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I'm trying to create an icon for the Alternate Universe Exchange ([community profile] auexchange) and I'm having a devil of a time choosing a picture of what to use for it.

If anyone would notice, I'd just do Batman and change him to a different AU version every week but that's one of those 'funner in theory, not in practice' things'.

And then I thought, Lego Wonder Woman! And then was like "but people would assume this was heavily lego based? I don't know. What do people assume? Are they the youths now? I found a grey hair. I'm no longer a youth."

At least [community profile] once_upon_fic is easy as always. It already has an icon and for each collection on AO3, I choose a different fairytale illustration. This year we're Red Riding Hood!

Nominations start on the 22nd and I'm very excited.

It is also very exciting to look at the list of collections I have mod status on AO3 and seeing Yuletide there at the bottom...

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16/1/17 21:48 (UTC)
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I would guess based on Lego Wonder Woman, that you had EXCELLENT taste or something.

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17/1/17 09:17 (UTC)
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Clearly you need an animatedicon that swaps between all the versions of batman or something.

(And if you want to change it weekly, you could swap to different animated icons of different characters which have multiple versions.)

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17/1/17 16:09 (UTC)
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One of those zombie fairytale dolls that's out now?

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17/1/17 16:12 (UTC)
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18/1/17 08:33 (UTC)
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I didn't expect it to look that menacing.