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Hello! Thank you for writing for me! I am Rosencrantz on AO3.

Things I enjoy in a story: Romance, gen, adventure, missing scenes, explanations (are you familiar with the Marvel No-Prize? It's where you come up with a plausible reason for a confusing bit of canon), humour (sitcommy style, not crack style), and families. Especially unrelated but now we are family, family.

Do Not Wants: Non/dubcon, underage, slavery.

Permissions: If you want to try something neat, like IF, go for it! Also I am happy with ratings from general to explicit.

Emperor's New Groove



  • Yzma raised Kuzco. How did THAT go besides him being a terror? Did she try to use the equivalent of a parenting book back then?

  • Yzma has a regular stream of young male assistants like Kronk. What were the rest like? What kind of boss is she like when she's not turning the prince into a llama?

  • What if Kuzco had gotten married? What if he'd became another animal? What if he hadn't driven Yzma to betray him? What if he had a fairy godmother like Cinderella?

  • What if Yzma was actually the world's worst fairy godmother?

Notes: I've never seen the show or sequels

The Little Mermaid



  • I wasn't going to ask for this until I suggested the idea of Yzma as fairy godmother above and so... Ursula as Ariel's fairy godmother?

  • I would also like to bring to the attention of the writer: Triton/Ursula.

  • Since this is just for the first movie, not the cartoon or the sequels, that means that Ariel's mother does *not have to be* her canon mother! It could be Ursula! Just throwing that out there.

  • What if Ariel wasn't into anthropology? What if she was into deep sea exploring? What if it took place in the present?

  • What are some of the best soul heists Ursula has pulled?

  • What is it like being a single father to an army for Triton?

  • I have to confess Triton is one of my cartoon crushes.

Notes: I AM familiar with the cast of the cartoon and sequel movies, though, if you want to include them feel free!

Sleeping Beauty

Aurora | Briar Rose


  • Aurora grew up in the woods raised by fairies. What was that line? What sort of adventures did she have as a child? How did her blessings help her out?

  • What if she'd grown up in the castle instead of away in the woods? What if she'd been with her parents and known Philip?

  • I didn't ask for Maleficent and the live action movie covered her as a fairy godmother, but since I asked for that with the other ones, why not here? If you want to use Maleficent as a fairy godmother prompt, you have my encouragement.


Any Character (Hades, Hercules, Megara, The Muses)


  • Hear me out. Fairy godmother Hades. To Hercules. To Megara. I don't care.

  • Muses: Day in the life, famous inspirations, modern day, helping people write the versions of the myths we know.

  • Megara/Hercules: what is their life ever after like? Does Pegasus ever like her? Does she become a hero too? Does she become Hercules' agent? Do they retire to a small farm where Hercules raises the barn singlehanded?

  • Hercules: What's it like to have a set of four loving parents for his stories instead of what happened in the real myths? What are adventures that happened to him as a kid? What's he like as an old man hero? What about when he finally goes to Olympus? Does Megara become a goddess too somehow?

  • Megara: *points up* In the end, does she become a goddess too somehow? Megara, goddess of sass? What sort of work did she do for Hades before she ended up caught in Hercules' adventure? Can it be noir style?

  • Hades: What if he and Zeus were switched? What if he took a positive role to making his kingdom less of a pain in the ass for him? What if he'd succeeded? What if and Megara had a (consensual) thing?

  • Do you think anyone notices the singing women behind them all the time?


Any Character (Cinderella, Anastasia Tremaine, The Prince, Fairy Godmother)


  • What if... there was no fairy godmother?

  • Cinderella: What if she and her step-sisters had found common ground against Lady Tremaine? (this is only for the first movie, but I am taking inspiration from Anastasia's heel turn in a sequel and Cinderella saying she wished she had been friends with her step-sisters in Sofia the First) What if Lady Tremaine had loved Cinderella?

  • Please, I'm begging you, give the prince a name.

  • What if Anastasia married the prince? What if the godmother was her godmother?

  • What if the godmother was the prince's?

  • What if the prince didn't have face blindness?

  • What if Anastasia and Cinderella had set off to seek their fortunes instead of needing marriage as a rescue from Lady Tremaine? What if the godmother helped with that instead?

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