Fandom Guidelines

18/8/17 08:35
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This post is about how specific fandoms will be grouped or separated out.  If a fandom is listed here with the parts being separated out then any All Media Types nomination of that fandom will be rejected.  This is your chance, between now and August 31, to make suggestions on how certain fandoms are handled.  You may make suggestions for fandoms not on this list.  When making suggestions include the realistic pros and cons of your suggestion. 

Another post will go up later with general guidelines.  This post is just for discussing fandoms.



Assignments are out!

14/8/17 18:09
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I hope you like yours!

If you are writing a letter, please add it to the letters post.

Signups are closed!

14/8/17 15:22
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Signups are now closed!

If matching goes smoothly, assignments will be out shortly.
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Several excellent pinch hitters have been given assignments to work on, and some of them are not signed up to this exchange. This is a post where people who are pinch hitting but didn't submit a sign-up can list prompts for possible gifts.

Other participants and passers-by: these may be the prompts you've been waiting to treat! Please have a look.

Pinch hitters, you're encouraged to build your prompts from the nominated tags (on AO3 | in a Dreamwidth table), but you are also welcome to suggest other AU prompts in the spirit of the exchange that fit into the nominated fandoms.

We still have one outstanding pinch hit for Prince of Tennis, Tiger & Bunny, and Attack on Titan, and more may arise. Future pinch hitters are welcome to add their prompts to this post after claiming and confirming a pinch hit.

Gifts for pinch hitters must be posted by 10 September 9am CDT.

Letters Post 2017

14/8/17 09:18
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Signups close in approximately six hours from now at 3pm BST.

So this is your letters post for 2017. You can follow the template below in your comment:

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There are two lingering pinch hits for GenEx:

Pinch Hit 1 - Alias (TV), Jason Bourne (2016), Dark Angel, The Vampire Diaries (TV), Wolverine (Movies)
Letter URL:

Pinch Hit 4 - Law & Order: SVU, Homicide: Life on the Streets, Crossover Fandom, Law & Order: Criminal Intent, Law & Order, Chicago Justice (TV)
Letter URL:

If you are willing to claim either of these pinch hits, please either comment on this Dreamwidth post or email me at with your AO3 name and the number of the pinch hit you wish to claim. Pinch hits are due on the 5th of September.

Even if you can’t claim a pinch hit, I’d be much obliged if you could reblog this Tumblr post to spread the word about the lingering pinch hits.

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Hi! Deadline is approaching on September 4th! 3 weeks from now!

Unfortunately, we still have one PH left! It is Prince of Tennis, Tiger & Bunny, Attack on Titan and located here for claiming! Please take a look at it and volunteer if you can. And keep an eye on the community for future pinch hits!

Thank you!

I hope everyone is having a great time writing!
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Fandom Growth Exchange Banner

AO3 Profile | Dreamwidth | Tumblr | Tagset

The Fandom Growth Exchange is a multi-fandom exchange for fandoms, relationships, and characters that have ten or fewer complete fics (or five or fewer contributing authors) on AO3. Both writers and artists are welcome.

Sign-ups are now open! See the sign-up post for more info!

Nominations close: July 31st at 11:55 PM UTC
Sign-ups open: August 3rd at 11:55 PM UTC
Sign-ups close: August 17th at 11:55 PM UTC
Assignments sent: August 22nd at 11:55 PM UTC
Default deadline: October 8th at 11:55 PM UTC
Assignments due: October 22nd at 11:55 PM UTC
Works revealed: November 3rd at 11:55 PM UTC
Authors revealed: November 8th at 11:55 PM UTC

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Hi, everyone! We have a lingering pinch hit over at [community profile] remixrevival .You can claim it by commenting at the linked post, and it's due on September 10.

The requested fandom is Band of Brothers, but if you click through to the recipient's AO3 account, they have fics in other fandoms that could be remixed as well. (As with the former Remix Redux, everything on their account that isn't a WIP, a collaboration, a remix or a safe work is up for grabs.)