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Dear Spacer: Nice to meet you! Or if I know you already, nice to see you again! Here's my fandoms and requests/prompts!

  1. Phule's Company - Any character

  2. Star Wars Legends - Kit Fisto, Aayla Secura

  3. DCAU - J'onn J'onzz, Bruce Wayne

  4. Transformers: Beast Wars - Any character

  5. Home - Gratuity 'Tip' Tucci

  6. Star Trek: Deep Space Nine - Captain Benjamin Sisko, Jake Sisko, Jadzia Dax

  7. The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl - Any character

Likes: Lighthearted stuff. Totally cool with shipping and gen.
Dislikes: Rape, abuse, and underage.

Phule's Company - Any character

What I like about these stories is the accomplishments. They see a challenge, they surmount the challenge, they move onto solving another challenge. I nominated Phule, Beeker, Sushi, and Do-Wop for this exchange! Since I also chose 'any', this means you can write any of these four you please.

  • Beeker and Phule history

  • Sushi and Do-Wop scams

  • Sushi and Do-Wop shenanigans

  • Sushi and Do-Wop friendship

  • Days off for the Company

  • Beeker's romance from the books

  • Phule fails at a gamble but ends up okay anyway

  • Sushi backstory

  • Do-Wop backstory

  • Something with aliens?

  • Does this place fall under the various dimension rules of the MYTH series?

  • Mishaps with sci-fi tech with Sushi and/or Do-Wop

  • Role reversal - maybe for a job.

Star Wars Legends - Kit Fisto, Aayla Secura

I ship these two but they're also jedi so obviously you can totally disregard that. I like how Kit in the books and comics likes to approach a problem with 'what if I do dress up?' and how Aayla has a messy as heck jedi family tree and does undercover work too.

  • Undercover work

  • Cons


  • Did you know Kit learned how to speak the special head tentacle language Aayla's people use? Something with that.

  • Mission together

  • Mission to rescue the other

  • What if they didn't become jedi?

  • Jedi days off

DCAU - J'onn J'onzz, Bruce Wayne

I like the animated universe so much. I chose these two because I'd recently been watching some episodes focused on them and they're on my mind.

  • In at least one episode or issue, I don't remember, J'onn J'onzz shapeshifts to play Bruce's date to help Bruce maintain his cover. What if that was a regular thing?

  • J'onn is naked. Like all the time. Does Batman carry around a can of Bat-lysol?

  • How good is J'onn at keeping out of Bruce's head? Does he ever hear anything really weird?

  • Oreos

  • Bruce ends up having to provide a cover for J'onn for some reason.

  • J'onn's off hero duty life.

  • Batman really went to bat (not a pun) for J'onn against Etrigan - something that goes from there?

  • Team-building exercises

Transformers: Beast Wars - Any character

I just finished this series and I desire more because I'm afraid to move onto Beast Machines. Characters nominated: Airazor, Blackarachnia, Dinobot, Megatron (Beast Wars), Rattrap, Silverbolt, Tigatron, Waspinator.

I love all these characters. Rattrap's pessimism, Dinobot's honour/sarcasm (and also how Silverbolt compared him and Blackarachnia to Rattrap and Dinobot), Megatron's weird thing with his headhand and yessss, Tigatron's nature-boyness, Airazor's good nature, Silverbolt's knightliness, and Blackarachnia as the only sane 'bot among them. Oh, and Waspinator is the best.

  • Team building exercises

  • Beast mode camping

  • Does like, Tigerhawk ever ask if anyone missed them and the Autobots shuffle awkwardly because it's canon no one even mentions them when they disappear?

  • Silverbolt tries to be bad

  • What if... Airazor and Tigatron had more time?

  • Waspinator adventures.

  • Waspinator unlikely team ups.

  • Trying to explain honour to Rattrap

  • Trying to explain self preservation to Dinobot

  • Airazor goes everywhere, what does she see?

  • I like how Inferno (not nominated, don't worry about using Inferno) calls Megatron his queen and 'The Royalty'

  • Do you think Rattrap misses his legs when he gets the wheels?

  • Cool discoveries on the planet

  • Heroing!

Home - Gratuity 'Tip' Tucci

This movie was amazing. I also like the book a ton, but I haven't read the sequel yet so I didn't nominate it.

  • I know how Gratuity life goes in the book, but what happens to her after the events of the movie?

  • What are family vacations like with an alien?

  • How much currency does 'saved the earth' get you in school?

  • Helpful modifications to her first car after she gets her license - that she doesn't know about

  • Does she meet other types of aliens?

  • Does she go into space?

  • What's it like with the world returning to normal after the invasion?

  • Does she let her mom out of her sight anytime soon?

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine - Captain Benjamin Sisko, Jake Sisko, Jadzia Dax

Okay, I'm gonna confess something - I haven't had a chance to watch the later seasons really so while I know Sisko gets a wife and a new kid, I haven't really seen those episodes and I'm not too attached to those characters (yet) so feel free to diverge or set this before then or whatever you'd like. I have nothing against those characters though! I just don't know them.

  • Baseball

  • Dax was once a type of father figure to Sisko - does this ever get weird with Jadzia?

  • What if Jake had gone into Starfleet?

  • What if Jadzia hadn't died?

  • Sisko introduces Dax to baseball (I guess that would be Curzon)

  • Who got Sisko into that hardcore coffee? It was probably Jadzia

  • Team building exercises (again)

  • Family vacation!

  • Broing it up with Dax

  • Sisko as a young ensign

  • Jake is like, part prophet

  • Dax accidentally something to the space station

  • Jake accidentally something to the space station

  • Sisko punches out another cosmic being

  • Cooking!

  • Jake's work as a writer - does he ever do fiction writing? Like a holodeck program? Does he get his dad or Dax (any Dax, Ezri or still alive Jadzia) to test it? Does it go right?

  • Jake telling his dad about him marrying Nog. Wait, sorry, that was a joke about Sisko trying to keep Jake from that wrong side of the tracks ferengi boy. You can do this one anyway though. *cough*

The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl - Any character

This comic is a goddamn delight.

  • Squirrel Girl/Nancy Whitehead/Tippy-Toe - Herald of Galactus

  • Nancy and Doreen go to space

  • Tippy-Toe in space

  • I want space adventures pretty much

  • Also what it's like being roommates with a hero and a squirrel

  • What if Galactus decides to come to earth to hang out? He got on really well with Doreen

  • Tippy-Toe's personal life

  • Doreen's school stuff - she's like the only person in the thrown back in time support group who has read ahead for class.

  • Nancy's online adventures.

  • If you somehow include twitter timelines in this that would be amazing