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Heyo! I'm Rosencrantz on AO3 and I'm happy you're reading this! Thank you!

My three fandoms are:

  1. World of Warcraft

  2. Zoo Tycoon

  3. Overwatch

And I hope you love at least one of these!

What I enjoy in a fic: Plotty, short to super long lengths, spoooky, happy, adventurery, funny, and introspective. I'm happy whatever amount of these elements are in a fic.

What I do not enjoy: Unhappy endings. Everything else is covered in my fandom specific dnws!


Hello, you might notice that ALL the characters for this fandom in Press Start are Darkmoon Faire ghosts! Yes, that was my nomination.

I have gathered their dialogue from the game from a forum post to help! They only are visible if you're dead in Darkmoon Faire. I had to drown myself to meet them because the death metal knight hadn't been put in game yet.

Post here:

So! What do I want out of this request/nomination? I want expansion on the ghosts themselves. How did they die? What did they do at the faire? Some think they're still interacting with the faire. Are they? Where DOES the faire go for three weeks each month? Anyway, I'd love: worldbuilding, backstory, or a straight up ghost story using them and the faire setting.

DNW: Underage or non/dubcon. I normally DNW slavery but that's very much a part of the WoW universe so I ask that you go light on it if you use it, but don't worry about ruining the story for me if it's included. I do ask that Silas was not enslaving the ghosts in life, please.


Hello! So. Zoo Tycoon hasn't really got a narrative, but it sure has a bunch of funky mechanics and stuff that can happen.

For instance, the above nominated animals. One Zoo Tycoon game had a mechanic where the fences would decay if the maintenance guys couldn't get to them in time/were negligent, leading to animals breaking out. And the animals could and would eat your guests. And if you had the dinosaur expansion, a t-rex would eat ten of your guests before you realized what just happened. Or that might just be me.

Another thing is that koalas breed a lot. Fast. Often. Unstoppably. And if you step away from the game for a bit, you may come back to an exhibit that is nothing but grey furry godless koalas making more koalas.

I'm not asking you to write a koala orgy. I'm asking you to write about this one amazing koala who, unattended, put his species on the least concern list.

If you choose the t-rex, this is your chance to write your own version of Jurassic Park where there's also goblin sharks and secretary birds and people in mascot costumes dancing.

If you choose the maintenance man, I want an explanation for why he sat there on that bench while the t-rexes broke loose. Or some other animal. Or why they *just keep sitting on the bench*.

Or you can write about your favourite zoo. I'm open. Play a game, write a narrative. I'm very open to that.

DNW: Underage, non/dubcon, slavery because it has to go into every box and not because I think things are gonna get weird with the sea lions.


I didn't nominate this but I am very up for it.

Took the dubcon out of the DNW list to make it easier, because Reaper's... Reaper. You know, an undead villain with a taste for elaborate cosplaying.

Although if you wanna go with Reaper being an undercover agent to take down Talon route and being secretly heroic and romantic, I'm very very cool with that too!

How do they meet? What does Reaper want from Lucio? What does Lucio want from Reaper?

Maybe Lucio comes to Talon's attention with his revolution in Brazil and Reaper goes to 'recruit'.

Maybe Lucio joins Overwatch and corners Reaper during a mission and tries to stop him himself.

Maybe someone swiped right on Tinder and Reaper was like 'oh... oh yeah that's an old photo of me'.

Whichever works for you!

DNW: Underage, noncon, slavery.
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