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  • Go to Minneapolis to see Ann SUCCESS

  • See Wonder Woman

  • See Lego Batman

  • Run [community profile] auexchange (with TDC and Morbane)

  • Write Poirot as a ghost detective fic

  • Plan for [community profile] press_start_comm (videogame exchange) and [community profile] fic_corner (kidlit exchange)

  • ...clean?


Other things I've done this month are small. Like this!

Om Nom Nuptials

What do you do after you've had your happily ever after? In the real world happy ever afters are 'just for now.' It wasn't long before Wolf longed for home and the adventures that followed.

But those adventures are another story, except this one.

Virginia had to meet Wolf's parents.

"Not much meat on her," Mother said.

"What's her diet like? Flavour is everything," asked Father.

"Mom, dad, I have some books for you to read. About emotional eating," said Wolf. "We don't have to eat the ones we love. Especially me."

They were unconvinced. Virginia and Wolf fled.
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