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I heard they're purging inactive accounts on lj and now, finally, my teenage lost the password and the email 'King Theoden is a woman and Shakira and pregnant' rp journal will be swallowed up by the sands of time.

I unhooked my crossposting to Crantz and continue to not import my entries over here to DW because by god this may be the only way to kill the 14 year old ANGST MOPPET ghost of me that lies locked and warded in the old lj entries. I had that thing since 2001 and I felt the purge of my youth was beginning to weaken. He scratches, demanding to be let free to post about what a deep and big-word using boy he is.

I mean, all the politics and stuff are very important but I'm going to be honest here: I don't fully understand enough to make a strong stance without being positive I'm somehow making an idiot of myself. What I do feel confident about is the potential for sigils drawn in code to eat my past embarrassments.

I don't think there's anything wrong with admitting that you're confused, global news is scary, and you're not an authority on the subject even if you're paying as much attention as you can. And that's global, not just LJ.

Anyway, to any friends taking a renewed interests in their DWs: Hey.

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10/4/17 15:31 (UTC)
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Saying you're confused when you're confused is always the best choice.

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10/4/17 16:57 (UTC)
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I hadn't heard about a purge, just that it was time to leave LJ. Sadly, I still have a few communities that won't move and friends who are reluctant to. So I continue to crosspost. Sigh.

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10/4/17 19:57 (UTC)
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Nothing wrong with being confused and saying so, or taking a chance on your best thought out stand and making an idiot of yourself, or when both of those options are one and the same.

Hello! (-:

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10/4/17 20:40 (UTC)
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Hi! *waves*

I don't know why there's some stigma attached to admitting to confusion, unless it's related to the stigma of admitting you're not sure/don't know something. Which sucks and is a shame since that shouldn't be something to be ashamed of. :P

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12/4/17 05:05 (UTC)
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12/4/17 19:48 (UTC)
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I don't think I will delete, but I'm mostly on the twitters these days (and a bit on plurk and I rebagel a lot on tumblr but I view that through an rss reader sooo I don't engage so much there).

I guess I am going to leave my blog crossposting to DW which then crossposts to LJ but it's not like I blog a lot anyway.

otoh I've been going through my RP accounts and WHO KNEW that Brytta Leofa got friended by a bunch of Tolkien rp journals who thought he might join in with that RP but REALLY DIDN'T