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Jul. 4th, 2018 10:25 am
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Hi! I'm Rosencrantz on AO3 and thank you for reading my letter!

What I like: Plotty, short to super long fics, adventures, playing with canon, funny and serious takes, any rating. Spooky! Scary! Exciting! Romantic! Peaceful! Any of these elements are great with me. Happy endings!

DNWs: Underage (teens dating is fine), Non/dubcon, or slavery.


I love X-Men. It was my first fandom. But I also haven't read X-Men closely in almost a decade. I kind of keep up, but it means I'm fuzzy on a lot of the details. So for all these X-Men prompts, I want you to bear in mind that you can feel free to use as much or as little canon detail as you want in service of the story. And I'm perfectly happy with you bringing in non-nominated characters, because the cast is too huge to even begin to know who would fit a plot.

My main 'era' was the 2000s X-Men, but that doesn't mean that's the era you have to stick to.

Please identify if you make OCs in the tags or notes though, because I have a bad habit of going 'oh yeah, this character seems totally plausible I bet they have years of comics behind them'. That said, OCs are fine with me! Go for it.


  • Scott Summers

  • Jean Grey

  • Remy LeBeau

  • Mr. Sinister


  • The End's Gambit Is Sinister & Scott's Clone At Gambit's First Appearance

The only part about The End's timeline I cared about was the revelation that Gambit was cloned from Mr. Sinister and Scott Summers to serve as a body for Mr. Sinister. Then the baby napping multiple times happened to Gambit.

And I thought, gosh, I'd like this in the main timeline.

Heck, I'd love it if it was in Gambit's first actual appearance, with the storyline with Storm and him meeting up with the X-Men.

How do they find out Gambit's genetic relationship to Scott? How does Scott feel? How does the plot change if Mr. Sinister is after Gambit still for his body? Or is Mr. Sinister settling for seeing how the genetics work out because Gambit's no longer going to serve that purpose?

In the 2000s, there was a letter asking how old Gambit and Rogue were and the editor responded that Gambit and Rogue were in their late teens/early twenties. While this seems blatantly false, you might want to work with a younger Gambit in this story to make things more awkward for older Scott.

Do they fight Sinister? Do they end up in really awkward situations for a potential humour fic? How does Gambit relate to the other X-Men when he's technically not some stranger?

For potential plot hooks that you can have them doing, why not send them to the Savage Land? Or bring in the mutant school idea sooner? What if you use the Xavier's Haunted Mansion idea from below?

If you want to write romance for this, I'm on board for Scott/Jean, and my preferred pairings for Gambit are Rogue or Wolverine. And for platonic, I've always enjoyed a sister and brotherly sort of thing with him and Storm and Jubilee.

More on Sinister's involvement: My favourite part about Mr. Sinister is he's such a shipper of Scott and Jean, but this implies another option where he's like 'but what if me?' although I know it was just to steal Gambit's body to use as his own.

I prefer this not end with Gambit's body stolen by Sinister.

It would be a bonus to me if you included Gambit's physical mutation, his eyes, in some significant way.


  • Jubilee


  • Jubilee Ends Up Leading Future X-Men Team Like In MC2

In the MC2 timeline, Jubilee ends up as leader of the 'X-People', a name which I totally encourage you to keep. She had a team but it's up to you if you want to use them, I'd be just as happy if you used kid!mutants from the current timeline as adults, that team, or even a set you made up yourself.

So what sort of things does she do as leader? Who's still on the team? Is Iceman still their accountant? How often does the mansion get destroyed? What sort of new villains does she face? Who is she having X-Men Love Drama with? Is she still a vampire? Is this a timeline where the vampire thing never happened? Is this a timeline so far branched the X-men are still in Australia?

Possible ideas: Go to space, savage land, danger room session gone rogue, Marrow is second in command, extra bonus level: Maggott is second in command, somehow the Next Generation Of Heroes includes an Edgy Teen Mr. Sinister? What's mutant rights like in he future? Does Jubilee campaign like Xavier did? Where is Xavier? Did he get thrown out in this timeline like current comics, or did he stay a patriarch to the mutants?

But I'm happy with a character study, a summary of events, or a straight up adventure. Except for the three characters I mention as possible team members, I have no real request for who might be on the team and you don't even have to consider those ones either.

Remember Everything Changes in X-Men every six months so she can be a brain in a sentinel body by that point and it'd still be in line with X-Men canon.

If you want to do romance with Jubilee, I only request it not be with Wolverine or Gambit. Otherwise please go for it. Slash or het.


  • Illyana Rasputin

  • Kitty Pryde

  • Sal Buscema Era New Mutants (Cypher, Sunspot, Cannonball, Warlock, Magma, Mirage, Wolfsbane)


  • Xavier's Mansion Haunted By All The Dead Team Members

  • Kitty and Illyana are Ghost Hunters

Now, as I understand it, when Sal Buscema worked on New Mutants the cast was: Cypher, Sunspot, Cannonball, Warlock, Magma, Mirage, Wolfsbane, and Magik. If this cast list isn't exact, I apologize for mistagging and you may feel free to use the correct one.

Two AUs here that can easily be combined, if you so choose.

First one: Kitty and Illyana are NOT superheroes in a questionable child paramilitary force, they are ghost hunters! Reality tv? Government? Private business? Called to it by Illyana's magic? Called to it by Kitty being a ghost herself instead of her ability to pass through walls being a mutant ability? And obviously the New Mutants are their posse/friends/fans/crew/competition. OR they're the ghosts!

Are they filming a show? Are they stopping a mass haunting like they had to do in Inferno? Are they doing a favour for an old friend?

Second one: Xavier's Haunted Mansion. A lot of X-Men have died. Cypher comets to mind immediately. What if these dead X-Men haunted the halls of Xavier's mansion? Is it a gothic story? Is it a thriller? Is it a sad spooky one?

Cypher's ability was communication. Can he talk from beyond the grave? Or can he talk to the grave? Can Warlock find a technological way to do this? Was Magma a priestess of death in her weird roman amazon culture?

What sort of ghosts are there? Is Thunderbird there, pleading for them not to take his brother too? Do the ghosts of villains stalk the halls? Is it suspicious Jean's ghost isn't there?

Do the New Mutants spend a spooky night tellng eachother mutant ghost stories?

Are they ghosts themselves, more ill-fated members?

I like Ghost AUs.

For romance, I prefer the New Mutants be paired up within their group if you go that way, and I'm particularly fond of Kitty/Illyana.


  • Charles Xavier

  • Wolverine


  • Everything is the same except Xavier is a hairless cat

  • Wolverine is a catboy (catman)

I ask that you keep Xavier using a mobility aid and that Wolverine is more like Greebo as a catboy/man than an anime catboy.

Some ideas:

Chatrles Xavier insisting that that his hated enemy, a giant persian cat with control over magnetism, must be stopped at all costs and the only way to gain access to him is to enter Charles into a cat show and he keeps mindwhammying his way to the finals. Scott starts to get increasingly competitive.

Lilandra Neramani of the Shi'ar empire just likes petting his little head a lot and that's how they get her as an ally. A space adventure with a cat. He gets a little hover chair that he uses to get the treats off the top of the fridge.

He's been a cat all along, using his mind powers to appear as a professor. But when Scarlet Witch goes 'no more mutants', the jig is up!

Wolverine as a catboy/man.

The Collector has deigned him perfect for his collection. Wolverine objects.

Who turned all the furniture into toothpicks? Turns out it wasn't Wolverine and he's out to clear his name. Surprise: It's Sabretooth.

Wolverine is on the fridge hissing at everyone.

A villain plants catnip in the Mansion gardens while Wolverine is away getting Canadian beer in the Blackbird. When he comes back, it's taken over the garden and he's rendered helpless.

Scott's the source of the red dot.

=Marvel Cinematic Universe=


  • Tony/Pepper

  • Pepper & Steve


  • Tony's Armour Is Sentient And Determined To Protect Him

  • Tony & Steve made up shortly after Civil War

This plot has shown up in almost every Iron Man canon but this one.

Usually the suit doesn't get too far before it's stopped/sacrifices itself to save Tony.

Now, I propose this: A version where the suit succeeds, at least for a lengthy amount of time.

It can go funny, it can go hurt/comforty. I'm open to both.

Attempts from the business to cover up Tony going missing. Steve and Pepper searching for him. The suit's attempts to keep a human alive.

For funny potential, the suit trying to save Tony from himself in 'tony no' moments.

For hurt/comfort moments, the suit kidnaps him and things go worse from there. The suit can imitate him on all his social channels, he wouldn't stand a chance at trying to call for help, it'd take Pepper and Steve (and PLEASE feel free to include Rhodey) to realize something's gone wrong.

Also perhaps the suit is in love with Tony.

But also: What if there truly is a thing that the suit needs to save him from. Another Obadiah Stane incident or something. And it gets sick of Tony trying to debug it when it warns him and takes matters into its own circuits.

I DO want him safe in the end. I just want, you know, a little whump.

If you only matched with me on Tony and Steve made up shortly after Civil War, I'd like for them to be doing stuff together like fighting characters like Fin Fang Foom (Tony being a knight in armour against a dragon) or going through the arduous process of putting all of Steve's permissions back in the tower after Tony got a bit spiteful. Or Steve throwing a bachelor party for Tony and Pepper's marriage but it's a 'let's keep Tony out of trouble' party where things go horribly awry with Fin Fang Foom. Or some other villain! Pepper or Tony having to be rescued from a dragon just appeals to me.

=Star Trek: Deep Space 9=


  • Jadzia Dax


  • Previous Trill hosts haunt the new one like ghosts

  • Jadzia never died

Jadzia doesn't die! She and Worf live happily ever after! They get a damn therapist on the station anyway but one that doesn't share everyone's info like Ezri (she was a nice character but she did NOT understand confidentiality)! Maybe it's still Ezri but she understands client confidentiality.

But also Jadzia has the other hosts commenting on everything she's doing and Curzon is THE WORST. Just the worst.

Maybe all the hosts have to solve a mystery together? Maybe we get to see Jadzia and Kira relaxing on the holodeck in one of their dress up games like they used to do at the start of the series? Maybe Jadzia manages to avert a huge disaster because Dax's very first host notices something Very Important that hasn't been relevant in hundreds of years.

=Murder She Wrote=


  • Jessica Fletcher


  • Jessica is aided by the ghosts of the victims

  • ALL: Canon character can see ghosts

How do the ghosts help her? Do they alert her to when there's a body? Do they whisper clues? Do they try to explain it to her? What about the ones who never saw it coming?

How does she do her work while also working with ghosts?

Is she a horror writer instead of a mystery writer?

What if she has to solve a murder where both parties have now become ghosts? How long has she been able to see ghosts?

Maybe the mystery could take place in New Orleans, in one of their really fancy graveyards.

Or in France, in the catacombs!

Maybe she's getting married to Seth and the ghost of her husband appears with a TWIST about how he died.


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