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This this this this this. Especially with the treachery of comics where I casually check the wiki page a few years later to find out they turned into a yeti and ate a Summer clone.

Right now for comics I am trying to finish the original Spider-Girl run (100 issues! pray for me), catch up on Unbeatable Squirrel Girl, Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur, Wasp, and finally finish More Than Meets the Eye. Also reading the old Claremont run of X-Men because it's delightful.

I have a Personal Opinion that the really huge comic runs should be compiled into omnibuses so it's not like 'well all you can get is these collections of storylines from series that were cancelled twelve issues in. You're not going to have any luck accessing all 200 issues of xComic'

They've been doing it for the really old ones, so I have hope that one day I'll be able to buy a hecking huge volume of like, 90s Legion of Superheroes. Princess Projectra was a HUGE PSYCHIC SNAKE in that one.
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