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Dear Yulegoat 2016

Hey! Thank you so much for wanting to write for me! Yuletide is one of my favourite times of the year and the fun of giving and getting is a huge part of it.

Here's my deets! I love all these fandoms and characters equally so whatever you go with, know I'll be utterly delighted.


  1. Fashion Star Fillies

  2. Murder, She Wrote

  3. Transformers: Beast Wars

  4. Pyramids by Terry Pratchett

  5. City of Heroes

  6. Die unendliche Geschichte | The Neverending Story - Michael Ende

Likes: humour fic, adventure fic, family fic, spooky fic, mystery fic, what happened next fic, romance fic, worldbuilding fic, combinations thereof fic
Do Not Likes: Rape, dubcon, underage, slavery.

Fashion Star Fillies
Ariel (The Performing Artist)
Bobbi (The Oldies Singer)
Janel (The Outrageous Rockstar)

Further reading: for all the information on the toyline
What's up with this request? Well, I'm fascinated by these little guys. They're horse celebrities. What sort of world has horse celebrities? How do they do their instruments? What are horse concerts like? What does a horse performer do? Are they in the same world as us? Are they aliens? Are they part of a horse culture? Would accept RPF for this one, if done as humour. You can feel free to use any of these instead of all at once.


  • Horse celebrity culture

  • Horse celebrity scandals

  • Worldbuilding

  • Explanations

  • Horse talk shows

  • Horse world events

  • Horse concerts

  • Horse great british bake off

  • There is exactly one stallion in the toyline

  • Anything to do with their designated celebrity things (outrageous rockstar, oldies singer, performing artist)

Murder, She Wrote
Jessica Fletcher
Grady Fletcher

Further reading: Imbd has this one user who does great summaries of each episode if you go to them directly.
What's up with this request? Mysteries, man! I love them. But it's okay if you don't want to write one, because I like other stuff too! I love Jessica's writing adventures, I love the bits of her backstory (like her raising Grady, her time as a teacher), and her vast network of friends. I am not a fan of Jessica is a Serial Killer meme, but I'm okay for magical realism where she's a herald of death or some sort of avenging angel (and possibly chosen Grady to succeed her). You may notice there are more prompts for Jessica than Grady and if you offered only him, don't worry. You can swap out a lot of Jessica's name for Grady's in these and I'll be just as happy. I love that guy.


  • A day for Jessica

  • Grady visits

  • Discussion of that time Jessica totally somehow got Grady's wife off for murder (she stabbed him! With a fish! AND LEFT HIM TO DIE)

  • Book tours

  • Why Jessica won't learn to drive (There are a thousand valid reasons in RL, but I thought it might make for an interesting prompt)

  • Christmas cards (especially to the various people who you helped prove the innocence of)

  • A mystery from Jessica's past

  • Jessica's time as an English teacher

  • University class stuff

  • Grady's upbringing

  • Grady telling Jessica when he'd sent away her book that starts the first episode

  • How does Jessica learn to be so unflappable and non-judgmental?

Transformers: Beast Wars

Further reading: AND: This is actually about ME. I haven't seen the comics or the sequel, Beast Machines, so if you're going to include stuff from that I just want you to know that's totally okay but please include backstory somewhere! Author's notes, fit into the narrative, whatever. I'm happy to learn new things.
What's up with this request? I love these two's frenemyship. What happens to Dinobot breaks my heart but I think they had good times before that and the sass was out the roof. I would be very happy with resurrection fic for this, too. I'm happy with gen to romance. If Waspinator dies in the background (I love Waspy), I will give you a gold star for staying true to canon.


  • Downtime on the ship

  • Dealing with the various personalities of the other Maximals

  • Trying to teach Rattrap about honour

  • Trying to teach Dinobot how to have non-dry and sardonic fun

  • Feeding their animal sides (discovering farming? Giving up farming?)

  • Driving the rest of the Maximals insane

  • What if Rattrap defected to the Predacons instead of Dinobot to the Maximals?

  • Rattrap's great aunt Arcee explained

  • What were they like back on Cybertron?

  • What if Dinobot had gotten back to Cybertron?

  • Rattrap, king of Earth

  • Dinobot learns a valuable lesson

  • Rattrap takes a bath (it's canon he somehow smells terrible)

Pyramids by Terry Pratchett

Further Reading:
What's up with this request? Pyramids is my absolute favourite Discworld book but also one that's pretty much cut off from all the others, therefore I took my chance and nominated it. I really like Pteppic! Ptraci is good too, feel free to include her or any other character from the book.


  • Where does Pteppic go?

  • School stories!

  • What does an assassination student get up to in Ankh-Morpork between sessions?

  • Did he ever go back home for vacations while in school?

  • Does he accidentally become a king elsewhere?

  • Does he come back home?

  • What sort of careers are open to him?

  • Does he take any of them?

  • How does this affect what he intends to happen when he dies? (Pyramids turning out to be time capsules)

  • Any after effects of being a god?

  • Does he get involved with other gods?

  • Does he meet a nice girl or boy who isn't his half sibling?

City Of Heroes
Tammy Arcanus | Numina
Percy Winkley
Darrin Wade
Montague Castanella

Further Reading:
What's up with this request? I loved City of Heroes. I loved it a lot. It had a great world, with lots of storylines. And I thought, what's the best group to use to explore this world? Why, the Midnighter's Club! Hence my character nominations. It doesn't matter to me which you use, or if you use them at all. World exploration in general is good with me for this one! The prompts list for this one is so long because I tried to give you something to work with for all four characters.


  • Reclaiming the world after it went dark

  • What's happened since the closing?

  • A mystery from a storyline that was never explained

  • Numina's time as a ghost

  • Numina's dating a much younger man (Positron), what is it like with that much of an experience difference - especially since she deals in magic and him in science?

  • Numina and her father's skull

  • A high profile Numina adventure

  • A low profile Numina adventure

  • Percy Winkley in need of saving again

  • Percy Winkley doing the saving

  • Darrin's heists

  • Darrin bites off more than he can chew

  • Darrin calls in a debt

  • Darrin owes a debt

  • What it's like running the Midnighter Club for Montague

  • Montague's history

  • A big magical event that no one knew about

  • Interacting with the sci-fi heroes

  • Dimension hopping!

  • Secret magic club trust exercises

  • Something in the library

Die unendliche Geschichte | The Neverending Story - Michael Ende
No characters

Further Reading: The book
What's up with this request? I love this book so much. What I love especially about it is the world itself! I really want worldbuilding for this, but if you signed up for this to write about the characters that were nominated, feel free to apply any of these prompts to a story about them and I'll be just as happy.


  • Any of the 'that is a story for another time'

  • Any of the cultures

  • Centaur culture

  • Other names of the Childlike Empress

  • How the story has played out before

  • What was the dark town like when it wasn't all dancing into the nothing?

  • What sort of lives do werewolves lead when it isn't their job to murder Atreyu?

  • Speaking of 'story for another time', I'd love to know what happened with the trio that meet up on their journey to the childlike empress.

  • You will only see the Childlike Empress once. What has other meetings with her been like?

  • I wanna know what happened with the gnomes.