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From your friendly neighbourhood niche realizer:

  • Standing Still Exchange - Statues and those who fic them! What IS the deal with Man Fighting Babies Statue and is there angst?

  • Planetary Exchange - A fic exchange of galactic proportions! Astronomy fiction only.

  • Word by word exchange - You can only nominate dictionary words one at a time.

  • Branded Exchange - An exchange solely for big name commercial products!

  • Exchange of Bad Ideas - an exchange devoted to my bright ideas.

No need to thank me.

Did I mention I'm running a new fic exchange now that [community profile] once_upon_fic is done for the year?

Welcome to [community profile] auexchange, a pan-fandom exchange devoted to Alternate Universes. The very best part of this exchange so far has been coming up with AU examples for the faq, including French Revolution Coffee Shop AU for BSG.

I am aided and abetted not just by my pal [personal profile] morbane this time, but also the added crispyfriend goodness of [personal profile] thedevilchicken

Post coming of what I wrote and received for Once Upon and anything else I've forgotten to mention lately.

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31/5/17 13:19 (UTC)
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French Revolution Coffee Shop AU for BSG.

Zere mus' be some wai out of 'ere
Say ze Joker to ze thief...