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Hi! I'm Rosencrantz on AO3 and I'm glad you're interested in writing for me!

Likes: Adventure fic, exploration fic, okay with all genders in pairings, okay with gen to explicit, I enjoy family bonding stuff too.

DNWs: Underage, noncon, dubcon, any mention of slavery.

Fandom: Hans the Mermaid's Son

Characters: Hans, The Mermaid

Why I Like This Story: I was reading this and thinking just how very much Hans reminds me of Goku from Dragonball and it kind of blossomed my affection from there.


  • What other adventures could he have gotten into with them trying to kill him?

  • What was life like under the ocean?

  • What was the mermaid's life like with a half human son?

  • What is the mermaid like? What's her name?

  • What happened to Hans after he went back to the ocean?

  • Did the mermaid ever come to shore?

  • Is she like a little mermaid mermaid? Or a strange monstrous mermaid?


Fandom: The Troll's Daughter

Characters: The Troll, The Troll's Daughter

Why I Like This Story: It's a really fun story - but it left a lot of stuff unexplained, like what was the troll's longterm plan with turning this dude into animals? Why did he kept everything locked up in the forest?


  • Exploration into the troll's motivations. Why did he do what he did? What was his goal with the human? Why did he keep all those animals under lock and key? Why did he lock away his daughter?

  • Tell me about the daughter. What was her name? How did she feel about killing her father? What was her life as a queen like?

  • Tell me about these trolls. They're clearly from a tradition I don't know that well - I had never heard of beautiful trolls, though I had heard of magic ones. And I'd like to know more about them and what they do.


Fandom: The Girl Who Became A Boy

Characters: Tax-evading snakes

Why I Like This Story: It's one rollicking adventure (although a little alarming with how he was gonna be executed for not sleeping with the princess) that even included a horse reuniting with his mother. But the real stars: the tax-evading snakes.


I need to know about these snakes. Why do they owe taxes? What's up with the church they live in? Why can they perform curses? What is their legal status?

I want an adventure with the snakes. I want the snakes to have names. I want them to have dramas.

Please give me snake fic. Snic.


Fandom: Catherine and her Destiny

Characters: Catherine's Destiny, Catherine Lady's Destiny

Why I Like This Story: Destiny/Fate as a physical personage you can actually negotiate with! It's amazing. It's a great concept to wrap your mind around.


I'm okay with Original Destinies, btw, you don't have to use the nominated ones.

  • How does being a Destiny work? How are you assigned to people? Do you have multiple people?

  • They're described as being tall and handsome. And mistaken for humans. Are they all women? Do they appear the same to other people? Do animals have Destinies?

  • What is the destiny economy like? Catherine's Lady did offerings to her Destiny.

  • Why did Catherine's Destiny decide to do that to Catherine? Is this a habit of hers? Has she offered this bargain to other people in the past? Has it ever backfired on her?


I hope you have a great time this exchange and thank you!


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