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Hi! Welcome to my XXX_Change letter!

My AO3 name is Rosencrantz and I really appreciate you checking this out!

The X-Men is a sprawling cast, numbering in the hundreds. So here are some of my favourite non-nominated characters if you're looking for a cameo idea:

  • Maggott

  • Marrow

  • Cecilia Reyes

  • Domino

  • Skin

  • M

  • Gateway

  • Bishop

  • Beast

  • Destiny

  • Juggernaut

  • Black Tom

  • Banshee

  • Shatterstar

  • Rictor

  • Sunspot

  • Wolfsbane

  • Magik

  • Madelyne Pryor

  • Dazzler

  • Longshot

Likes: Casefic, adventurefic, characters having good times, romance, downtime, hijinks, happy endings.
Dislikes: Unhappy endings, darkfic, deathfic.

DNW: Non/dubcon, underage, and slavery.


The X-People (Earth 982)


Jubilation Lee

Notes: Yes, THIS timeline. Where apparently Tom Wolfe wrote an entire universe and I never realized it was all him! J2! Spider-Girl! Wild Thing! Anyway, I always loved the X-People side plot and wish they had gotten their own comic in this short lived timeline. So here it is, my favourite member!


  • Jubilee in the wake of the other X-Men sacrificing themselves to save the world

  • Jubilee deciding to form the new team

  • Copywriting the name 'X-People' and why

  • Original X-People team

  • Future X-People team

  • Jubilee's time as an Avenger

  • Wolverine's not dead, how about them interacting now that she's leader?

  • Jubilee realizing she's the adult now

You can feel free to include main universe stuff about her being a vampire and having that kid hanging around her but you'll have to add backstory because I'm afraid I'm not up to date on what's going on with her in current comics. Not DNWing it, just forewarning that I need exposition! Thank you.


X-Men: The Animated Series

Notes: What I like about the animated series is it's basically the comics, but with a lot of the darker edges and convolution cut out. I'm not against you including anything you think might enhance the story even if it comes from another X-canon.



  • Mission gone awry

  • Huddling for warmth

  • They end up in the savage land, not Xavier and Magneto

  • Misplaced valentines

  • Wolverine finds out via Rogue absorbing Gambit's mind YET AGAIN

  • Road trip

  • Laundry day


Logan & Jubilation Lee

  • Teaching Jubilee to drive

  • Camp counselor when Jubilee insists on going to a mutant or human sleepaway camp

  • Matchmaker

  • Holidays

  • Helping with homework

  • Sneaking off on a huge adventure to fight ninjas

  • Stealing the blackbird

  • Getting your first forged passport


Generation X (Comics)


Any (Jubilee, Skin, Synch, and Maggott)

Notes: I would like this set during the period of time where the team was active, or in an au where it didn't disband.


  • What if Maggott hadn't been written out in the same issue he appeared?

  • Team adventures w/Maggott

  • What if the team hadn't been disbanded/series ended?

  • What if Synch and Skin were still alive?

  • What if Jubilee ended up involved in a shady ebay deal involving a prank on Emma that lands the whole team in Madripoor with a stolen helicopter full of counterfeit beanie babies?

  • What if Skin and Synch decided to do a horror video as a project? Or Jubilee and Maggott? Or all four/different mix?

Do want: Maggott not written out (very optional, please feel free to put him in any of the prompts but don't feel obligated to learn everything or anything about a one-issue character/add him only if you want to). Team alive and well.


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