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Dear Yulegoat: Hi! I'm Rosencrantz on AO3 and I'm SO glad you're willing to write for me!

Likes: Happy endings, adventures, casefic, mysteries, ghosts, kisses, missing scenes.

Good with: Gen, F/F, M/M, F/M, and NB in any configuration with the others.

DNWS: Rape, underage, slavery, incest, and major character death.

On with the prompts! (NOTE: Most were taken from previous letters, formatting, phrasing may change due to the relentless march of time)

Phule's Company - Any character

What I like about these stories is the accomplishments. They see a challenge, they surmount the challenge, they move onto solving another challenge. I nominated Phule, Beeker, Sushi, and Do-Wop for this exchange! Since I also chose 'any', this means you can write any of these four you please.

  • Beeker and Phule history

  • Sushi and Do-Wop scams

  • Sushi and Do-Wop shenanigans

  • Sushi and Do-Wop friendship

  • Days off for the Company

  • Beeker's romance from the books

  • Phule fails at a gamble but ends up okay anyway

  • Sushi backstory

  • Do-Wop backstory

  • Something with aliens?

  • Does this place fall under the various dimension rules of the MYTH series?

  • Mishaps with sci-fi tech with Sushi and/or Do-Wop

  • Role reversal - maybe for a job.


Fashion Star Fillies
Ariel (The Performing Artist)
Bobbi (The Oldies Singer)
Janel (The Outrageous Rockstar)

Further reading: for all the information on the toyline
What's up with this request? Well, I'm fascinated by these little guys. They're horse celebrities. What sort of world has horse celebrities? How do they do their instruments? What are horse concerts like? What does a horse performer do? Are they in the same world as us? Are they aliens? Are they part of a horse culture? Would accept RPF for this one, if done as humour. You can feel free to use any of these instead of all at once.


  • Horse celebrity culture

  • Horse celebrity scandals

  • Worldbuilding

  • Explanations

  • Horse talk shows

  • Horse world events

  • Horse concerts

  • Horse great british bake off

  • There is exactly one stallion in the toyline

  • Anything to do with their designated celebrity things (outrageous rockstar, oldies singer, performing artist)


Murder, She Wrote
Jessica Fletcher
Grady Fletcher

Further reading: Imbd has this one user who does great summaries of each episode if you go to them directly.
What's up with this request? Mysteries, man! I love them. But it's okay if you don't want to write one, because I like other stuff too! I love Jessica's writing adventures, I love the bits of her backstory (like her raising Grady, her time as a teacher), and her vast network of friends. I am not a fan of Jessica is a Serial Killer meme, but I'm okay for magical realism where she's a herald of death or some sort of avenging angel (and possibly chosen Grady to succeed her). You may notice there are more prompts for Jessica than Grady and if you offered only him, don't worry. You can swap out a lot of Jessica's name for Grady's in these and I'll be just as happy. I love that guy.


  • A day for Jessica

  • Grady visits

  • Discussion of that time Jessica totally somehow got Grady's wife off for murder (she stabbed him! With a fish! AND LEFT HIM TO DIE)

  • Book tours

  • Why Jessica won't learn to drive (There are a thousand valid reasons in RL, but I thought it might make for an interesting prompt)

  • Christmas cards (especially to the various people who you helped prove the innocence of)

  • A mystery from Jessica's past

  • Jessica's time as an English teacher

  • University class stuff

  • Grady's upbringing

  • Grady telling Jessica when he'd sent away her book that starts the first episode

  • How does Jessica learn to be so unflappable and non-judgmental?

PS: I didn't ask for Magnum even though he's nominated, but if your heart was set, here's some bonus prompts from my trick or treat letter. Obviously I only expect you to write what we match on:

Magnum has to come to Maine from Hawaii and re-enacts The Cremation of Sam McGee in the Maine winter
Magnum can't stop thinking about Jessica - feel free to include Seth
Magnum has to help out Grady as a favour to Jessica - feel free to include herald of death idea


Fandom: Fantasia (1940)

(I chose 'any' but here's the characters in the tagset. I will also accept original centaurette characters)

  • Bacchus' zebra centaurette attendants (Fantasia 1940)

  • Blue centaur with black hair (Fantasia 1940)

  • Blue centaurette with blonde hair (Fantasia 1940)

  • Green centaurette (Fantasia 1940)

What I'm concepting for this: This appears to be a magical ancient Greek-type society with no humans. Just gods and mythological creatures. The centaurs clearly have the most society to work from, with the courtship and the festival and the way they interact with the other races.

What I'd like to see is a picture of this as a functional world - maybe with fantasy adventures! I chose my favourite centaurs to be the protagonists of whatever story you choose - the shy blonde blue centaurette, the emotional blue centaur with black hair, the haughty green centaurette, and the really cool zebra centaurettes that seem to work with bacchus. Feel free to use just one or all! Or, as I said, come up with your own!

What I do not want: Horrible things happening that don't have happy endings.


  • Dangers

  • Quests

  • Dealings with Gods

  • Courtship

  • Dealing with other species

  • What's outside their world?

  • What do they do for worship?

  • Racing

  • Contests

  • Romance

  • Dancing

  • Unicorns

  • Pegasus

  • Fauns

  • Cupids

  • Do they run into the magical beings from other Fantasia sequences like the seasonal fairies?

  • Fashion


And stolen from my fandom promo post:


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