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Hi! I'm Rosencrantz on AO3 and thanks for reading my letter!

While I never gave any pairing preferences in my prompts, if you wanna hook people up with other characters or ocs, that's fine with me!

Likes: Adventures, happy moments, happy endings, for a lot of these a plotless scene if them just interacting would be totally fine too!, humour.

Dislikes; Non/dubcon, unhappy endings, underage wherein it's a relationship between an adult and a minor. I don't care if it's two teens dating eachother.

I hope I gave you enough to work with!

Hans, the Mermaid's Son
The Singing Rose
Thor's Wedding
Hansel and Gretel

Hans, The Mermaid's Son

Any Character

  • Hans: Mermaid Goku?

  • What sort of mermaidy things does he have going on?

  • What sort of life does his mother lead under the sea?

  • What sort of conversation do they have once Hans gets back with his tales of the surface?

  • What was it like raising Hans?

  • Another adventure for either of them?

  • Mermaid lore!

The Singing Rose

Youngest Daughter

  • Any missing scenes since this takes place over a long period of time.

  • Her life once she's ridiculously rich.

  • Her reactions.

  • What happened to her captor?

  • Just more of the story, please, I really like this one.

Thor's Wedding

Any Character

  • So what if the wedding had gone through?

  • What if Loki had been the one to pose as Freya?

  • What if Thor was unable to convince Thrym he wasn't Freya?

  • What if this was told like a sitcom?

  • What if Thor was telling it later with his version and Loki kept interrupting with another?

  • What if this was a romcom?

Hansel and Gretel

Any Character

  • One of the things I liked about Fables was the Witch takes Hansel in as an apprentice. Could you try this here?

  • What if they convince her NOT to eat them and instead they form a strange weird family?

  • What if the Witch is under a curse and they stop it?

  • I don't want them to end back up with their parents. Which doesn't mean the parents can't be in it.

  • Is the Step-Mother a witch sending food to the Forest Witch?

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