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So this past few... years? Two years? I've started playing World of Warcraft and it is deeply addicting. Thankfully it hasn't interfered in my schoolwork because I haven't read my eight chapters this week for a totally different reason! It's called laziness!


I'm studying archaeology. I wanna dig in middens, man! I have 'THE GOOD STUFF!!' written behind that in my notes.

So last entry I mentioned I had a lot of comics to read to catch up on so today I spent a few hours reading comics! And those comics were the first issues of Silver Age Teen Titans and 80s Teen Titans! I didn't catch up on anything! I have come to discover Beast Boy was a lot more charming in the cartoon than he is at the current start of 80s Teen Titans. He even turns into a pig to emphasize his... particular character trait.

I'm accumulating a lot of neat pages and panels from my reading I'd like to share, but no idea where. I heard you could have subtwitter accounts but I just (while writing this) spend some time deep in the settings and discovered this may be the 'team' setting but it looked like a pain to set up.

Also found proof Batman smokes. At least, I assume that's what was in that pipe.

Date: 2019-01-12 08:33 pm (UTC)
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Yeeeeaaaaap. WoW is SUPER addictive, I say, as someone who has maxed out FISHING on main. Oy vey!


I was vaguely aware of Teen Titans in the 80s, but only as they crossed over with X-Men. "Balloon-Bod" Starfire... I quite liked her, and I dug that Beast Boy was a shapeshifter, as shapeshifters are my jam, but... too bad he was an arse, I guess. XD

Pipeweed! Whatever Gandalf was smoking...................


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