Hidey ho!

2/4/16 02:41
benedict: (owl wink)
[personal profile] benedict
Oh man, oh man.

So like, I have two major things to do:

I have to write my Once Upon Fic (I have over a thousand words done for it, but it still feels like I haven't even started!) and *start* my Space_Swap (exciting, exciting) so I'm planning a nice writer's retreat day for me at a coffee shop with a playlist and my email blocked.

There's a plugin for that, I think!

I saw half a comedy show tonight! It was male stripper themed (my first hint was when I realized I was one of like, three men there. My second hint was that it was called the Comic Strippers) and kinda funny but they talked over themselves so much I couldn't make out anything and then I was like so loud! Too loud! I must go to a Tim Horton's to regain hit points.

I'm very proud of my mother, she gave me her van keys without screaming in terror like she used to when I asked if I could drive it! We're growing as people. Despite rules of comedy, I did not run into anything.

I'm planning another call of cthulhu session starting this sunday which is REALLY short notice, I know, but contact me if you want in! Character creation consists of choosing if you're a 'strong' (physically strong, low intelligence, high Idea), medium (medium everything but also psychic), or weak (physically weak, very intelligent), a name, and a quick bio. If you want to give me like, two pages of bio that's fine too. I have one player who does that and she is a delight.

Oh, trip update: I got home safe! I didn't see the stingrays due to bad weather but I know they missed me just as much I missed them. One day, my loves.

One day.

My next trip is going over to Winnipeg (it's across from us, not up or down!) to see some Fringe Festival plays. I'm keeping it low key for the rest of the year, so nothing that isn't a a few hours away at most.

Considering going on a rock digging thing that a local town does, as I've renewed interest in rock collecting! But you know. Nature. There's bugs out there.

Hopefully nice photos of my collection sometime! I have some really pretty rocks that no matter what one of my sellers tried to tell me, does not have magical powers. Especially the opalite which is made of *glass*.
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