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Summer! Is! Hot!

Also I'm experimenting in new ways of protecting myself from mosquitoes and the backyard is filled with various kinds of mint in pots. I got two of mojito by accident and Certain Household Residents have drinking plans with those hapless mint plants.

But it's working! I'm normally covered in a cloud of the little bastards when I go outside during the summer but I've been having entire meals on the deck without a single nip. We're gonna add lavender to the front next year.

I started two projects today I'll link if they don't crash and burn, a story idea a day (you may recall I did this in 2015, I'm reviving it) and a drawing a day (to improve my art) but I put them on tumblr so I won't be spamming my list. There's so few posts on dw that even just three posts a week would be spamming, I fear.

And I successfully designed a parent trap - I got mom a 2ds and put tetris on it and as of this minute she's been playing for the past half hour without shifting once. And she nearly tackled it out of my hand once I announced it was installed.

Go team me.
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