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Hi! There's a fic rec post coming after this one because I got some awesome fics for the Chocolate Box exchange (and I'm pretty proud of what I wrote) but this is just a general post!

Part One

It's been roughly six months since I moved from the country into town and it's been pretty okay! As the weeks have passed, lots of boxes of generalized 'John's stuff' has moved into my room and been left in a pile. I got started on unpacking and sorting that last week when I was feeling kind of down (turned out to be that time of the month) and boy! I have a lot of stuff! And not a lot of room. I'm getting kind of brutal about what has to go.

What's really disappointing me is I had this great re-ment china cabinet and during the move one of the handles snapped off the cupboard. On one hand, that means I can easily dispose of it on the other hand I really liked that thing. It made for good doll set ups as a background item.

Part Two

I (with the extremely helpful Morbane) have sent out assignments for [community profile] once_upon_fic so now hopefully my participants are eagerly writing their fairytales.

I haven't gotten started on mine but I have pdfs of my source stories and assignment ready to be printed out because-

Part Three

I'm going on a cruise! Yes! With my friends Dogstar (not real name) and Dexxtro_dna (probably not real name, not sure) and hopefully I'm not going to die at sea!

If I do, my will is located in my googledocs. Contact my sister to see if you get anything cool.

We're going to Mexico, Jamaica, and the Cayman Islands and I have been assured I will get to see sea turtles and stingrays. Hopefully there won't be a repeat of the time I was nine and saw a stingray at the beach and screamed at my family to get out of the water because for some reason I was convinced they were godless killing machines. Now I'm like, hey! Sea pancakes! Rock on!

Part Four

Speaking of the majestic sea flapflaps, back during the fall I went to Atlanta for dragon*con and went to the Georgia Aquarium which had whale sharks (so that's what a religious experience is) and manta rays that were bigger than I was tall (that would be more impressive if I wasn't a shrinky dink) but it was so cool. So big. So majestic. Probably not godless killing machines.

They may have been stingrays. That's why I call them sea pancakes, because I'm not sure what the difference is and that's why I didn't go into marine biology.

Part Five

I had a to-do list for this entry and the last part was 'write about fandom?' but I'm not sure what to say about fandom except that the new Ghostbusters movie looks cool, I'm deeply in love with the James Roberts Transformers series as well as Unbeatable Squirrel Girl and Ms. Marvel (but I'm behind on that last one 'cause I'm reading it through Marvel Unlimited)

I actually have a tumblr where I pseudo-liveblog what I'm reading/watching and one for videogames:

The second one gets primo pokemon fanart sometimes.

(Omg there's gonna be a new generation this year! YES)
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Dear Spacer: Nice to meet you! Or if I know you already, nice to see you again! Here's my fandoms and requests/prompts!

  1. Phule's Company - Any character

  2. Star Wars Legends - Kit Fisto, Aayla Secura

  3. DCAU - J'onn J'onzz, Bruce Wayne

  4. Transformers: Beast Wars - Any character

  5. Home - Gratuity 'Tip' Tucci

  6. Star Trek: Deep Space Nine - Captain Benjamin Sisko, Jake Sisko, Jadzia Dax

  7. The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl - Any character

Likes: Lighthearted stuff. Totally cool with shipping and gen.
Dislikes: Rape, abuse, and underage.

Prompts below! )
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Part 1: The Bookening

This summer I moved to a new house. We went from an enormous house and one small house to one slightly larger than small medium house! And we were in a rush because of an unexpectedly quick sale so we had to take all our stuff with us.

Well! It's February now and we're really making progress in putting away stuff. Mostly I've been helping with the library when it's not my own stuff because I am a merciless donator of books as well as a 'we own this in digital already, MOM'*

But we're doing good! Several shelves that used to be stacked 3-deep are now down to just 1 row!

The books go on from here to a book sale mom runs at her church (she doesn't own the church, she just goes there. She hasn't become so bored she's starting cults yet) and then from there to a nearly new store.

The books also like falling on my head a lot. There's a lot of 'AH! WHY!' as they all make a go for me at once.

One day we will able to guilt free buy new books.

Part 2: The Schoolening

All of you with magic powers do what you can to make sure what I sign up for this spring term doesn't get cancelled *again*.


Guess what! I run a fanfic exchange!

Link: [community profile] once_upon_fic

Description: Once Upon a Fic Exchange is a fairy-tale-centric story exchange focused on fairy-tales, tall tales, and myths. One of the features of this exchange is that every tale nominated has to be legally and publicly available online.


Sign Ups: February 12th, Friday to February 21st, Sunday 11:59 pm <-- NOW OPEN
Assignments: February 28th, Sunday
Deadline: May 15th, 11:59 pm, Sunday
Archive Goes Live: May 20th, Friday
Anon Period Ends: May 25th, Wednesday

*This has no effect. She gasps and clutches the mystery book to her chest like I told her to kill my little brother.
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Let's start with what I'm okay to receive for ALL of these:

  • AUs! The odder scenario you manage to keep the original theme the better - space, steampunk, coffee shop, high school, futuristic, cowboys, just let your mind take you on a magical journey.

  • Retellings! Switch character places. Change location. Change time.

  • What happened before or what happened next - love those.

  • Sex/gender flips.

What I do not want: Non-con, incest, underage, child murder. These are all present in fairy-tales so I had to make sure you knew.

Okay, onto the specific fandoms with specific prompts!

  1. Godfather Death

  2. Maid Maleen

  3. Beauty and the Beast

  4. The Princess in the Coffin

  5. Fairy Ointment

  6. Pied Piper

  7. Diamonds and Toads

Prompts within )
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Puss and the Little Lady (6231 words) by dreamiflame, Rosencrantz
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Le Maître Chat ou Le Chat Botté | Master Cat; or Puss in Boots - Charles Perrault, Tommelise | Thumbelina - Hans Christian Andersen
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: le Chat botté | Puss in Boots, Muldvarp | Mole (Tommelise | Thumbelina), Markmusen | Field Mouse (Tommelise | Thumbelina), Skruptudse | Toad (Tommelise | Thumbelina), Skruptudsens søn | Toad's Son (Tommelise | Thumbelina), Tommelise | Thumbelina, Tommelises Mor | Thumbelina's Mother, Jack (Jack and the Beanstalk), Kisa (Sagan af kisu kóngsdóttur | Kisa the Cat)
Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - Noir, Fairy Tale Retellings, Typical Noir Housecat Violence, Alternate Universe - Prohibition Era
Series: Part 4 of Two-Booted Tales

With his homelife in sudden slobbery upheaval, Puss takes on a new case: A little lady who puts a new spin on 'little' that's gone missing.

Warning: The story of Thumbelina involves a lot of rude, and edible, small animals. Puss is tragically a slave to his nature, but that won't stop him from solving the case.

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I spend a lot of time thinking about what places CSI could have gone.

It usually involves scenes I got out of Star Trek.

5 Episodes That CSI's Ratings Were Never Low Enough To Air (1371 words) by Rosencrantz
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Gil Grissom, Warrick Brown, Sara Sidle, Catherine Willows, Jim Brass, Greg Sanders, Nick Stokes
Additional Tags: 5 Things, Tropes

Tonight on CSI: You won't believe what happens! x5

Featuring those beloved television tropes:

Evil doubles
Turned into children
Time travel
Identical cousin from England
Musical episode

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Dear John, you might say, what have you been spending your time doing?

Well, I would reply 'I just started season 8 of Murder, She Wrote' and there'd be a long silence and then you would make a crack about Jessica Fletcher being a murderer but I would smile, because I know she is not the killer. No, she is the angel of death that heralds the ending of lives but also brings justice in her wake.

I'm also getting into eating Improving Cereal and drinking milk again. I'm not feeling so great about that part but my dietary habits had become distinctly raccoon-like.

Since I have nothing to do until March when I go on a cruise ('where did John go?' 'Oh a shark just leapt like, fifty feet in the air and ate him. Darndest thing' 'Didn't he write those stories about Puss in Boots?' 'I guess?') I've decided to try reading at least two books a week and posting reviews of them to my dusty old book review blog.

There will be a link if I do this instead of immediately break it like my New Year vows.

Oh! Year in review:

In 2015 I made a lot of new friends! And got to experience several types of German chocolate. I also learned I need the structure of a classroom for schooling.

And I moved! To a new house. My kitchen door has holes in it (I have my own apartment in said house) and I'm going to die of frostbite by spring.

Avenge me.

Okay, year in review over.
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This is its second year! Woo!

I run a fic exchange for fairy-tales called [community profile] once_upon_fic/Once Upon A Fic Exchange and nominations are OPEN.

1000 word minimum, runs from February to May.

A fun part about this exchange is that all the source material is available to writers, because one of the rules is that the sources must be publicly and legally available online.

Last year was a blast. Here's hoping this year is just as good.
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Hey, Chocolate Box writer! Time for some tasty little relationship treats! Or longer ones, if you want. I'm not your boss.



  2. Dislikes

  3. General Ideas

  4. Fandom: X-Men Animated

  5. Fandom: Space Cases

  6. Fandom: Batman: The Brave and the Bold

  7. Fandom: DCAU

Likes: Good times, humour, pleasantness, teamwork, family, kisses.
Dislikes: non-con, dubcon, underage, a/b/o.

General ideas: All four of my requests involve big worlds with lots of travel! I would enjoy road-trip type fic. Or exploration fic. To make things easier for this challenge, I requested only pairings and universes I liked completely equally.

X-Men Animated )


Space Cases )


Batman: The Brave and the Bold )


DC Animated Universe )
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I had a great Yuletide this year! My stories came easy, they were received well, and I got to be an assistant tagmod this year and find out about the workings behind Yuletide! Which, let me tell you, makes me appreciate the work they go through a lot more than before. I didn't hippo as much this year as I did previous ones, but that was because my schedule was so erratic I didn't dare get stuck holding the bag of someone's request when I could be gone for days.

But chat was fun! And there's SO MANY good stories posted to the archive I've got reading material for days.

Onto the reveals of what I wrote!


First off, my assignment:

5 Habits of the Detective Most Effective (1619 words) by Rosencrantz
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Agatha Christie's Poirot (TV)
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Hercule Poirot, Arthur Hastings, Ariadne Oliver, Felicity Lemon, James Japp, George (Agatha Christie's Poirot)
Additional Tags: 5 Things, Slice of Life, Friendship

To keep one's mind and life at full efficiency, one must do many fortifying activities. These are five of them.

The letter for this one was full of great prompts, and the one I latched onto was what is Poirot's daily life like? At the time I was reading my way through a multitude of Poirot books at once and was enjoying The Labors of Hercules, a series of short stories where Hercule Poirot decides to do his final twelve cases before he retires based off the mythological labors. I was going to make this themed to Hercules too, but fell in an effective habit pattern instead.

Many thanks to my betas, but especially Diana who emphasized to me about Poirot's environment and eating, which is what I've gotten several compliments on.


My treat, a payback (not that kind) for my friend [personal profile] morbane who had previously treated me:

A Viewtiful Waste (1052 words) by Rosencrantz
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Derkholm Series - Diana Wynne Jones
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Querida (Derkholm), Elda (Derkholm), Mara (Derkholm)
Additional Tags: Missing Scene, Geographical abuse

Look, Querida liked the view and didn't need any griffins coming along to mess it up. Unless it was Callette. (It wasn't Callette.)

My beta squealed like a stoolie, so Morbane knew it was me pretty much instantly. Also I fill my fics with graphics because coding helps sooth my nerves. It's true!

I really enjoyed The Year of the Griffin, the sequel to Dark Lord of Derkholm because it was magic university antics where one character was a griffin. It was fun to write said griffin!


My drabbles/Madness treat:

5 Drabbles About Cat's Ascent to Chrestomanci (496 words) by Rosencrantz
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: The Chronicles of Chrestomanci - Diana Wynne Jones
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Cat Chant, Christopher Chant
Additional Tags: 5 Things, Drabble Sequence, Yuletide Madness Drabble Invitational, Wait was that Batman?

A chronological series of drabbles about Cat's ascent to Chrestomanci and what he did after getting there.

Two fics with 5 in the title was totally unintentional. There was a great variety of prompts in Aishuu's letter so I just kept going until I had five. I had fun doing this one! I had fun doing all of them, really.


And again, here's the fic I received which deserves MUCH more attention than it's getting:

A Name Written in Blue-Green Letters (1228 words) by lea_hazel
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Die unendliche Geschichte | The Neverending Story - Michael Ende
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Bastian Balthasar Bux | Bastian Balthazar Bux, Atréju | Atreyu, Minor Characters
Additional Tags: Metafiction, Canonical Character Death, Alternate Universe

"All his grades were good, but every report card had a note from his teacher tacked to the end, the kind that made his mother frown. "

It's a story about Atreyu approaching the Neverending Story from a direction I never considered and fits perfectly with what we know about him at the start of the book. It was great! I loved it and you should all read it and love it too.
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I'm crossin' my fingers that this year involves a lot less pointlessly dead people and a lot more advances for Canada under our new rulership. And that I don't screw up writing any checks with the wrong date.

Ringing in the new year doing what I do most Canadianly: Eating poutine and drinking beer.

Okay, I'm not great at drinking beer and I don't want to be. But the poutine part is A+.


Plans for 2016:

Survive cruise with pals
Make more pals
Go to fall term of university
Go to Fringe Festival
Stay in the country for the whole year except for the cruise!
Fully unpack from the move!


Get better w/money and make a nice big nest egg.
Do well in fall courses.
Update my websites to a point it's worth it to link them to people.
New one: Learn to stand up for myself. I worry my friends.


Okay, that's everything! Next you hear from me will me telling you what I wrote for Yuletide! HINT: IT INVOLVES POIROT.
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A Name Written in Blue-Green Letters (1228 words) by Anonymous
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Die unendliche Geschichte | The Neverending Story - Michael Ende
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Bastian Balthasar Bux | Bastian Balthazar Bux, Atréju | Atreyu, Minor Characters
Additional Tags: Metafiction, Canonical Character Death, Alternate Universe

"All his grades were good, but every report card had a note from his teacher tacked to the end, the kind that made his mother frown. "

I got this great Neverending Story fic! I'll be linking it again after author reveals with my own stories for a nice tidy post, but I think you guys should check it out now.
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Someone wrote me a surprise New Year's Resolution story about one of my requests last Yuletide - about Francesco Marculiano's books of pet poetry (from the perspective of the pet) and it's great!

It's an interview with one of the kitten poets in the book.

All you need to know to understand the story is that there's a kitten who writes an ode to a lizard she didn't know was also a pet in the house.

How Much Louder (1038 words) by Katherine
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: I Could Series - Francesco Marciuliano (Poetry)
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply

My chance to speak with this poet of no small renown...

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Seeking Love Interest
By Jean Cabot

SBF enjoys hiking, adventure, seeks SM for companionship, romance. Only serious responses. Contact me at

"Hey! I saw your ad and I think I'm just the guy for you. I can take you places you've never been and we can dance among the stars!"

SBF enjoys hiking, adventure, seeks SM for companionship, romance. Only serious responses. NO SPACE COWBOYS. Contact me at

"Greetings, my lady! I've long been seeking one such as you and I believe fate hath brought us together! Truly you are part of my destiny."

SBF enjoys hiking, adventure, seeks SM for companionship, romance. Only serious responses. NO SPACE COWBOYS OR LOST PRINCES. Contact me at

"Hi! You're a modern lady and I am a SUPER modern guy. Wanna get a little old-fashioned? I've got a machine that'll blow your mind."

SBF enjoys hiking, adventure, seeks SM for companionship, romance. Only serious responses. NO SPACE COWBOYS, LOST PRINCES, OR TIME TRAVELERS. Contact me at

"Just thinking of you makes me wanna howl. I think we should go for a run sometime. Bring tennis balls."

SBF enjoys hiking, adventure, seeks SM for companionship, romance. Only serious responses. NO SPACE COWBOYS, LOST PRINCES, TIME TRAVELERS, OR WEREWOLVES. Contact me at

"I have very... singular desires. You shall fulfill them."

SBF enjoys hiking, adventure, seeks SM for companionship, romance. Only serious responses. NO SPACE COWBOYS, LOST PRINCES, TIME TRAVELERS, WEREWOLVES, OR BILLIONAIRE WEIRDOS. Contact me at

"I'm on my way to the rainforest to check out these old ruins. You said you liked adventures, so why not?"


"Hello fellow human, I'm Mike. Your ad is very intriguing. I would like to get to know you more. In a fashion that is normal to our culture that involves touching skin which I have."


"I come in peace. If you know what I mean."


"Not really sure if, like, that last thing was an ad or a threat, but I'm none of those, so I figured I'd try! I'm the kind of guy who'll be by your side on your adventures (or just your hikes). My friends say I'm loyal and kind of goofy, so if that's a combo that appeals to you, how about we get some coffee?

- Jake."

"Sure. Life is short.

- Alina"
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Hey, Yuletide writer! I am Rosencrantz on AO3!

I hope that my letter helps you with your story and thank you so much for giving me this gift.

Likes: Worldbuilding, family, friendship, adventure, exploring a concept.
Dislikes: rape, incest, underage, slavery.
TOTALLY COOL WITH: romance and gen!

Okay! So my fandoms are:

  • Fashion Star Fillies (Repeat)

  • LEGO Detective Office

  • The Neverending Story by Michael Ende

Fashion Star Fillies! )

LEGO Detective Office )

The Neverending Story by Michael Ende )
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Hello, treater (or trickster!), this is my letter. I hope you enjoy it.

I'm trying out something new this year, where I just list word prompts instead of a bunch of paragraphs.

I chose 'any character' for every fandom and I stand by that. NOTE: Blanket approval for crossovers of any fandoms in this letter, including some I suggest in the alligators entry.

Likes: Concept exploring, adventure, GHOSTS, mysteries, playing with the strangeness of a situation, playing with canon, science fiction, fantasy.
Dislikes: non-con, underage, incest, slavery, spiders.

Fandom Table of Contents:

  1. Star Trek: TOS

  2. Road to El Dorado

  3. Tintin

  4. Detective Conan/Case Closed!

  5. Poirot

  6. The Great Mouse Detective

  7. Research Institute (Lego)

  8. Alligators in the sewers (Urban Legend)

Fandoms appear in the order listed above )
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I regularly run a Call of Cthulhu/Gumshoe game every Sunday at 3pm central. Right now we're winding down from our first campaign and it's time to choose a new one and also pick up any new players if they're interested!

Rundown and rules )

The adventure choices:

The Kidnapping: An infant has been kidnapped from the Corneliszes, a wealthy New York family, and the investigators are called in to help track down the child.

The Wreck: A tramp steamer is found drifting outside New York harbour, a dead man at her helm. The rest of the crew is missing, presumed lost overboard. The investigators are called in to discover what happened on board.

Silent Night: Set in Arkham in December of 2001, this tale involves four investigators gathered to celebrate the season, the mythos far away for the moment.

Devourers in the Mist: A rugged adventure tale in which the survival of island castaways is tested not only by the elements — but by the twisted shapes of half-seen, sadistic entities who haunt the atoll’s jungled interior!

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Okay, so I went to DragonCon for my birthday and took zero pictures. What I did take pictures of was the Georgia Aquarium! Yeah!

Did you know they have whale sharks? MULTIPLE whale sharks? Did you know I love whale sharks and didn't know they had them? Did you know I was so excited watching them I nearly cried?

Now you do.

Anyway, here's my pics! See if you can identify the animals within because except for the whale sharks I already forgot their names.

PS: I touched an anemone and forgot to take a picture or even tell it my name.

Pictures! )

Glad to be home.
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Hello! I just finished participating in [community profile] fic_corner and boy are my arms tired! Wait, no, that was supposed to be my announcement for being back from Georgia where I attended DragonCon! I had a fabulous time there. I will talk more about that in another post.

So! For Fic Corner I was assigned to write Tintin! Due to circumstances I had no prompt, so I took the initiative to just write a straight up Tintin adventure like the comics. Please enjoy!

Tintin in the Maze of the Minotaur (5954 words) by Rosencrantz
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Tintin (Comics)
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Tintin - Character, Archibald Haddock, Milou | Snowy
Additional Tags: canon typical exclamations of discovery, Mythical Beings & Creatures, Ghosts

Tintin goes to do a report on a recent dig in Greece that uncovered a labyrinth, but there's villains afoot and Tintin is driven into the maze to escape.

As for what I received, I hit the lottery! A wonderful Homeward Bounders fic about what happened to Jamie next after the end of the book and what happened to his friends.

It's just wonderful. I'm so happy to have had that written for me.

Time after Time (5523 words) by opalmatrix
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Homeward Bounders - Diana Wynne Jones
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Jamie Hamilton (Homeward Bounders)/Helen Haras-Uquara, Joris (Homeward Bounders)/Helen Haras-Uquara
Characters: Jamie Hamilton (Homeward Bounders), Helen Haras-Uquara, Joris (Homeward Bounders), Konstam Khan, Vanessa Macready, Original Characters
Additional Tags: Loneliness, Time Skips, Doomed Relationship, Children

The worlds go on, even as Jamie leaves them behind.

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So today I found out what the turing test actually is!

It's whether you can successfully fool a human into thinking you are also a human and I'm picturing a member of the Digital Nation* complaining about failing it constantly and their friend going "okay, where you fuck up is when you keep saying 'as a computer, this offends me'"

- Writing tip: Googlesheets or any spreadsheet is great for making a timeline on!

*The Digital Nation are the cybernetic population of planet earth in the St. Genevieve stories. They prefer not to be called robots as that is a slur and things like androids, computer, etc, don't apply to a broad enough swath of them. So they united under that. As much as they unite under anything.