specific gender combo tags, I'm happy with any gender pairings.


Superhero's Ghost/Same-Sex Villain Who Killed Them: is the Superhero getting revenge via haunting? Is the Superhero trying to save the soul of the villain? Is the villain trying to revive the hero and make up for what he/she/they did? Is the ghost sassy? How does ghost sex work, if there's ghost sex? I'm cool with no-touchy.

Sorcerer/Sentient Book of Spells: I love talking books! A lot. And maybe certain spells take certain shapes and personalities. Maybe it's a story of the wizard getting to know the book as time passes, from apprentice to aged sorcerer.

Superhero/Man Who Looks Just Like Him Who Is A Reporter: this has the potential to be a comedy, or mindscrewy. What IS the superhero's actual identity? Are they actually the reporter in a timeloop? Is this selfcest? Is the Superhero an alien who patterned himself off the reporter? Does the reporter find the Suphero's real identity via being blocked from a dating app for multiple accounts?

Queen of Magical Land of Rainbows and Happiness/Evil Sorceress Who Kind Of Digs It Despite Herself: Is the queen brightness and sunshine? Is she oblivious to the evil of the sorceress? How long has she been queen? Is she a dragon? Is the sorceress a dragon? No harm to dragons please. How does the sorceress start to enjoy herself amongst the rainbows? Is the queen sassy? Does, at any point, anyone get chased by an angry unicorn?

Princess Ghost/Tour Guide At Her Castle: When does the tour guide become aware of the princess? When does the princess become aware of the tour guide? Where does the princess haunt? How do they get together? How do they stay together? What do they talk about? Is the ghost of the princess part of the tour? Does the tour guide want to help the princess move on? What's their story? Is the tour guide also a ghost?

Fairy Prince/Goblin Princess: Is the fairy prince finicky? Does he steal babies? Does he assume that he's going to give away his and the goblin princess's and switch it out for a human baby? What about his allergy to iron? Is he honoured to marry the goblin princess or do goblins have a fearsome reputation? What sort of things does the princess invent? How does she get him involved? What is a goblin wedding like? Can the prince fly? Does the princess make wings to fly with him?

Elf Prince/Orc Princess: Are elves totally aloof? Do they win via trickery and magic? Do orcs work on honour and strength? Can the princess bench press the prince? Is she disappointed that he's half her mass? Does she teach him what honour is, or refuse to deal with him until he learns it? Does he teach her magic? How do their lifespans align? How do they fall in love? How does he feel about finding out that his wife's giant guns and sick abs make her the the hottest orc in town?

Father Brown (2013)

  • Father Brown/Sid Carter (Father Brown 2013)

Likes: is celibacy kink a thing? If it is, I want that. Sid being protective of Father Brown.
DNWS: Non or dubcon, slavery, underage, excessive gore, death of any nominated character. Also please only kinks I ask for. Mentions of church abuse.


I enjoy how Sid could be construed as kind of (shady) knight figure for Father Brown. He physically protects him, helps him any way he can, and is always there to back him up. I enjoy Father Brown's mischievousness/inability to not poke his nose into things/sweetness.

I also would prefer if you keep this celibate.

If you can also somehow explain to me how somehow all of England is Catholic in the Brownverse, that'd be great too.

X-Men: The Animated Series

  • Remy LeBeau/Logan (X-Men The Animated Series)

  • Remy LeBeau & Jubilee & Storm (X-Men The Animated Series)

  • Nightcrawler/Logan (X-Men The Animated Series)

  • Rogue & Nightcrawler & Mystique (X-Men The Animated Series)

Likes: Tired/grumpy Wolverine, woodsy Wolverine, Canadian shackfic, adventurey stories, Gambit being a living disaster, Nightcrawler exploring the world, family type stuff with the &s.
DNWS: Non or dubcon, slavery, underage, excessive gore, death of any nominated character. Also please only kinks I ask for.


Listen, most of what I want is them acting in-canon settings from the cartoon but you have my total blessing and permission to write 'the worst/funniest family dinner/birthday dinner for Mystique's family'. You may include Graydon, Sabretooth, and DEFINITELY Destiny. I don't recall if she was in the cartoon but please, feel free to add her.

Now, what I really enjoy about Gambit and Storm in the *comics* is that they often have a brother/sister type relationship. And what I noticed in the cartoon is that sometimes Gambit sometimes acts like Jubilee's annoying big brother. If you could somehow give me a fun fic around these concepts (even including it with, say, Gambit/Wolverine) I would be quite happy!

Gambit/Wolverine is a pairing that's near and dear to my heart because it's actually what introduced me, a small bi, to the concept of slash and characters even being queer. In a 'gosh, Gambit's standing really close to Wolverine in that picture!' followed by 'OH MY GOD IS THIS LEGAL?' (this was the 90s) but that doesn't mean that it's easy to screw this up for me - actually it means the opposite. I pretty much can't get enough of this pairing! I enjoy human disaster Gambit and cranky competent Wolverine a lot and if you can put them in any situation you want and make them at least kiss, I'll be very happy.

Also if you do the Canadian Shack idea, I am fond of the trope that Gambit doesn't Cold Well.

Nightcrawler/Wolverine! Well! Nightcrawler doesn't get much screentime, does he? But I still really like him. I like him being on quests to find out about himself and the world and I like how Wolverine gets caught up in stuff and is a good ally and maybe this can lead to kissing. Or more. Not picky. I would like if you somehow included Nightcrawler's acrobaticness.
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For Yuletide 2016:

For The Wizard On The Run (2276 words) by Rosencrantz
Chapters: 2/2
Fandom: Howl Series - Diana Wynne Jones
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Howl Pendragon, Calcifer (Howl Series)
Additional Tags: Partnership, Backstory, Bonus Chapter: Unfinished First Draft

A quiet, if productive, moment early on in Howl and Calcifer's career.

For Worldbuilding Exchange:

Notes from the Pokedex (1165 words) by Rosencrantz
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Pocket Monsters | Pokemon (Main Video Game Series)
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Original Pokemon Trainer(s), Original Pikachu Character
Additional Tags: Diary/Journal, Backstory, Camping, Research, Epistolary

Where do Pokedex entries come from?

Experience. Painful experience.

For Once Upon A Fic Exchange 2017:

What Big Eyes You Still Have, Grandma (1633 words) by Rosencrantz
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Little Red Riding Hood (Fairy Tale)
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Grandmother (Little Red Riding Hood), Little Red Riding Hood (Fairy Tales)
Additional Tags: Worldbuilding, Backstory, Epilogue

You know, it seemed awfully plausible to Red Riding Hood that a wolf was her grandmother.

For Press Start - The 3rd Birthday:

Me, the new Mayor? That's a-Mayor-izing! (1394 words) by Rosencrantz
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: ?????? | Animal Crossing Series
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Mayor (Animal Crossing)
Additional Tags: Diary/Journal, Time specific jokes, Humor

Tricked into being the mayor of a bunch of talking animals? Keep a record.

For Alternate Universe Exchange:

The Wardrobe and the Wrong Turn (1229 words) by Rosencrantz
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Chronicles of Narnia - C. S. Lewis
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Peter Pevensie, Lucy Pevensie, Susan Pevensie, Digory Kirke, Edmund Pevensie, Mrs Macready
Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence, pevensies are adults, new ending

AU: Pevensies come back to our world as adults.

It wouldn't be easy, would it.

Talk It Out (1382 words) by Rosencrantz
Chapters: 2/2
Fandom: Jem and the Holograms (Cartoon)
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Jem | Jerrica Benton/Rio Pacheco
Characters: Rio Pacheco, Jem | Jerrica Benton, Synergy (Jem and the Holograms)
Additional Tags: Alternate Ending, Flashbacks, Therapy, Humor, Attempt to make sense of timeline

What if Jerrica had told Rio the truth during Gold and Glitter?

The Waiting Game (1455 words) by Rosencrantz
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Star Trek: The Original Series
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: James T. Kirk/Spock
Characters: Spock (Star Trek), Montgomery "Scotty" Scott, Leonard "Bones" McCoy, James T. Kirk
Additional Tags: Soulmate-Identifying Marks, Alternate Universe - Soulmates

You Won't Believe What This One Vulcan Did When The Vulcan Soulmark Database Didn't Have A Match For Him!

Original work:

Anih and the Ship (698 words) by Rosencrantz
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Original Work
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Original Female Character(s), Ghosts (Character)
Additional Tags: Jellyfish ghosts, bad archaeological practices, bad geologist practices, Curiosity
Series: Part 7 of Ghost Stories

When Anih finds a sunken ship during a survey, she decides she'll be the first to explore it.


This post is already pretty long but check out the gems that were given to me! Fandoms include Beast Wars, Beauty and the Beast, Animal Crossing, Pyramids by Terry Pratchett, Chronicles of Chrestomanci, and Goldilocks and the Three Bears )
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Currently going on in my life:

  • Art course at university. Enjoying coming up with drawings for my progress sketchbook.

  • I went for a month without a vehicle and thank the good lord the end of my street has a Tim Horton's.

  • Did a massive clean up/unpacking in my apartment because it's three years and I still had boxes.

  • I went to Minneapolis at the start of the summer to visit my friend Ann. We spent a lot of money. I didn't get food poisoning this time.

Since yesterday I've been hearing things falling in my apartment, but in areas where... there is nothing to fall.

So I'm going to be murdered by ghosts, I guess.
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Hello! Trick or treat!

I'm Rosencrantz on AO3 and these are my prompts!

Likes: I love ghosts, as you might as gathered from these prompts. I REALLY like ghosts. I like sweet ghosts, spooky ghosts, scary ghosts, sad ghosts, murder mystery ghosts, the whole nine yards!

If you want to give me fluff, I enjoy sweet playing stuff and jokes. If you want to give me a trick, I like scary! Either a traditional style scary story or creepypasta if you wanna try that! I'm not a fan of dark (torturey, rocks falls) or grimfic though.

DNWs: Rape, underage, slavery, incest, and major character death UNLESS they come back as a ghost.

My Little Pony 1984 Cartoon )

Original Work All Ghosts )

Pokemon Video Games )

Transformers Beast Wars )

Murder, She Wrote )

Midsomer Murders )

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Dear Yulegoat: Hi! I'm Rosencrantz on AO3 and I'm SO glad you're willing to write for me!

Likes: Happy endings, adventures, casefic, mysteries, ghosts, kisses, missing scenes.

Good with: Gen, F/F, M/M, F/M, and NB in any configuration with the others.

DNWS: Rape, underage, slavery, incest, and major character death.

On with the prompts! (NOTE: Most were taken from previous letters, formatting, phrasing may change due to the relentless march of time)

Phule's Company )


Fashion Star Fillies )


Murder She Wrote )


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Hi! I'm Rosencrantz on AO3 and I'm pleased that you're going to be writing for me! Thank you! Pleasure to meet you!

Likes: Adventure, mystery, family, humour.
Dislikes: Rape, incest, gore, underage, Sue Dibny being dead.

Let's get this party rolling.

FANDOM: X-Men: The Animated Series.

  • AU: Nightcrawler Joins The X-Men In His Intro Episode (X-Men: TAS)

  • AU: Mystique Raises Nightcrawler (X-Men: TAS)

  • AU: Wolverine Joins Starfleet (X-Men: TAS)

  • AU: Genderswap (X-Men: TAS)


  • Relationship: Wolverine/Nightcrawler (X-Men: TAS)

  • Nightcrawler (X-Men: TAS)

  • Wolverine (X-Men: TAS)

X-Men: TAS Prompts )

Fandom: DC Comics

  • AU: Sue and Ralph Dibny Run A Detective Agency Instead Of Being Heroes (DC Comics)

  • AU: Identity Crisis never happens (DC Comics)

  • AU: Soulmate AU (DC Comics)

  • AU: Wonder Woman Protects Gotham Before Batman Becomes Batman (DC Comics)


  • Sue Dibny (DC Comics)

  • Relationship: Batman/Wonder Woman (DC Comics)

DC Comics Prompts )

Fandom: MCU and TV

  • AU: Tony Was Kidnapped By Ultron At The Start Of The Movie (MCU and TV)

  • AU: Tony Stark Talks Ultron Out Of Going Nuts (MCU and TV)

  • AU: Sam and Steve With Eachother's Abilities (MCU and TV)

  • AU: Sam and Steve Are Retired (MCU and TV)

  • AU: Steve and Natasha Are Private Detectives (MCU and TV)

  • AU: Steve Is Put In Charge Of Recruiting Natasha To The Avengers (MCU and TV)


  • Relationship: Tony Stark & Ultron

  • Relationship: Steve Rogers & Natasha Romanov (MCU and TV)

  • Relationship: Sam Wilson/Steve Rogers (MCU and TV)

MCU and TV Prompts )

Fandom: Marvel Comics

  • AU: The Gambit Is Cyclops and Sinister's Clone From The End Miniseries In Main Canon (Marvel Comics)

  • AU: Mr. Sinister Goes Good And Becomes An X-Man (Marvel Comics)

  • AU: Matt and Jennifer Are Normal Lawyers Who Suddenly Get Superpowers (Marvel Comics)

  • AU: Patsy Walker Does Not Get Fired By She-Hulk (Marvel Comics)


  • Nathaniel Essex | Mr. Sinister (Marvel Comics)

  • Remy LeBeau | Gambit (Marvel Comics)

  • Scott Summers | Cyclops (Marvel Comics)

  • Matt Murdock | Daredevil (Marvel Comics)

  • Jennifer Walters | She-Hulk (Marvel Comics)

  • Patsy Walker | Hellcat (Marvel Comics)

Marvel Comics Prompts )

Fandom: Beauty and the Beast (1991)

  • AU: Shrek It Beauty Becomes A Beast (Beauty and the Beast)

  • AU: Girl Beast Girl Belle (Beauty and the Beast)

  • AU: Belle Is The Beast (Beauty and the Beast)

  • AU: Beast Never Changes Back (Beauty and the Beast)


  • Beast (Disney)

  • Belle (Disney)

Beauty and the Beast 1991 Prompts )
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Hi! I'm Rosencrantz on ao3 and it's a pleasure to meet you for the first time/see you again!

What I enjoy in stories about videogames: Mechanics from the games! It just adds a bit of a humourous/interesting element I really like. I enjoy seeing characters fleshed out and I enjoy adventures.

What I dislike: Rape, incest, underage, and gore.

Let's rock and roll!

The Sims (Video Games)


  • Group: Ophelia Nigmos/Johnny Smith (The Sims)

  • Nervous Subject (The Sims)

  • Olive Specter (The Sims)

  • Ophelia Nigmos (The Sims)


Group: Ophelia Nigmos/Johnny Smith (The Sims)
Ophelia Nigmos (The Sims)

(This prompt will double for the ship and for the single character nomination. Feel free to only write which one you prefer if this is what we match on!)

I shipped it. I made it happen multiple times. The girl from the haunted family, the boy from the alien with relatives all over Strangetown thanks to his questionable father. What happened? What kind of life do they forge? What's life like in university? And Ophelia's an orphan, on top of that.

What's it like for Ophelia growing up surrounded by ghosts? Raised by a woman who is most likely a serial killer? How does she interact with the ghosts? How does she feel when the inheritance goes to Nervous Subject? What's it like to have all this pathos and be a sim character in a completely weird game where you'll end up wetting yourself and passing out if there's a plate in front of you?

Nervous Subject (The Sims):

Is he the son of Death? How does he feel finding out about his mother from the inheritance? Why does he put up with being an experimental subject? He has so many weird personality points, what's that like? How would he fare if he moved to another sim world, like Dragon Valley or Midnight Hollow? Aw crap, those are sims 3 worlds. Don't feel obligated to use those, I only mean them for thematic. Like a magic based one, or a spoopy one.

Olive Specter (The Sims):

Is she a serial killer? Did she do the do with Death? How many people are in her backyard by her doing? What does her ghost get up to? How do you kill someone as a sim? What was it like losing Nervous and then raising Ophelia? What would she be like in a spooky noir setting as the focus of a mystery? Questions abound.

Animal Crossing Series


  • Interior Decorator Protagonist (Animal Crossing

  • Mayor Protagonist (Animal Crossing)

  • Tsunekichi | Redd (Animal Crossing)


Mayor Protagonist (Animal Crossing):

I always was amused at how he/she was trapped into being the mayor of a town of animals and wondered a lot of the time if it was going to end a la Summerisle. I'm not encouraging that, I'm just wondering if the mayor thought that too. Man, those animals are rude, aren't they? Or just weird. What does the mayor think? What does the mayor get up to? Who was the mysterious original mayor? Why are the animals so rude?

Interior Decorator Protagonist (Animal Crossing:

So artistic! So much freedom! So much weirdness they can get up to. What do they think about decorating for people who want, like, street fair aesthetics in their houses. Or having planets to decorate with. What about the bones or clearly cursed objects you can use? Do things go awry?

Tsunekichi | Redd (Animal Crossing):

I want to know about the antics of a fraudulent fox art dealer. What are his ties to the Tom Nook and his boys. Does he face competition? What's his deal with the interior decorator to provide with all that artwork?

Pocket Monsters | Pokemon (Main Video Game Series)


  • Bokurei | Phantump (Pokemon)

  • Group: Old Chateau Ghosts Butler & Little Girl (Pokemon)

  • Marowak's Ghost In Pokemon Tower (Pokemon)

  • Matsuba | Morty (Pokemon)

  • Pururill | Frillish (Pokemon)



Okay, these little dudes. Pokedex says they're the ghosts of children who got lost in the woods. You also encounter them (after completing the game?) in the first forest you go that's filled with newbie trainers. If you DO do a trainer that didn't make it on their first try, can you try to give a hopeful ending?


Jellyfish, in real life, have no organs, yet they live. Floating through the oceans like strange sea ghosts. I love the fact the first water/ghost was based on a jellyfish. I'd love to see something with a shipwreck or frillish appearing to sailors or something nautical.

Marowak's Ghost In Pokemon Tower:

What a sad story! Please, give me the solution to this poor thing's problems. Does she see her baby again? Does a trainer help her? Feel free to use the game storyline, or even set it before that event! Or after! If you want to have the ghost interact with a trainer, OCs are totally fine with me! This applies to all the pokemon prompts, actually. OC if you gotta. But tell me in the notes so I don't tell someone about this cool trainer because I am easily fooled.

Group: Old Chateau Ghosts Butler & Little Girl (Pokemon):

WELL WELL. Items found in Old Chateau imply this is a murder mystery. So what happened? What's it like being a real ghost and dealing with ghost pokemon? Does the little girl have fun? Does the butler have to deal with rowdy gengars at the dinner table? What's the difference in nature, especially since some ghost pokemon are former humans.

Matsuba | Morty (Pokemon):

I love Morty! I love all the ghost trainers, but Morty's my favourite. I admit it was influenced by sone really nice fanart of him and Euisine and Morty's purple outfit. But he's so nice with his ghosts. I'd love to see what it's like being a ghost handler, or an adventure he had, or some happenings at his gym. Do his pokemon have names? How do you care for a ghost? Thank you!


Ghosts! All of these are ghosts with either already implied stories or interactions with ghosts or are ghosts themselves!

And just so you know, a plain ol' haunting or what it's like for a trainer to have one of these strange pokemon/or adventure/fight with Morty would also be totally acceptable!

Flight Rising


  • Group: Gladekeeper & Plaguebringer (Flight Rising)

  • Group: Gladekeeper/Icewarden (Flight Rising)

(I understand the DNW on gore will be hard with the Plaguebringer and I apologize)


Ever noticed that Tundras and Wildclaws look like they came from the opposite dragon? That's what started me on this pairing. Especially since ice and nature don't really go together so well in reality. What would such opposite, world creating forces be like? Why are their native dragons so similar? Why is Gladekeeper's jungle a murderfest? Why does Icewarden keep things in stasis?


Contentious sisters. But each with the same goal of creating powerful life. I know they're only sisters because they were created at the same time, but what if it was more? What if they really do have a sisterly bond? I've noticed that when Gladekeeper posts on the forum, she's very big on keeping the forests pure and is choosy about who can join nature. Is this because of her battle with Plaguebringer's... plagues? What's up with that. Mighty dragon battles also appreciated.

Super Mario Bros. (Video Games)


  • Group: Luigi/Bowser (Nintendo)


Okay! This is kind of an odd one! I understand! And I will tell you this is entirely the fault of someone I know on twitter posting Bowser/Luigi art and me being suggestible. Obviously I have nothing against Daisy, but the heart wants what the heart wants.

But here's some prompt ideas:

Kidnapping Peach goes wrong and then escalates into kisses.
Mario Kart rivalry. Kisses.
Tennis AU.
Trying to get to Mario? Kisses.
Ghost hunting! Kisses.

I hope this helps.


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