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Hi! I'm Rosencrantz on AO3 and this is my letter! Thank you for reading!

DNWs: Non/dubcon, underage.
Likes: Meta, ghost stories, mysteries, original characters, unexpected pov characters, humour.

Okay with: Pairings between adults or between teenagers (please no on-screen sex) if you want to include that in your story, ratings from g to mature. Character death. Meme images.


Murder on the Orient Express - Agatha Christie
Marvel (Comics)
DCU Pre-Flashpoint

Murder on the Orient Express - Agatha Christie


Any or no characters
Original characters


WB: Media reactions to the case

If you haven't read Murder on the Orient Express, please skip this request as it spoils the ending somewhat!



So, the case remains pretty much unsolved. Poirot makes his claims to cover the real killers, etc. But what does the news have to say about this? What sort of investigations happen? Do other people discover the connections of the people on the train? The victim to the dead child years before?

What if it was taken as a cold case thing like's in vogue these days - one of those true crime podcasts! Or a documentary! Or a conspiracy theory?

In-universe meta style would work very well for this, but also a traditional narrative would be just fine by me!

Marvel (Comics)


Any or no characters
Original characters


WB: Viral Memes (Marvel (Comics))
WB: Social Media For Metahumans (Marvel (Comics))
WB: Superpowered Animals (Marvel (Comics))

Okay, so this would be suited to Kamala or Doreen but I wanted to open it up to anyone you want - what's social media like in the Marvel universe? What sort of memes do you make when half the universe died at one point and alien invasions seem to happen every week?

What sort of social media presence to metahumans have? Activists like the X-Men, stars like the Fantastic Four, civil servant type things like the Avengers, you get the idea.

Maybe comparisons of how the designs of the characters have changed since their original appearances. 'Same Hawkeye? CHECK AGAIN' meme stuff.

I chose original characters for this for a reason - feel free to use canon characters, but if you want to explore this via an original character that's way cool with me.

Onto Superpowered Animals, there's the Pet Avengers but how prevalent are creatures like this in a universe where it feels like you get powers anytime a radioactive squirrel sneezes on you? Is there rescues for pets who developed powers beyond what their owners can take care of? Is there parts of England that have a lot more in common with Beatrix Potter books than in our world?

Sidenote: my favourite pet is the hamster, so no harm to hamsters please.

DCU (Comics) - Pre-Flashpoint


Any or No Characters
Original Characters


WB: Viral Memes (DCU Pre-Flashpoint)
WB: Tabloids and Metahuman Celebrities (DCU Pre-Flashpoint)
WB: Religion Since Divine Beings Are Provably Real (DCU Pre-Flashpoint)

Viral Memes: Much like the Marvel prompt, I want to see what kind of humour might exist in a world where so much weird shit happens. As well the addition of so many cybernetic entities in the DC Universe. In fact, at one point Metropolis itself was sentient (and made out with Jimmy Olsen) so there's stuff like that to consider.

Tabloids and Metahuman Celebrities: When I say tabloids, I mean things that range from the Weekly World News to the more sedate gossip rags. Some characters in the DC Universe (feel free to make up your own) like Fire and Booster have their own celebrity presence! What's that like? What sort of image considerations do they have?

Religion Since Divine Beings Are Provably Real: I'm an atheist because I don't believe in a higher power. But if Zeus himself was hanging out with the heroes, what the heck would I do then? I do not know. I would like to see what religion is like when so much divine power is very very real.

You may feel free to leave out the worldbuilding from Constantine with the neo-nazi angel, among other things.

Also what would theology debates be like when there's MANY religions that are clearly true and real?

Pokemon (Video Games)


Any or No Characters
Original Characters


WB: Non-Pokemon Ghosts (Pokemon (Main Video Game Series))
WB: Nature Documentaries (Pokemon (Main Video Game Series))
WB: Ghost Pokemon Made From Humans (Pokemon (Main Video Game Series))

All right! So in pokemon there's multiple ghost species that are either directly from humans or obliquely from humans (or wherever spiritomb got all those souls) and I'd like some insight (perhaps combined with the nature documentary tag) on what that's like? Is it just another form of evolution? Yamask clearly remembers its time as a human and cries over it.

Non-Pokemon Ghosts: In the game there's ghosts who are just... ghosts. The haunted house in Platinum is a great example, plus other encounters you make along the game. With this and the one above, I would love a straight up ghost story, meta, or any other form of exploration. I just love the topic!

Nature Documentary: Any pokemon of your choice, or even how people interact with pokemon, or just what a documentary is LIKE in the universe like what sort of considerations do you need to make, etc, or maybe even an enthusiast talking about them. I love all the pokemon, so you can focus on it however you like!

Looking forward to whatever you create!


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