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Hello! Welcome to my Chocolate Box letter! I'm Rosencrantz on AO3 and I'm grateful you're reading this!

This pretty much contains just what is in my sign up, but in a handy easy to reference url!

Fic Likes: Romance, casefic, adventurefic, mysteries, ghost stories (I may not have prompted ghost stories in all of them, but if one comes to you, BY ALL MEANS), domestic, awkward situations dealt with humour.
Romance Likes: I'm fine with any rating from general to explicit! I really like reading about kissing and when it comes to sex I enjoy things that play with character differences and in places like walls and tables. I would prefer that you keep the anatomy to canon (so no a/b/o) and no watersports/scat. A bit of power dynamics is okay and I don't need negotiation.
DNWs: Non/dubcon, underage, and unhappy endings.

Onto the prompts!

  1. Overwatch

  2. Pokemon (Videogames)

  3. She-Ra: Princess of Power

  4. Lord of the Rings - Tolkien

  5. Marvel Comics

  6. DC Extended Universe

Fandom: Overwatch

Likes about this fandom: I like the big overthetop designs, the big personalities, and the cool powers. I also, you may have noticed, chose tall/small pairings. I'm a big fan of Lucio and his backstory and the odd details like his love of hockey. I love Reinhardt's boisterousness/nobility/knightness, and I love how assured Doomfist is.


Lúcio Correia dos Santos/Reinhardt Wilhelm (Overwatch)

- Bonding over music
- Adventure via music
-- Like Lucio riding in to save Reinhardt with a beat from one of Reinhardt's songs or some other neat use of Lucio's powerset.
- I'm big into their height difference
- Rescuing the other
-- I'm happy with Lucio wall skating to victory to Reinhardt's appreciation or Reinhardt sweeping in like a powerful knight to get Lucio out of danger.
- Recruiting Lucio
-- Bonus if it's Reinhardt himself that's the reason Lucio goes 'yeah, I'll sign on with you guys'
- Hockey
-- I really like how Lucio's into hockey.
- Hockey AU
-- You can feel free to use younger!Reinhardt from the short for the AUs.
- Something involving a pet frog (don't have sex with the frog)
- Knight/Rebel bard AU
-- Again feel free to use younger Reinhardt if you're doing an AU, but I like him either way

Doomfist: The Successor | Akande Ogundimu/Lúcio Correia dos Santos (Overwatch)

- Big into their height difference
- Akande's a big deal. Lucio's a celebrity. Meeting under contexts related to their situations?
-- Mostly I want stuff of Akande in a fancy suit description. Even if I enjoy his habit of having one in his costume.
- Trying to recruit Lucio and his sonic tech to Talon
-- But don't feel you have to have Lucio join Talon. Actually it would work better for me if he rejects it and somehow takes Akande out with him
- Akande trying out not being a villain
-- Maybe in a comedic sense of trying to prove he's not going to bash people through walls anymore and it's Not Quite Working.
- Prince/Rebel Bard AU
- Hockey
- Hockey AU
-- Seriously imagine Doomfist coming down at a player on the ice.
--- It can be a rec league and he can be a CEO in his spare time or something too.

Fandom: Pokemon (Videogames)

Likes about this fandom: I like how passionate the characters are! They all have big dreams and big declarations and it's a little cheesy but it all works for me! I enjoy when pokemon are involved in everyday scenarios too. I do not want Lysandre to win.


Matsuba | Morty/Minaki | Eusine (Pokemon)

- Chasing legends
-- What happens after Eusine finally makes contact with Suicine? Is it over for him? Is he relieved? Is he sad? How does Morty help him with how he feels?
- Chasing ghosts
-- Morty has his own pokeinterests and I'd like to see how the working together on that could lead to them getting closer.
- Funny ghost story
-- Ghosts in pokemon can be pretty funny. What if one of Morty's was trying to get them together but was doing it ghost style?
- Scary ghost story
-- Same deal. Ghosts can be terrifying in pokemon. What if Morty has to rescue Eusine from one?
- Making out in old ruins
- Finding Suicine
-- How does their journey go when they're not on screen?

Handsome | Looker/Dr. Platane | Professor Augustine Sycamore (Pokemon (Video Games))

- He may be called Looker, but that name probably applies more to Sycamore
- Mystery!
-- What if Sycamore's lab is involved in something odd? Oh like a giant red-headed guy who's planning to end the world. Or he stumbles into one of Looker's adventures and gets to play handsome damsel. "I knew he was trouble when he walked into my office. Face like the sun, too trusting by half."
- Investigations!
-- I like the idea of Sycamore wanting to get involved in something that might involve his pokemon.
- A follow up to that sad quest with the little girl where Looker goes in the end
-- I don't know how this would involve Sycamore, but just tossing it out there in case YOU can.
- Super Spy!

Fleur-de-lis | Lysandre/Dr. Platane | Professor Augustine Sycamore (Pokemon (Video Games))

- You notice how Lysandre basically goes 'I'm evil' over and over and Sycamore is like 'ah, you are so quirky!' please do something with how dumb Sycamore is.
-- I am very easily amused.
- Villain courting the pretty professor
- Did Lysandre have some plan to save those he cared for or just team Flare?
-- How can Sycamore convince him that humanity is worth saving?
- Fashion
- Sciencing together
- Sassing on the battlefield if Sycamore tries to take him on
- Why is Lysandre so damn tall? Also I like tall/small pairings.

Fandom: She-Ra: Princess of Power

Likes about this fandom: I love the aesthetic of sci-fi plus pastel barbarian and if you can lean into those two elements in the narrative, that would be great! I love how Adora was accepted right away by the Rebellion. I haven't finished watching the reboot yet but may have by the time the exchange goes live so if there's an element you really love from the new She-Ra, please feel free to include it unless it's an adversaries relationship between Glimmer and her mother. Otherwise I'm open.


Adora/Glimmer (She-Ra: Princess Of Power 1985)

- I'm happy with it as Adora or She-Ra or finding out Adora is She-Ra
- Troubles of leadership
-- The rebellion really relies on She-Ra AND Adora. How can Glimmer make her relax?
- Does Glimmer get wings eventually?
- Rescuing Glimmer
-- Especially if Hordak is like 'I could make you my new lieutenant!'
- Rescuing Adora
-- Either from the Horde trying to get one of their best soldiers back or from some other Eternia danger. Especially if Adora cannot transform into She-Ra for some reason.
- Talking relationship issues with scornful rainbow horse
-- I love how Swiftwind Swiftwind is.
- Adventure with romance on the side!

Adora/Bow (She-Ra: Princess Of Power 1985)

- I'm happy with it as Adora or She-Ra or finding out Adora is She-Ra
- Bow's past
-- He intrigues me
- Costume talk
-- Bow has the most delightful costume
- Rescuing Bow
-- Similar to above.
- Rescuing Adora
-- Similar to above
- Talking relationship issues with scornful rainbow horse
- Adventure with side-romance
- Archery lessons

Adora & Bow & Glimmer (She-Ra: Princess Of Power 1985)

- Adventure!
- Finding out Adora's secret
- Finally defeating Hordak
- Birthday party
-- Doesn't matter whose. Could even be Kowl's
- Discovering they're all single on some Eternia romance day and all going for snacks instead (that goes awry)

Fandom: Lord of the Rings (Books)

Likes about this fandom: One of my first fandoms! I loved it. It loved me. I enjoyed how Gimli and Legolas go from snippy to best friends (or more) for life and afterlife.


Gimli (Son of Glóin) & Legolas Greenleaf (LotR - Tolkien)

- Further contests
-- What else could they compete over? It doesn't have to be killing.
- What did they do on their journeys together?
-- Even a small adventure, like helping a cat out of a tree
- Building a boat to break into the West
- Old man Gimli
- Some untold adventure
- Beard braiding
-- Or elf hair braiding.

Fandom: Marvel Comics

Likes about this fandom: Baby's actual first fandom and first pairing. I'm not always up to date on what the comics are up to, so canon divergence is perfectly fine with me. If you're doing a big change though, please note it in the author notes so I don't mistake it for canon and look silly later because that's actually happened. In X-Men: The End, an alternate timeline, it's revealed Gambit is the clone of Mr. Sinister and Cyclops. If you want to incorporate that canon somehow into any of these ideas or one of your own, that would be awesome.


Remy LeBeau/Rogue (Marvel (Comics))

- Happy with this at any point in the continuity! Or even divergence!
- What if Antarctica went different?
- Little things you learn after getting married
- What if they'd met before Sinister manipulated Gambit into betraying the Morlocks?
- (AU) What if they were part of the New Mutants instead of the 90s X-men?
- Please feel free not to have them have sex/Rogue's powers still active - I was always rather touched how Gambit never seemed to care they couldn't touch
- Cooking contest
- Gambit's cats. I mean, no sex with the cats. But cat related stories.
- Danger room misuse.
- Something using Rogue's super strength

Remy LeBeau/Rogue/Wolverine (Marvel (Comics))

- AU where Remy and Rogue are part of Alpha Flight (feel free to translate them into Canadian equivalents of their southernness, like New Brunswick for Remy)
- AU where Rogue absorbed Gambit's mind totally to save him from true death and now they body share and are moving on with Wolverine
- Wolverine dealing with two disasters
- AU where they aren't married and they're originally both after Wolverine instead of each other
- Danger room misuse
- Gambit's cats (I don't know how 'Wolverine is stuck as a cat sitter leads to a threesome, but just throwing that out there Just In Case)
- AU where Gambit and Rogue are a pair of villains (Possibly led by Mystique or Sinister) and Wolverine seduces them to the light.
- As with most things with Rogue, don't feel like you need to make them have physical contact. I'm okay with sexless romance.

Fandom: DC Extended Universe

Likes about this fandom: I just watched the movies and BOY, Justice League was really fun! I like how it's kind of a fresh slate for canon/writing. For Clark, I would prefer if you change his relationship to Lois Lane to best friend instead of romantic. I want her to be a huge cornerstone of Clark's life, but not being cheated on.


Clark Kent/Bruce Wayne (DCEU)

- Bruce trying to do the paradise bird dance equivalent of seducing Clark rich man style.
- Clark has to bring himself legally back to life. Bruce helps
- AU Kara's ship lands and Clark adopts her instead of putting her in an orphanage like in the comics. Maybe he and Bruce raise her together because Alfred so very much wants a damn grandchild
-- 'Oh look, an orphan who can be my sidekick' 'NO'
- AU Clark writes a gossip column instead of investigative reporting but keeps wanting to make things about Batman anyway
- Bruce is determined to beat Clark at any challenge, eventually ends on board games
- Makeouts on rooftops
- Bruce gets a costume that isn't twice his body mass
- Clark loses his powers
- Bruce GAINS powers
- Something something using Clark's super strength or flight
- Cooking together.
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