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Hello! I hope this fulfills my invitation to check my letter out for more ideas!

My name on ao3 is Rosencrantz and it's a pleasure to be written for!

Trick likes: SPOOKY, ghosts, found footage, shivery stuff. Happy endings.
Trick dislikes: Sexual violence.

Treat likes: Fluff and very happy endings. Ghosts. Funny.
Treat dislikes: Hyperactive crack (as opposed to just a weird situation)

DNWS: Non/dubcon, underage.

She-Ra: Princess Of Power



- What if She-Ra's sword was a curse, instead of a blessing? What if it's like Honedge from pokemon, sapping at her soul?
- What if she'd never been freed from Hordak?
- What if she'd overthrown Hordak to take his place?
- What if she ran into a ghost in the forests of Eternia?
- What if she became a ghost?
- What if her friends became ghosts?

- What if, through tragedy, Glimmer had to become queen?
- What if Hordak had kidnapped and raised Glimmer too?
- What if Glimmer ran into a ghost, maybe by the ocean?
- What if She-Ra fell and Glimmer had to take up her mantle?
- What if growing wings like her mother wasn't such a great thing?

- What if the Red Knight challenged him again... for keeps?
- What if Catra or Hordak really damsel in distressed him?
- What if he ran into a ghost, maybe one of his old freedom fighting allies?


- What if she and Glimmer were dating?
- What if she and Bow were dating?
- What if she ran into a friendly ghost in the forests of Eternia?
- What if she succeeded and went home to her old family?
- What if she had never been kidnapped?
- What if she had never been kidnapped and ended up involved in saving Eternia anyway?

- What if she and Adora were dating?
- What if she and Bow were dating?
- What if she ran into a friendly ghost?
- What if Eternia was saved and she became queen?
- What if she got a unicorn?
- What if she was the chosen hero of Eternia?

- What if he convinced Catra to turn good?
- What if he was dating Adora?
- What if he was dating Glimmer?
- What if he had a unicorn?
- What if he ran into the friendly ghost of an old comrade?
- What if, through a series of events, was He-Man for a day? Or She-Ra, whichever.

World of Warcraft (MMORPG)

Note: Please feel free to use any player character of yours you'd like, all I ask is they don't have a name like Weedeater69. I like dwarves and trolls best even if my main is a night elf.

Prince Farondis
Nigel Rifthold
Lynn Sweet
Abby Lewis


- How does Nigel get his bloody heart?
- Smoochums was the witch all along

Prince Farondis
- What if he wasn't a friendly ghost?
- What if his spirit became corrupted by Azshara?

Nigel Rifthold
- How did he get Smoochums' bloody heart?
- What if he unearths something... sinister

Lynn Sweet
- What would she do to get her father back?
- What if she took up the mantle of a witch after she grew up?

Abby Lewis
- WAS Abby dead those weeks?
- Was Abby a witch?
- Was Abby a meat puppet for a witch?
- Was Abby a ghost?
- How do her tea parties usually go?


- A nice afterlife as a cat ghost, going on adventures (maybe he teams up with Wellington and Mr. Bigglesworth?)
- Revenge

Prince Farondis
- Saving his people
- Why he doesn't like puddles
- Sure, ship him with someone if you wanna. I can't think of any pairing DNWs for Farondis

Nigel Rifthold
- I was charmed by how he tried to pay to dig among the Troggs. What sort of successes would he have in the future?
- A non-evil way for him to have gotten Smoochums heart
- Friends with Lynn Sweet

Lynn Sweet
- We don't KNOW that was her dad we found in that basement, the body isn't labeled or clickable. I'm just saying. Happy family reunion?
- Reuniting with her mom
- Safe once her town is cleared of evil

Abby Lewis
- Escapes the witch? She's kind of a living trick, sorry.


LĂșcio Correia dos Santos
Doomfist: The Successor | Akande Ogundimu
Reinhardt Wilhelm (Overwatch)

Notes: I ship both Lucio/Doomfist and Lucio/Reinhardt but this is character matching exchange, not a ship exchange, so I will only be prompting for characters. But please feel more than free to write me shipfic.


- Talon agent
- His father's ghost being held with the same sonic technology he created
- Ghosts in the music
- Ghosts of the people he couldn't save fighting Vishkar

- Wakes up and finds himself an Overwatch agent
- Surviving zombies
- Survival horror in general ideas for him

- Someone had a headcanon that he was actually a ghost inhabiting his suit and no one knew because no one had checked up on him.
- He was the one who died, not his pal and he haunts the castle in Germany


- Communicating to a ghost who's into sick beats
- Hockey AU
- Lucio Ball commentary

- Wakes up one day as an Overwatch agent and no idea how or why
- Talon team building exercises
- Trying to cook in a little kitchenette

- When he got Bridgette as his squire
- Anything with Torbjorn's family in general
- Finding out all his friends were just faking their deaths
- Drinking contest and arm wrestling


Kate Corrigan
Abe Sapien

Trick AND Treats

Kate Corrigan
- GHOST FOLKLORE AND ENCOUNTERS AND HER KNOWING HER HISTORY and oh boy if you take a classic ghost story and write me Kate investigating it, I'll be happy.
- Fairy folklore and Kate
- When Kate was new and learning the ropes

Abe Sapien
- Same deal as Kate's prompts.
- Lake cryptids.
- I'm happy with cute classic Abe and New Not As Cute Abe, so feel free to use either era.


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