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Canada day came and went with me not seeing a single firework because I was too lazy to get up and look out the window. The cat remains unimpressed with the foibles of humanity.

Last month I began a project to do a drawing and story idea a day and so far I've made it a whole 5 days! That's like finishing the project perfectly! Good game. No need for me to ever mention this again.

I keep seeing memorials to people on the internet and thinking about my own mortality. When I inevitably die in some stupid way, I'd like to be remembered for how I was: Tired, eating like a raccoon, and in my pajamas pretty much 24/7.

Update on the mosquito discouraging plants: It's working. It's working! I can go outside without becoming more mosquito than man! This is great for such activities as eating creamsicles and watching the cat tie me to a chair with her leash.

We have marigolds in the front (apparently they work?) and the backyard is so many different kinds of mint. Next year we're adding lavender and lemon grass. If this was in the previous entry, I apologize, my life isn't very exciting and that's by design.
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