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Hello! My name is Rosencrantz (sort of) and I'm happy that you're looking at my letter! Hello hello.

Here are my likes, dislikes, fandoms, and prompts!

Likes: Adventures, casefic, fairy tales, kissing.

Formats I'm open to: Traditional prose, narrative poetry, in-universe texts (like, say, a news report on the BPRD), interactive fiction, and drabble sequences.

Dislikes: Unhappy endings.

Do Not Wants: Non/dubcon, underage, bestiality.

Fandom 1:

She-Ra: Princess Of Power


While I am only asking for the above three, I do not object if the other tagset characters (He-Man and Catra) appear. Also I very much want this to stay appropriate to the age it was made for because while I experienced this cartoon as an adult, I really love the pastel barbarian tone of the whole thing. No pairing prompted, but you can put them with anyone you please if you want to.

Please, don't put anyone in pants. DNW pants.


- Canon-typical adventure
- An exploration of a previously unanswered question, like why was the Red Knight so familiar?
- An ending to the series (happy)
- Discovery of Adora's secret
- Glimmer gets wings
- Bow needs rescued from Much Peril.

Fandom 2:

Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense

Kate Corrigan
Abe Sapien

I would prefer if you set this in the earlier parts of the comic, before the apocalypse storyline. I am a huge fan of when they face mythological creatures, to explore or fight. My favourite cryptids are the jackalope and the loch ness monster. My favourite fairytale is the Giant Who Had No Heart Inside His Body (right now anyway) if you want to somehow involve that. Or have them in any other fairy tale, especially a scary one.

While I did not ask for this as a pairing, if you wish to pair them up together or with other members of the BPRD, that is fine with me. I have no pairing DNWs for either.

Anything that really shows off Kate's historical knowledge would be a special treat, even if you make up the history.


- Any fairytale, like exploring the Pied Piper, Rumpelstiltskin, The Giant Who Had No Heart In His Body, The Boy Who Cried Wolf (But With Werewolves)
- Some sort of adventure that involves a talking raven sassing Abe and Kate
- Your favourite mythological monster
- Your favourite cryptid
- Underseas adventures with a shipwreck!
- Library adventures with a ghost!

Fandom 3:

Hellboy (Comics)


Very similar to above, would prefer before Hellboy's death as well as before the apocalypse. I would be happy with either of them on their own, if your idea does not include both together. Exploration or culmination of Hecate's attempts to marry Hellboy contrary to what happened in canon would also be enjoyed. As well, no pairing dnws if you want to put them with other people in the comics. I would love to see Hecate and Hellboy face Greek-specific myths and monsters. Perhaps even have Hecate be redeemed, in some way, like the third mermaid from that one story.


- Your favourite fairytale to be investigated
- Your favourite monster to be fought/befriended
- Your favourite cryptid to be fought/befriended
- Hellboy and Hecate get hitched
- Hecate becomes more than a defeated villainness
- Hellboy doesn't die
- Hellboy comes back somehow with Hecate's aid
- Hecate never merged with a nazi

Fandom 4:

Risen som ikke hadde noe hjerte på seg | The Giant Who Had No Heart in His Body - Asbjørnsen & Moe


The Giant
The Giant's Princess

This is my current favourite fairytale because of how much I like the idea of hiding your heart to become immortal. Storywise, I really enjoy how the giant calls the princess darling and seems to truly believe she adores him so much to honour his heart that he eventually tells her where it's hidden. I am not asking for romance of them, but I am asking for awkward roommate fiction, among other prompts. I would appreciate it if she does like Boots, if he shows up in the story.

The version I am most familiar with is the SurLaLune site's copy of the story.


- How the princess ended up with the Giant
- A day in the life of being a Giant's Princess
- Roommate troubles
- How many odd things does the Giant's garden have?
- What is a giant, exactly?
- Other attempts to escape

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Please, don't put anyone in pants. DNW pants.



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