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Hello, I'm Rosencrantz on ao3! Thank you so much for writing for me! I'm really looking forward to my gift. Some of these prompts/tags lend themseslves to unusual storytelling methods, so if you get an idea that would involve an alternate form of storytelling than straight prose, I am UP for it. Official permission. And since I'm the mod, you don't have to notify ahead if it results in lower than min word count.

So let's get started!

DNW: Non/dubcon, underage, and slavery.

Likes: Plotty, short and medium and long fic, adventures, build up to kissing, ghosts, spooky, sweet, and funny, cute, romance and gen.

Ghost Prompts!

Ghost House & Real-Estate Developer Who Doesn't Believe In Ghosts

Wow, I just realized this could be taken two ways - one, it's a haunted house and the developer is trying to sell it/demolish it/remodel it without acknowledging the walls or bleeding or that the seller is see-through.

Two, the house itself is a ghost and it keeps vanishing when the developer comes or appears when the developer is walking home on a foggy night and sees this GORGEOUS example of historical architecture but during the day it's another house or an empty lot and they're like 'yeah that house burned down decades ago' and it goes (or stays) there in the story.

'And she realized her share would be... 0 PERCENT!' all the other rookies scream, cry.

The developer can be any gender you want! Victorian or Edwardian style ghosts/or house design preferred.

Ghost of Princess/Female Tour Guide of her Castle

Okay so you know how some people get SUPER passionate about periods of history? And historical figures? The princess and her ill-fated father's reign that ended in them all dead is this tour guide's. She loves it. Her passion glows when she gives tours of the castle. And lately she's been noticing something... a presence. A very flattered presence.

Alternately, if you wanna go spooky spooky, only love can free this ghost's tortured soul and the tour guide is Up For It. Any time period you want for the princess - heck you can even set it in the future and it can be a princess from a modern style royal family (no rpf please)

Superhero/Ghost of Supervillain He Accidentally Killed

I got some great versions of this with the dynamic reversed for chocobox, so now I want the hero as the killer! Where does the villain haunt? Does the superhero go to where the accident happened and find the ghost there? Does the supervillain haunt him beyond the grave? Is the supervillain SCIENCE haunting? Were they in love before? Did the supervillain die because he was trying to save the hero from his own mistake? You don't have to resurrect the villain but I'm okay with that.

Statue & Ghost of Sculptor & Art Collector

This statue comes with a bonus! The ghost of its maker! Does the ghost curse all new owners? Or do they help out in the household? Is the art collector trying to sell the statue? What's the history of this statue? Did the statue kill the creator like Bluecifer? I would love a wonderfully spooky story for this. Or a comedy one.

Hero prompts! (Please see ghost prompts for a ghost-related hero prompt)

Mixed-Gender Superhero Team Whose Cover Identity is a Rock Band

First of all, what kind of music do they play? Do they transformer with music? What are their villains like? Are they a serious team? A funny team? How much romantic tension is there? Are they x-men with sweet beats? What if they have to save the world AND win battle of the bands? How outrageous are their hairstyles? I have no preference on gender (male, female, nb, etc) on the team as long as it is... mixed. If you're a music nerd, please hit me with your nerdiest possible music stuff for this.

Superhero/His Male Supervillain Nemesis Accidentally Telepathically Bonded to Him

How does it happen? Is the supervillain (or hero) a telepath and an interrogation goes wrong? Do they touch the mysterious crystal/matrix at the same time? Lab explosion?

How do they take advantage of this? Does the hero keep busting the villain/trying to redeem him now that they're so close? Does the villain send... 'taunting' messages when the hero is trying to live his life? Brain selfies? Do they get involved in incredibly dumb mental arguments because the other one heard an idle thought and went 'wait NO' like 'gosh, I'd eat this kiwi fruit whole but I can't get over how the skin looks like a little nutsack' and the other side is 'IT'S MORE NUTRITIOUS THAT WAY' and one's just frozen in the produce section arguing about this kiwi and the other one is maybe in the middle of a bank robbery doing the same.

What's it like to kiss someone when you know what the other person is feeling?

If you wanna write smut for this, please god give me mindsex.

Retired Superhero/Supervillain who keeps seeking him out because he misses him

Okay so what if they were old? Like most of their confrontations involve riding lawn mowers. And bbqs. And golfing. And the supervillain flirting by having his senior's curling team (made of his old henchmen) absolutely crush the superhero who keeps wondering if this counts as crime. And then suddenly it's less the villain taunting his old nemesis and just them finding reasons to go up against eachother, even if it's just competition. And then kissing.

Goddess prompts!

Feline Goddess Disguised As Human & Box Of Kittens She Finds In An Alley

So why is she disguised as a human? Was she actually looking for these kittens to rescue them? Are they going to be little kitty priests in her giant cardboard box temple? Or was she on earth for a different reason and now she finds herself with charges she has to protect.

Please feel free to include cat pics in this story.

Confused Female Gardener/Earth Goddess Who Is Flirting By Making Her Garden Grow Like Crazy

I love flower language. The idea of the Earth Goddess writing an ode to the Gardener in flowers is extremely appealing to me. I will also casually point out wikipedia has a bunch of great flower pictures.

What sort of gardener is she though? Primarily vegetables? Flowers? What style of flowers? What does she do with all these flowers?

Is the goddess a type of dryad and live in her cherry tree? Or does a flower blossom open one day and there's a beautiful woman inside? Or is the gardener elderly and the goddess poses as the head of the gardening association and fell in love with her when the gardener moved to the village a short while ago. Does that mean that Myrtle, whose roses were a shoo-in to win this year's competition is going to try and come between their love now that the gardener's garden is blossoming like nothing the village has seen before?

Or maybe the gardener is a keeper for a botanical garden full of rare and endangered plants and she's ecstatic because all these plants are having a better chance of surviving into the future. She doesn't know what she's doing but WOW. And the goddess goes there every day for tea and keeps engaging her in conversation to see what she thinks of the growth of the garden.

I love all my requests equally, so don't think of the length of this one as favouritism so much as 'oh here's some fully formed ideas!'

Worship prompts!

God/Person who is Their Accidental Shrine

What do you do if you end up as a god's shrine? It takes 'your body is a temple' to a whole new meaning! And what about those worshipers and priests who keep showing up? And how do you properly give offerings to the god? Is it actually with them, physically, or do you do it via a priest/ess? No gender preference.

Woman Who Builds A Shrine On A Whim & God Who Takes Up Residence & Small Gods

This was one of my tags! What I envisioned was this woman is like, haha it'd be fun to build a shrine out in the backyard and I can put offerings in it like a good luck charm to pretend my life has some control but then a god *actually moves in* and there's all these other small gods who wanted it too and there's a war of gods going on in her backyard and she's like 'whoa wait what the heck' and has to arbitrate between the god of good sunflower growth and the god of mice and the goddess of the sun in your eyes at that time of day you know which one when you're by the kitchen window.

Other ideas include: woman hears that this land she's moved to has many gods, and doesn't think it's right that they don't have a home. So she builds one. Gods ensue. Or there's a war right after she builds it and the gods touched by how she's tried to help them protect her village.

Winter Goddess/Priestess for the Spring Goddess

What if the spring goddess has to do a ritual for spring to come/turn the winter goddess into the spring goddess? Or what if the winter goddess doesn't want to quit and thinks if she can seduce away the priestess, she can make her dominion last? What concept does the winter goddess have of the seasons?

Does the spring priestess feel sad when her time to be active comes, because it means her lover will be gone until after fall? What is it like to kiss winter?

Misc. Prompts!

The Chosen One Who Due To A Clerical Error is an Opossum & Their Destined Guardian

The world is doomed. Our only hope is a very confused opossum that a watcher from a mysterious shadow organization had to retrieve out of a pile of trash with extra thick gloves. Together they WILL save us. The opossum should, preferably, go after someone's face.

Please don't kill the opossum. It can play opossum though.

Bartender & His Regular Is An Alien With Problems

First off, which one is the earthling?

What sort of problems does an alien have? Does the bartender understand or is he like 'wow that's rough buddy' as the alien describes what a pain it is to make crop circles during mosquito season? What sort of drinks does the bartender serve? Does the bartender try to solve the problems? Does the bartender have to deal with men in black? Do both of them think the other is a different kind of alien?

Writer with very popular incomplete book series & magical mouse who gave him ideas but quit

This is a GRRM joke. I'm sorry.

But what does the writer do when he realizes his idea mouse has quit? Did the mouse leave an incredibly tiny resignation letter? Does he try to wing the ending? Does he try to find a new magical creature? Does he fake his own death? Does he confess? Does anyone believe him?

The goblin who creates the world's chain mail & adventurers who thought it was the metal kind

This was inspired by all the chain mail that shows up on my facebook feed that sounds like the same person wrote it.

What kind of person is this goblin? Do they know the strife they cause? Do they revel in it? What does it do when the heroes come for what they assume is the magical chainmail that they need for adventuring?

Does the goblin somehow ply its trade on them?

Cryptid prompts!

Astronaut & Moon Cryptid that Keeps Showing Up In Photos

'Hey, Helen, when you were photographing that weird rock that looked like a butt, what was that thing in the background?' and other stories of an astronaut on the moon dealing with a monster she can photograph, but never find. It would be amazing for science if she could find out more about this moon cryptid but she's having no luck. None.

Also the astronaut can be a boy or nb if you want, I'm cool. Can also be a horror story or a funny story or a serious story.

Lake Cryptid With a sense of the dramatic & Photographer who only wanted to photograph loons

I need to clarify that when I say loons, I mean the bird on the canadian coin.

So, say, the photographer spends days picking out the right spot for their photos. Sets everything up. And then finally, as they're about to get the perfect photo of a loon... just as the camera shutter goes, the lake cryptid bursts up under the loon, sending it flying about thirty feet.

Does the cryptid know what it's doing? Is it a snake style one? A nessie style one? A giant fish? A crocodile? Is it dangerous? Is it friendly?

How many photos does it ruin? Does the photographer make money off this? What happens?
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