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Hi! This is my first time in this exchange! Thank you for writing for me!

My name on ao3 is Rosencrantz!

I am okay with mooderate levels of violence and g-to-e levels of sex.

Tropes I enjoy:

Pining that pays off
First kisses
Action scenes
Fake dating
Road trips

DO NOT WANT: Slavery, underage, non or dubcon.
Sex things I would prefer you not do if the fic involves sex: Watersports, A/B/O and A/B/O-adjacent actions, rimming, choking.

Fandom:: X-Men: The Animated Series


Wolverine/Remy LeBeau
Wolverine/Kurt Wagner
Erik Lensherr/Charles Xavier


Wolverine/Remy LeBeau:

  • Ending up on an adventure together!

  • Camping trip!

  • Raising a kid (Jubilee?) together

  • Mysterious THINGS FROM THE PAST that lead to kissing

  • Married in Vegas

  • Shack in the swamp

  • Cooking

  • Height jokes

  • X-Men baseball, the glory, the triumph, the tragedy

  • There's a dog?

  • Gambit gets hurt bad by Sentinels/imprisoned

  • Rescue missions! Either rescuing.

  • The rest of the x-men doesn't believe something has happened to one of them so the other has to go on a mission to rescue them

  • Time travel

  • Someone turns out NOT to be Mystique

Wolverine/Kurt Wagner:

  • Wolverine joins the clergy?

  • Kurt goes from mountain monk thing to full on priest and comes to Salem Center.

  • Wolverine finds Kurt in an unusual place

  • Wolverine rescues Kurt from an unusual place

  • Pirate AU

  • Kurt joins the X-Men

  • Kurt comes to the X-men for help about his family, Wolverine comes to his aid

  • Wolverine meets an old Kurt years in the future.

Erik Lensherr/Charles Xavier:

(sidenote: While I respect the movie versions, my preferred version of Magneto will always be the dramatic, bombastic, and fuckin' ripped version from the cartoons. Also, please don't 'fix' Xavier. Except I guess in Savage Land scenarios where apparently he can't walk because he can read minds. ???)

  • The Savage Land. Again? During? Let there be dinosaur makeouts and torn clothing.

  • Fun things to do with a hoverchair.

  • Joining the other side, either of them.

  • Erik sneaks into a UN meeting where Xavier is preparing to address the world about mutant rights. Makeouts ensue?

  • Arguing on a web forum, but they're both old men trying to use the internet and keep needing Youths to help them and it gets weird.

  • Being cranky on a porch together.

  • Sneaking out to a bar for secret meet ups, drunk hoverchairing/magnet flying.

  • Going to hell with it, getting married.


Fandom:: Spider-Man: 1994 Animated Series


Matt Murdock/Peter Parker
J. Jonah Jameson/Peter Parker


Matt Murdock/Peter Parker

(I really liked how much they seemed to have in common/in sync. I prefer that this be set in a timeline where he never reunites romantically with Mary Jane)

  • More angsty trying to help eachother's civilian identities as heroes, eventual makeouts

  • Spider-Man captured by villain! Daredevil rescues.

  • Matt gets Peter out a speeding ticket, of which Peter is especially grateful because he couldn't even convince them he has no car and can't drive.

  • Peter taking photos of something involving Matt for the Bugle, then Matt invites him to take some other kinds of photos.

  • They have to switch costumes. Peter slams into a wall because he can't out-spider-sense Matt's lack of eyeholes.

  • Matt can use his powers to tell Peter's into him.

J. Jonah Jameson/Peter Parker

  • Please god give me Spider-man/Jonah hatesex.

  • I'm serious. He doesn't have to find out it's Peter.

  • Okay:

  • Rescuing Jonah

  • Jonah making an angry confession

  • Jonah getting REALLY specific about what kind of pictures he wants of Spider-Man

  • Peter being horrified at having the Worst Crush Ever.

  • Aunt May being confused at who Jonah is trying to date at the Parker household.

  • Jonah being very old fashioned about things. To Spider-Man.


Fandom:: Pocket Monsters | Pokemon




  • Oh BOY. Okay I love ghosts. I love ghost trainers. Please do something involving the ghosts, like rescuing Eusine from particularly dangerous ghost pokemon, or Morty's pokemon trying to play cupid except they're not good at it because they're ghosts!

  • Finding Eusine's legendaries together! Triumph sex.

  • Exploring the world together.

  • One of them is injured in a pokemon battle and has to nurse the other one back to health.

  • Haunted house.

  • Human ghosts and what Morty does when faced with THAT kind.

  • Picking out Eusine's fabulous fashion.


Fandom:: Original Work


Spy/Ghost of Enemy Spy
Conquering Alien Warlord/Man that disguises himself as the queen to let her escape


Okay! So! I have no age preference beyond adults for original characters. Make them any race, any abled, cis or trans, I'm good!

Spy/Ghost of Enemy Spy

  • ooh yes. Ghosts again. Love ghosts.

  • Vengeance that turns romantic if the spy was responsible for ghost spy's perishing.

  • Thwarting?

  • They had an affair during life and the enemy spy was executed for it. The living spy gets to make peace with what happened.

  • Spy ends up becoming a ghost with enemy spy and then they discover that the afterlife needs spies too and they have a cat and mouse ghost game after that with sometimes kisses.

Conquering Alien Warlord/Man that disguises himself as the queen to let her escape

First of all, please let the queen be Queen Elizabeth II and the alien warlord have no idea what an elderly woman is meant to look like. If the guy looks like the Rock, even better.

  • Alien is like 'okay, we shall be wed to make me the ruler of your kingdom!' even though england is a) not in charge of much anymore and b) that's not the queen and the guy has to deal with the actually really sweet courtship part of the conquest.

  • The alien warlord takes the guy on as an adviser because surely a human ruler would be able to help him take over earth and the guy keeps feeding him wrong info but also at some point love.

  • The guy ends up beating the warlord when he comes to capture the 'queen' and the warlord is like 'by our laws, I am now your consort' and the guy has no idea what to do. Then love.



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